The Mana Bomb used on Theramore.

Mana Bombs are incredibly powerful explosives developed by the Blood Elves of the Sunfury. The reactions within the bomb create a massive mana burn wave when released killing those caught in the wave instantly. Rivaled by weapons such as the Forsaken Blight and N.U.K.U.L.A.R. weapons, the Mana Bomb is one of the most powerful weapons developed and used by mortal races thus far. In this case, the Mana Bomb is renowned for the immense scale of magical damage it can cause.

The original uses of the Mana Bomb were by the Sunfury under Kael'thas Sunstrider with the bombing of two locations in Terokkar Forest and Netherstorm. Although not intended, another bomb was prematurely detonated within a Firehawk stronghold, killing those presently working on it. These original designs of the Mana Bomb dealt little in the way of structural damage, but instead annihilated every individual within the blast range. The aftermath also left a great deal of Arcane radiation in the air, irradiating several of the local moths as well as a survivor of the blast.

Bombing of Theramore

The blast that destroyed Theramore.

Many people think of the destruction of Theramore when they think of the destructive power of a mana bomb, but that particular bomb had been augmented by the Focusing Iris. The result saw architectural damage as well as widespread casualties, unlike the original Mana Bombs. Furthermore, the blast resulted in damage to the fabric of reality itself, resulting in bizarre phenomena such as corpses suspended in the air. Arcane radiation was palpable, and while those caught in the immediate blast were likely vaporized, others were left intact, yet so saturated by Arcane radiation that they collapsed into dust when touched.

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