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Mannoroth, the Destructor




The Destructor


General of the Burning Legion


Burning Legion


Alive (within the Twisting Nether)

"His blood is mine now... as is your whole, misbegotten race!" 
- Mannoroth to Thrall, regarding Grom Hellscream.

Mannoroth is an Annihilan and general of the armies of the Burning Legion. His blood was used to corrupt the Orcs and turn them into enraged servants of the Legion. He was defeated by Grommash Hellscream and Thrall during the Third War. After his defeat he was temporarily succeeded by Azgalor for leadership of the Annihilan forces on Azeroth following his defeat.

It can be noted that, at some point, Garrosh Hellscream had broken off a part of Mannoroth's tusks and wore them as shoulderpads.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline created by Garrosh Hellscream's interference, Grommash Hellscream refused to drink Mannoroth's blood and purposely spilled it, causing the demon to personally appear. In the battle that ensued, he was once again 'killed' by Hellscream after being hit by one of Garrosh's Iron stars and receiving a blow from Gorehowl to his head. His death was as fiery as his original one, and Grom was very nearly killed in the same way, but Garrosh leaped in and pushed him out of the way, saving him from the death that felled him in the original timeline.

His bones remained atop the mountains of Tanaan until Gul'dan usurped control of the Iron Horde, taking the remains to Hellfire Citadel where he had the bones reanimated through a powerful demonic ritual. Returning from the Twisting Nether to inhabit his skeletal frame he battled with allied forces that stormed Hellfire Citadel but despite regaining his full strength during the battle, was defeated once again. He has since returned to the Twisting Nether.