Marcus Alanmorn
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65 (Chronologically) 51 (Appearance)

Place of Birth



General of the Dead
Knight of the Silver Hand (Formerly)


Death Knight
Paladin (Formerly)


The Ebon Blade (False)
The Alliance (Formerly)




Ben Alanmorn (Father)
Hera Alanmorn (Mother)
Syllarcianna Deadweaver (Spouse)
Lucas Alanmorn (Son) (Deceased) Crillaidie Alanmorn (Granddaughter) Quillarsh Alanmorn (Grandson) (Etc.)


Chaotic Good (Formerly), Chaotic Evil




Has so many scars on the torso, it is unbearable to see. The face is much like a Death Knight


Wears armor similar to the rest of the Death Knights but is darker in color


The Blades of the Frozen Wastes are two cursed blades created by the Jailer himself and are the blades that make Marcus the way he is


Once a Knight of the Order of the Silver Hand, he was later called the General of the Dead by the Jailer, Zovaal. He had a wife who is currently Syllarcianna Deadweaver, a member of the Forsaken, who was killed at Stratholme during the events of the Third War; he would later be manipulated over time into picking up the Blades of the Frozen Wastes by the Jailer and was controlled by the Jailer from that point forward and did horrible things in the Jailer's name so that his master could be freed, finally at some point after the Fourth War, the Jailer was finally free and Marcus had his true allegiance known. He was finally destroyed by his Grandson, Quillarsh Alanmorn. In his final moments he was freed from the Jailer's control and uttered the same words that Arthas did that he saw only darkness before him, he then died but his soul was destroyed in the process after being manipulated by the Jailer for so long and holding the Blades of the Frozen Wastes for so long. Marcus Alanmorn was truly a tragic character who was manipulated by a greater evil than any in existance. He had gone through so much and in the end he had been saved by the one person who he called his Grandson; he will forever be an Alanmorn family legend.


He joined the Mawsworn when the Jailer manipulated him

General of The Dead

It is titled that was given to him by the Jailer after he swore himself to the Mawsworn

Blades of the Frozen Wastes

The Blades of the Frozen Wastes

The Blades of the Frozen Wastes were created by the Jailer and imbued with some of the power of the legendary blade Frostmourne. Though not as powerful as Frostmourne it has some of their abilities including resurrection of others, stealing souls, and their most basic ability of that of any blade. Marcus Alanmorn was the only wielder of these weapons. The only known weapon that matched its power is currently in the possession of his Grandson, Quillarsh Alanmorn.


He only served the Jailer, but he would do so chaotically and only is able to please him if he brings death. He was a herald of the Jailer and nothing more at this point.


Before he joined the Jailer's cause he believed in the power of the light. But once he served the Jailer he had no belief but being a servant of the Jailer.




Syllarcianna Deadweaver

Relationship: Enemy

Their relationship was once that of love, but after her turn as a Forsaken, he wanted her dead believing she was already dead and needed to be eliminated. He wanted nothing more than to wipe away his past and completely devoted to the Jailer he wanted to please him, it would take a cruel bit of irony to bring him back but it would not be Syllacianna to bring this to his attention

Quillarsh Alanmorn

Relationship: Nemesis

By far his greatest enemy was his own Grandson, Quillarsh Alanmorn; he is the greatest threat to his plans to please the Jailer

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