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Marcus Lokolf-Williams Kilbrook
28th of April, Year 1 After the Opening of the Dark Portal
Bearweald, Arathi Highlands




Duke of Bearweald
Lord of House Kilbrook
Commander of League of Arathor


The Gallant
Hero of Kingdom of Stromgarde


Grand Alliance Army Icon.png Grand Alliance

Stromgarde.png Kingdom of Stromgarde


See Relatives

House Kilbrook

Lokolf the Greatbane
Isyger Kilbrook
Edithe Kilbrook
Arageir Kilbrook
Geilda Grandell
Theodore Kilbrook
Guy Kilbrook
Elise Kilbrook
Declan Kilbrook

House Grandell

Geilda Grandell
Joachim the Lionhearted


Churchbanner.pngThe Light

Coat of Arm

Killbrook Shield.png House of Kilbrook



Military Service


StromgardeIcon1.pngKingdom of Stromgarde


StromgardeIcon1.pngLeague of Arathor

Years of Service



  • WIP*


4War2Bar.png War of the Lich Campaign Medal
4War2Bar.png Fourth War Campaign Medal
Cross of Llane.png Cross of Llane
4War2Bar.png Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal
4War2Bar.png Broken Isles Campaign Medal

4War2Bar.png Argus Campaign Medal
Fourth War Campaign Medal.png Fourth War Campaign Medal
The Stromic Cross.png Stromic Cross
Might of Thoradin.png Might of Thoradin

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.

–Marcus Kilbrook

Marcus Lokolf-Williams Kilbrook is a rambunctious and a complex character that is often the source of entertainment among his comrades. In retrospect to his military background through many adversaries, Marcus has proven himself to be an Exemplar of Gallantry. Marcus's love for Stromgarde and his comrades knows no bound. He is also known for being a man who keeps true to his word without fail, even it would disadvantage him. His beliefs and his devotion to his faith cultivated him to appear as an intimidating force of nature to the Horde. Marcus has shown to be a distinguished swordsman, so great that he impressed those in the High Command.

[Physical Appearance]

Marcus Kilbrook, the mountainous man, standing at six feet and seven inches. Although in recent years, Marcus possesses an endomorph physique with a fair set of gut due to his extreme case of a sweet tooth- Despite the gut, Marcus is at his peak physical condition by Stromic Standard from many years of rigorous training and workout regime to balance with his sugary addiction. The man has fairly toned skin battered in scars after years of sufferings and on the battlefield, from head to toes ranging from cuts, lashings, and burn marks. The most notable scars are a twin streak running across his right eye, the cut mark across the bridge of his nose from cheek to cheek, and the ‘X’ mark on his chin.

Marcus sports a full, thick beard with silver streaks peppering all over it, with his long wavy hair which he usually fashions by slicking it back. Unlike his peppered chin, his cynical black hair bears no marks of peppering but a thick silver streak running from the base of his hair to the tip. Marcus takes pride in grooming himself by bathing daily to maintain healthy hair & beard. If he ever sports short hair, he will retain a pompadour hairstyle and as for long wavy hair, he’ll let it grow out and have it slicked back. Marcus takes pride in harboring a set of blue irises in his eyes, blue as the ocean.


Despite many years of serving on the battlefield, it hasn’t dulled Marcus’s exuberant personality. He is known to be a kind and determined man with a sense of humor to match his kindness to those he knows and loves. He may pose as an intimidating individual because of his rugged appearance with a prideful attitude. Even though he bears a prideful personality and constantly boasts his distinguished swordplay and monstrous strength, he cares deeply for his comrades and loved ones.

When time is necessary, Marcus is perfectly capable of being austere to establish and retain the professional relationship with the allies and the enemies. Being a seasoned Warrior, Marcus would outright refuse to act if the action itself is deemed as non-honorable.

[Weapons & Armors]


Kil'Tahelar feeding on the Zandalari Blood.

A fairly long, broad blade made of Arcanite Steel, is held by a grip wrapped in high quality, stag skin dyed in black. With a single, sharp edge this weapon will protect Marcus from incoming blows while also giving him the ability to shred his enemies to pieces quickly. Kil'tahelar. It has a curved cross-guard, which ensures the blades balanced and capable of protecting the owner's hands against any sliding sword. A small pommel is decorated with an exotic black gem.

The blade itself is engraved 'Kil'tahelar' (Old Tongue translated to Common 'Troll Butcher'). The name of the owner's house has been engraved on the blade. This weapon is feared and admired throughout the lands and rightfully so.

Mantle of Stromgarde

A beautiful figurative mantle symbolizes his preeminence within the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

This mantle was woven from the finest fabric that can be provided by an esteemed tailor dyed in red with a bear fur fastening around the neck of the mantle.

Issued by Lord Maxen Montclair, for Marcus's noble deeds and long-term service to the member states and values of the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

[The Ballad]

"Clad in silver and blue, he comes riding through

"The strong and the bold, of legends untold

"The Paladin of our youth.

"‘Twas there a young man armed with a bewitching sword

"Our hero, the Gallant, he spoke unto them

"my friend, my comrade, my brother in arms

" He has cometh for them so,

"He has searched high and low,

"for his brothers in arms.

"His black, charcoal hair, his stunning blue eyes that stare,

"shall shine the fear on his foes,

"The gallant young knight looked deep into their eyes,

"pressing arm into his comrades' chest.

"He protects them from the foes

"They hear his heart beating as if he were afraid already,

"And the Gallant confess.

"He's petrified, but refuses to reveal

"The brave young lord, the gentleman with a sword,

"The Cavalier with a dashing physique.




"The enemies are not as intimidating

" as he thought they were,

"Yet he watches and feels

"Keeping them in the dark is the best way

"Let them figure out for themselves

"Let them know

" For this is why he rushed

"Wielding his blade,

"He slew many of them

"many flee in terror,

"The Gallant

"Watch his fallen foes

"gasp for air

"Drowning in their blood,

"Lone Orc crawls towards him

" reaches for him as he,

"rested his brute hand on his,

"silver-plated boot and uttered

"Aka'Magosh Lok'tar..."



Andale was a beautiful black Arathorian Horse with a Silver blaze running from his forehead to his muzzle and four equal-length Silver socks, with wavy black-silvery manes. He was purchased as a young horse by Marcus and quickly develops an incredibly deep bond with him.

Andale was a hard worker who learns quickly and has a good grasp of what is required of him. He was courageous and determined, loyal, and compassionate. He warms quickly to people when shown even the smallest amount of kindness. He was very adaptable and deals well with each different situation that faces him; had as a Noble Steed. In a recent event, he received an unfortunate blow from a mawsworn that killed him instantaneously.


Aurum has erect, medium ears with a tapered rounded point which are proportional to the equilateral triangle of the head. Foxy looks when it comes to shape and appearance. Aurum differs from other Corgi by being taller in length, having larger ears, and being slightly straighter on the leg. Aurum has a  "fairy saddle with", somewhat lighter markings on each side. His tail's naturally short and fluffy.  Aurum has dark chocolate fur, a white fairy saddle, and bulging brown eyes.


Marcus found Aurum through illegal animal trading, he saved him and loved him to the bottom of his heart, from that point on, months after months, Aurum became healthy again, and his fur became beautiful once again. From a broken puppy to the happiest, loving, and quite a bouncy dog who always wags his cute little tail.


Andale's Colt (WIP)


Orphaned Murloc (WIP)


Lokolf the Greatbane☩

Marcus's Ancestor, the First Lord of House Greatbane

Lokolf the Greatbane (Born on 21 January) was a proud Chieftain of his tribe in the Arathi Highlands. He has led his people to multiple victories during Troll Wars behind the famed Thoradin. He strongly believed in Thoradin and his ideas to unify humans which created an Empire, the Empire of Arathor. He bore many children with the love of his life, Brunhild. After their first child, Lokolf added a surname to his name, from that point on... People would know him as Lokolf Greatbane.

Roark Mendenhall

Roark Mendenall was a former Field Marshal of the Grand Alliance Army and Marcus's adoptive father.

Roark "Savage" Mendenhall (Born Roark Alexander Mendenhall, 28 June, 565 K.C.) was a Lordaeron-born soldier. Roark was a well-reserved yet hesitant soldier. Although he was seen as an enemy he has demonstrated a high sense of honor and a willingness to come to terms with the Horde. Although he was loyal to his faction does not mean he agrees with the ruthlessness shown by his leaders. He was given the nickname "Savage" by his comrades as an irony to mock his stance on war tactics.

He is widely known for being a phenomenal soldier and being the adoptive father of The Gallant

Elise Kilbrook.png

Elise Kilbrook

Elise Rhea Kilbrook (Born 23rd of April, 33 L.C.) was born to Lord Marcus Kilbrook. The child born of Stromic descent lives with her father in Sanguine Keep.

She is a quiet, yet enthusiastic young lass with a mixture of her father's charcoal-colored hair & his ocean blue hues and Kiara's beautiful, curly locks. She is mischievous, yet a very sweet healthy lass with a bright future ahead of her!

[Friends & Reverent]

Maxen Montclair


Garion Magnus

The purple wizard. Their paths crossed multiple times during the grand alliance meeting and at war, Garion is known for being reasonable with his choices, his stance within politics, and strategy-making, thus earning Marcus's admiration although he does not consider him as a friend. Overall, he seems like a compassionate lad.

Serana Dawnsinger

A Dawnish Elf who happens to share common interests with Marcus, she has earned a proportion of his respect after voicing her concerns about the future of the alliance and the armistice in the grand alliance meeting.

After the meeting, they conversed to share their beliefs and their interests, most of them are agreeable to Marcus however, one of her beliefs raised a red flag. He keeps her in the distance, for now.

Kaendall Gladstone


Kalabar Ravenkroft


Armethelia Lordian



Kiara Holton

Kiara is a woman of noble birth, born to the House that lost their lands, power, and wealth against the Orcish Horde during the Second War, a woman with alteraci blood flowing through her veins. The marriage between Kiara and Marcus was proposed by Kiara's dear father.

Kiara's an average woman with curly, brunette hair cascading down to her rumps two sets of brown eyes with a plump, curvy frame. She's charming and alluring, which she uses to her advantage to manipulate the others. Kiara gave birth to their daughter, Elise, and their son, Declan. It was unclear how or when the marriage became tumultuous. Eventually, all the verbal arguments lead to Kiara deciding to have an affair with a wealthy lad with vast lands, the one who did not mind showering her with his own wealth and lands. She soon filed for a divorce and left Marcus and their children. 

Commissioned Arts


Battle for Azeroth



IC Information

  • Marcus was exposed to swordplay, picking up a sword at six years old.
  • Marcus has Atelophobia.
  • He loves PUNS!
  • Marcus's favorite color is Red.
  • Marcus is ambidextrous

OOC Information

Character Theme: I Will Not Bow, The Gallant, Vengeance, Champion of Stromic Nation

Voice Reference: James Purefoy (Ironclad)