Grand Adjudicator


Marcus Lokolf-Williams Kilbrook
28th of April, Year 1 After the Opening of the Dark Portal
Bearweald, Arathi Highlands




Duke of Bearweald
Lord of House Kilbrook
Grand Adjudicator of Eye of the Righteous


The Gallant
The Black Bear
The Trollbreaker
Hero of Kingdom of Stromgarde
Grand Adjudicator
Father Kilbrook


Grand Alliance Army Icon.png Grand Alliance

Stromgarde.png The Arathorian Covenant

Scarlet Crusade logo.png Scarlet Crusade


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House Kilbrook

Lokolf the Greatbane
Isyger Kilbrook
Edithe Kilbrook
Arageir Kilbrook
Geilda Grandell
Thogard Kilbrook
Morrad Kilbrook
Elise Kilbrook
Declan Kilbrook

House Grandell

Geilda Grandell
Joachim the Lionheart

House Mendenhall

Roark Mendenhall
(Adoptive Father)☩


Scarlet Flame.pngThe Flame

Coat of Arm

Killbrook Shield.png House of Kilbrook



Military Service


StromgardeIcon1.pngKingdom of Stromgarde



Years of Service

Silver Hand Icon.png The Silver Hand
Service = 20 - 30 LC
Grand Alliance Army Icon.png Grand Alliance Army
Service = 20 LC - Present
StromgardeIcon1.png Stromgarde Army
Service = 38 - Present LC


  • WIP*


4War2Bar.png War of the Lich Campaign Medal
4War2Bar.png Fourth War Campaign Medal
Cross of Llane.png Cross of Llane
4War2Bar.png Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal
4War2Bar.png Broken Isles Campaign Medal

4War2Bar.png Argus Campaign Medal
Fourth War Campaign Medal.png Fourth War Campaign Medal
The Stromic Cross.png Stromic Cross
Might of Thoradin.png Might of Thoradin

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.

–Marcus Kilbrook

Marcus Lokolf-Williams Kilbrook is a rambunctious and a complex character that is often the source of entertainment among his comrades. In retrospect to his military background through many adversaries, Marcus has proven himself to be an Exemplar of Gallantry. Marcus's love for Stromgarde and his comrades knows no bound. He is also known for being a man who keeps true to his word without fail, even it would disadvantage him. His beliefs and his devotion to his faith cultivated him to appear as an intimidating force of nature to the Horde. Marcus has shown to be a distinguished swordsman, so great that he impressed those in the High Command.

[Physical Appearance]

Marcus is a hulking man, standing at six feet and seven inches with a bulky build. He is at his peak physical condition from many years of rigorous training and workout regime. He carries a fairly sized beer gut along with his nearly-perfect physique. The man has a fairly toned skin battered in scars after years of sufferings and on the battlefield, from head to toes ranging from cuts, lashings, and burn marks. The most notable scars are a twin streak running across his right eye, the cut mark across the bridge of his nose from cheek to cheek, and the ‘X’ mark on his chin. The man proudly harbors a set of blue irises in his eyes, blue as the ocean.

Marcus sports a full, thick beard with silver streaks peppering all over it, with his long wavy hair which he usually fashion by slicking it back. Unlike his peppered chin, his cynical black hair bears no marks of peppering but a thick silver streak running from the base of his hair to the tip. Marcus takes pride in grooming himself by bathing daily to maintain healthy hair & beard. If he ever sports in short hair, he will retain a pompadour hairstyle and as for long wavy hair, he’ll let it grow out and have it slicked back.


Despite many years of serving on the battlefield, it hasn’t dulled Marcus’s exuberant personality. He is known to be a kind and determined man with a sense of humor to match his kindness to those he knows and loves. He may pose as an intimidating individual because of his rugged appearance and his prideful attitude as expected of a Stromic Nationalist. Even though he bears a prideful personality and constantly boasting his distinguished swordplay and his monstrous strength, he cares deeply for his comrades and the loved ones.

Marcus is capable of asserting dominance to his enemies and those whom he isn’t fond of by feeding fear in them, enough to force them into submission. To his credit, Marcus is both dangerous and loyal in equal measure - being one of the most trusted Officers in the Grand Alliance, he does not blindly follow his superior’s orders, without hesitation, he will outright refuse to act if the actions do not align with his beliefs or his personality. Ever since he walks within the Light once more he has proven to be merciful and withhold honors, however, he can be quite zealous sometimes.

[Weapons & Armors]


Kil'Tahelar feeding on the Zandalari Blood.

A fairly long, broad blade made of Arcanite Steel, is held by a grip wrapped in high quality, stag skin dyed in black. With a single, sharp edge this weapon will protect Marcus from incoming blows while also giving him the ability to shred his enemies to pieces quickly. Kil'tahelar. It has a curved cross-guard, which makes sure the blade is both balanced and capable of protecting the owner's hands against any sliding sword. A small pommel is decorated with an exotic black gem.

The blade itself is engraved 'Kil'tahelar' (Old Tongue translated to Common 'Troll Butcher'). The name of the owner's house has been engraved on the blade. This weapon is feared and admired throughout the lands and rightfully so.

The Blade has been reforged into Lightrun, the Weightless Sun.

Mantle of Stromgarde

A beautiful figurative mantle symbolizing his preeminence within the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

This mantle was woven from the finest fabric that can be provided by an esteemed tailor dyed in red with a bear fur fastening around the neck of the mantle.

Issued by Lord Maxen Montclair, for Marcus's noble deeds and long-term service to the member states and values of the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

Lightrun, the Weightless Sun

Lightrun, the Weightless Sun is the Sword of Marcus Kilbrook. The blade is long, with a gold-colored hilt.

The pommel of the sword is adorned with a large, religious sigil. The grip of the blade is black but adorned with a gold-colored threading wound around the grip in a helix for a better grasp. The blade of the sword is made out of unknown materials with runes engraved to it.

It is stated that the craftsmanship of the blade surpasses most blades made in the world and it will last eons before it breaks. It is also incredibly sharp, capable of slicing through limbs with ease all while maintaining its edge.

If people is to take a close inspection, they shall notice an endless gleam of fire under the blade.

Plate of Righteous

Plate of Righteous is fairly sized in form and covered with layers of light etchings, yet this imposing armor rests lightly upon the wearer. It was crafted by Paladins and Priests, along with the Masque of Righteous, and given to Marcus to make him nearly invulnerable.

Like the Masque of Righteous, these hauntingly beautiful armors have the ability to conserve light energy within these orbs that are socketed underneath in both of his spaulders for later usage if the wearer ever needs it!

Masque of Righteous

The Masque of Righteous is an artifact that is currently donned by Marcus. The mask is known for its power, helps Marcus wield the light to its fullest extent. The materials and the origin of this mask are unknown, the only information regarding this artifact that it was crafted by paladins and priests.


Birth of Marcus Lokolf-Williams Kilbrook

Many hours. Many had been spent on the arrival of the Kilbrook’s third child. They had waited patiently until the time had come. Geilda had strained for a long while, screaming in agony before it had all come to a blissful end with the breaking sound that was Marcus’ first cry. The day was April 28th, one year after the opening of the Dark Portal. The newborn had been welcomed into the world by his two elder brothers, Thogard, the heir to the House Kilbrook, and Morrad, as well as his parents Geilda and Arageir. The doctor handed the infant to his mother, wrapped in a soft fleece blanket, allowing her to tend to him accordingly. She murmured in a soft tone, as to prevent startling the babe. “Kilbrook.”

Arageir gave a firm nod in agreement, clasping a large hand onto the woman’s shoulder. “Ya’ve done well, my love. Rest now.” The man muttered before taking the child into his arms and to the nearby fireplace. He sat in the rocking chair, chuckling. “Welcome, young Marcus. Just like my dream, ya be disliked in the beginnin'. Spat upon 'n return ya shall give them Beatings. Insults shall be rewarded with duels. Ya will be a great Knight- One who 'arbors a godly persistence, unbreakable spirit 'n be a man with great determination. Then, within time, the people shall respect you, befriend you, as well as love 'n accept you as their own. You bear the middle name of your great ancestor, Lokolf the Greatbane, and just as he predicted, a prophecy... A descendant who bore his name shall surpass him and all those of Stromic and Alteraci origins. -You- Marcus, will surpass all of us, and the first to break the tradition.”

And thus begins the story of Marcus Kilbrook.

Fall of Bearweald

Prior the fall of Stromgarde, the orcish horde laid their eyes upon the duchy of Bearweald and its chilly coniferous forest. Lord Arageir Kilbrook knew that this day would come, ever since the Opening of the Dark Portal the horde would invade Stromgarde. Lord Kilbrook placed three of his sons under the care of his closest advisor, knowingly that his advisor will take care of them well. With the three Kilbrook brothers, the advisor fled Bearweald through Mountvale Retreat, the tunnel that leads them out of Bearweald and into the Hinterlands to seek aid from the Wildhammers with the transportation.

Shortly upon arriving many miles to Aerie Peaks, they were escorted to Stormwind City by air with the gryphons. The stromic advisor was informed by the ambassador of the heart-wrenching news of Bearweald and Stromgarde, it has fallen, Lord and Lady Kilbrook fought valiantly to the bitter end.

War of the Lich King Campaign


Third War Campaign

"Clad in silver and blue, he comes riding through

"The strong and the bold, of legends untold

"The Paladin of our youth.

"‘Twas there a young man armed with a bewitching sword

"Our hero, the Gallant, he spoke unto them

"my friend, my comrade, my brother in arms

" He has cometh for them so,

"He has searched high and low,

"for his brothers in arm.

"His black, charcoal hair, his stunning blue eyes that stare,

"shall shine the fear on his foes,

"The gallant young knight looked deep into their eyes,

"pressing arm into his comrades' chest.

"He protects them from the foes

"They hear his heart beating as if he were afraid already,

"And the Gallant confess.

"He's petrified, but refuse to reveal

"The brave young lord, the gentleman with a sword,

"The Cavalier with a dashing physique.




"The enemies are not as intimidating

" as he thought they were,

"Yet he watches and feels

"Keeping them in the dark is the best way

"Let them figure out for themselves

"Let them know

" For this is why he rushed

"Wielding his blade,

"He slew many of them

"many flee in terror,

"The Gallant

"Watch his fallen foes

"gasp for air

"Drowning in their own blood,

"The Orc crawls towards him

" reaches for him as he,

"rested his brute hand on his,

"silver-plated boot and uttered

"Aka'Magosh Lok'tar..."

Battle For Azeroth

The Battle for Stromgarde


The Gallant's Downfall

The Gallant knight soon faced yet another near-death experience, as one might imagine a knight does frequently. Stationed in Nazmir under the charge of Commander of the Grand Alliance, Marcus was tasked to survey a Search & Rescue mission to recover the missing spy.

Thrust once more into the fray, the Gallant finds himself standing alone, put into yet another situation where his wits are being tested by fate. Narrowing his eyes, he meets the gaze of the enemy as he carefully grasps on to the hilt of his sword. He shifts his blade into boar's tooth carefully. The Gallant exhales, thinking about his daughter back at home, his lips curls into a smirk as he reminisces her smile. "My little trollslayer, forgive me," the tears begin to roll down his cheeks, as the pain of knowing how his death will devastate his daughter hits his heart.

The next thing Marcus knows, savages circle around him, expanding the space. The Gallant rotates, maintaining his stance. He grows perplexed upon noticing one of the trolls was different; judging his skin as pale with death and marred with unique markings. Their gazes meet and the troll manages to send chills down Marcus's spine. A lump begins to develop in his throat, it wasn’t long until Marcus recalled the story of a Nazmani's Boogeyman.

"No... Za'mot the Red?" Marcus called him out. Za'mot leaps toward him, realizing Marcus knew his identity. The Gallant's eyes widen as Za'mot embeds his swords deep into his flesh. The Strom grunts in pain, his hands lose their grip on the blade, and blood begins flowing out from the corner of his mouth. Marcus' brows twitch, gazing upon the towering troll in horror.

Za'mot, with a ghastly smile, was delighted to see Marcus squirm in horror.

The Nazmani Boogeyman finally speaks, boasting of his perceived victory, "Not so gallant now, Mistah Gallant?"

The troll’s words manage to make him chuckle, and Marcus’ face softens up as if this very moment is a bliss to him. “Heh… I’ve had worse," he hocks a bloody loogie and spits on his face, egging him on. “You can kill me, but you cannot diminish the pride that I bring for Stromgarde and the Kilbrooks. Right now, my ancestors are looking down at me, smiling. Can you say the same about yours?” Marcus chortled through his nostrils. Simply enough, his words angered the Nazmani Boogeyman, a growl rumbles in his throat “Killin’ joo be ta easy, joo be a sacrifice fa G’huun!”

Warden of Strom

Lord Marcus Kilbrook has worked tirelessly with his resolve and fortitude fighting on the behalf of Stromgarde and the Alliance on the warfront. His actions have inspired others to take up arms and fight for an idea that embodies the heroism of Stromgarde itself. He threw his life on the line during countless interactions, including one that nearly resulted in getting his vocal cords getting ripped clean in his defiance against the Horde. He is more than deserving of this honor with his willingness to sacrifice himself for the freedom of others beneath Alliance banners.

Duke Lionblood and many Stroms have recognized Marcus's hard works and dedication to the betterment of the Kingdom of Stromgarde and House Trollbane. Within the promotion ceremony, Duke Lionblood called Lord Kilbrook up and deemed him worthy of being a Warden of House Trollbane's greatest jewel, Stromgarde Keep. To his surprise, Marcus humbly accepts this huge responsibility, allowing it to sit on his shoulder thinking... At long last, his dream has been realized.

The Armistice

Marcus received the news of the High King's declaration of the armistice. Marcus was glad that armistice was in effect so Stromgarde can be rebuilt without worrying about the Horde attacking anytime soon. He returned home to his family and packed his things, he could finally do what he has always wanted to do, which is sailing around the world to discover lands and traditions! Marcus brought his family along with him, needless to say, they are thrilled to tag along! It will be the last time people see the Kilbrook Family for probably a very long time.

The Stromic Summit

As time has passed since his disappearance, sailing around the world. To everyone's surprise, Marcus reappeared as he is one of many Arathorians to be summoned to Mathilan Lionblood's Stromic Summit, boasting the fleet that he has built during his voyage. The first thing they'd notice is his new abnormal amber-colored eye, the next thing they'll notice is his hair has hints of greying. When asked about the eye, Marcus informed them that he lost his eye and replaced it with a troll eye. He wouldn't give them too much information.

At first, Marcus rebelled against Mathilan's wishes to continue the campaign under the banner of Lionblood but will remain to listen to what Lord Lionblood has to say. He was never convinced, thus so stubborn to allow Mathilan's words to shift his stance but eventually, Marcus was convinced to serve as an Admiral over Mathilan's offer of Whiskey.

Path of the Flame




Andale was a beautiful black Arathorian Horse with a Silver blaze running through from his forehead to his muzzle and four equal-length Silver socks, with wavy black-silvery manes. He was purchased as a young horse by Marcus and quickly develops an incredibly deep bond with him.

Andale was a hard worker who learns quickly and has a good grasp of what is required of him. He was courageous and determined, loyal, and compassionate. He warms quickly to people when shown even the smallest amount of kindness. He was very adaptable and deals well with each different situation that faces him; as a Noble Steed. In a recent event, he received an unfortunate blow from a mawsworn that killed him instantaneously.


Aurum has erect, medium ears with a tapered rounded point which are proportional to the equilateral triangle of the head. Foxy looks when it comes to shape and appearance. Aurum differs from other Corgi by being taller in length, having larger ears, and being slightly straighter of the leg. Aurum has a  "fairy saddle", somewhat lighter markings on each side. His tail's naturally short and fluffy.  Aurum has a Dark chocolate fur with white fairy saddle with bulging brown eyes.


Marcus found Aurum by illegal animal trading, he saved him and loved him to the bottom of his heart, from that point on, months after months, Aurum became healthy again, his fur became beautiful once again. From a broken puppy to the happiest, loving, and quite a bouncy dog who always wag his cute little tail.


Andale's Colt (WIP)


Lokolf the Greatbane☩

Marcus's Ancestor, the First Lord of House Greatbane

Lokolf the Greatbane (Born 21 January) was a proud Chieftain of his own tribe in Arathi Highlands. He has led his people to multiple victories during Troll Wars behind the famed Thoradin. He strongly believed in Thoradin and his ideas to unify humans which created an Empire, Empire of Arathor. He bore many children with the love of his life, Brunhild. After their first child, Lokolf added a surname to his name, from that point on... People would know him as Lokolf Greatbane.

Roark Mendenhall

Roark Mendenall was a former Field Marshal of the Grand Alliance Army and Marcus's adoptive father.

Roark "Savage" Mendenhall (Born Roark Alexander Mendenhall, 28 June, 565 K.C.) was a Lordaeron-born soldier. Roark was a well-reserved yet hesitant soldier. Although he was seen as an enemy he has demonstrated a high sense of honor and a willingness to come to terms with the Horde. Although he was loyal to his faction does not mean he agrees with the ruthlessness shown by his leaders. He was given the nickname "Savage" by his comrades as an irony to mock his stance in war tactics.

He is widely known for being a phenomenal soldier and being the adoptive father of The Gallant

Joachim the Lionheart

Joachim Grandell is Marcus's uncle and a Grand Adjudicator of the Scarlet Crusade.

Elise Kilbrook

Elise Kilbrook.png

Elise Rhea Kilbrook (Born 23rd of April, 33 L.C.) was born to Lord Marcus Kilbrook. The child born of Stromic descent lives with her father in Sanguine Keep.

She is a quiet, yet enthusiastic young lass with a mixture of her father's charcoal-colored hair & his ocean blue hues and Kiara's beautiful, curly locks. She is mischievous, yet a very sweet healthy lass with a bright future ahead of her!

Declan Kilbrook

Declan Marcus Kilbrook (Born 18th of August, 38 L.C.) was born to Lord Kilbrook and Lady Rosewood The child born of Stromic and Lordaeronian descent lives with his father in Sanguine Keep.

A bouncy boy with a mixture of his father's charcoal-colored hair & his mother's cerulean hues. The infant is already being spoiled with lots of love from his parents and his oldest sister.

[Friends & Reverent]

Maxen Montclair


Garion Magnus

The purple wizard. Their paths crossed multiple times during the grand alliance meeting and at war, Garion is known for being reasonable with his choices, his stance within politics and strategy-making, thus earned Marcus's admiration although he does not consider him as a friend. Overall, he seems like a compassionate lad.

Serana Dawnsinger

A Dawnish Elf who happens to share common interests with Marcus, she has earned a proportion of his respect after voicing her concerns about the future of the alliance and the armistice in the grand alliance meeting.

After the meeting, they conversed to share their beliefs and their interests, most of them are agreeable to Marcus however, one of her beliefs raised a red flag. He keeps her in the distance, for now.

Kaendall Gladstone


Kalabar Ravenkroft


Armethelia Lordian



Shannon Warluck

Shannon is Theodore's only sister and Marcus's dear friend since they grew up together in Stormwind, they spent so much time together, training, hanging out, do shenanigans with. She was truly Marcus's best friend, they shared their secrets together, they seek advice from each other and much more! Their bond is unbreakable.

She's incredibly beautiful, a tom-boy but beautiful, blonde chin-length hair with two sets of hazel eyes with freckles dotting all over the bridge of her nose with a lithe, yet curvy body. She's very brilliant and energetic.... She possesses a genuine, gentle soul but at the same time, she has the silver tongue and can be quite flirty. 

Kiara Holton

Kiara is a woman of noble birth, born to the House that lost their lands, power, and wealth against the Orcish Horde during the Second War, a woman with alteraci blood flowing through her veins. The marriage between Kiara and Marcus was proposed by Kiara's dear brother for personal gains for their shattered house. Marcus did not see through their sinister plans and accepted the proposal and courted Kiara.

Kiara's an average woman with curly, brunette hair cascading down to her rumps with two sets of brown eyes with a plump, curvy frame. She's charming and alluring, she possesses a genuine, gentle soul but at the same time, she has the silver tongue and can be quite controlling. Kiara gave birth to their daughter, Elise. She then attempted to coax Marcus to sign an agreement to share his wealth with her. Later on, Kiara decided to have an affair with a wealthy lad with vast lands. She soon filed a divorce and left him and their children. 

Seraphina Silverforge☩


Seraphina was a beautiful elven woman hailed from the esteemed house of Silverforge. She's a priestess of the Light with a fiery temper. A day before the monthly Darkmoon Faire, Marcus met the priestess, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Despite the fact even they spent a lot of intimate moments together, their relationship would soon fall apart as

soon as Seraphina dabbled in void magic, the void twisted her in many unimaginable ways which caused her to spiral out of control. Marcus plunged his blade through her heart, ending her sufferings. There are no such things as hope or faith after this incident, Marcus believed.

Isauriel Rosewood

Isauriel Rosewood is a beautiful petite woman, small but mighty with a compassionate nature. She is a woman who takes a a great pride in her work as a Physician and as of recently inherited her house upon her father’s death.


Before the departure to Nazmir, Marcus met the young physician, instantly disliking her over her beliefs and philosophies. She openly believed in hope and faith and perhaps suggested to Marcus that he should do the same, only, he rejected the very possibility of it and went about his stubborn ways. He departed for Nazmir upon sour words with the priestess, but little did he know, she’d end up being the one to lead a small force into the dangerous lands to find him, battered, broken and barely alive. Fate ended up being favorable that day, recovering the man and taking him back to her estate and residing him as well as his young daughter Elise to aid him in his recovery.

As he recovered, it seemed the two had grown fond of one another, but both refused to acknowledge it. There was a pain in both of their pasts that they both hadn’t quite dealt with, but as weeks past and Marcus was getting better, the day was soon approaching that he would not need her anymore. A day that neither of them was looking forward to. It wasn’t until the tiny mischief of their two children that brought them together. Elise often inquired after the physician, pestering her father and Oliver, often pestered his mother for when he’d see Elise again. Eventually, the two parents began speaking, overcoming their differences. Well, rather, accepting their differences. They had grown to care for one another considerably over their time together and when graduation day came for Marcus and his therapy completed, the two never parted since.

As soon as Armistice was announced their marriage fell apart, Marcus wasn't able to keep Isauriel happy... Even though the armistice was announced, he has been busier than ever. Focused on sailing and the reconstruction of the Stromic Kingdom.

Commissioned Arts

Path of the Crimson Flame

Battle for Azeroth



  • “Is that gallantry I smell, or just stupidity? The two scents are much alike, as I recall.”
  • "Leave one Kilbrook alive, and the Trolls are never safe."


IC Information

  • He can sing.
  • Marcus was exposed to swordplay, picking up a sword at six years old.
  • Marcus has Atelophobia.
  • Marcus became a Squire for a Knight of Silver Hand at age of twelve
  • He loves PUNS!
  • He's's known to be a Cooking Enthusiast.
  • Marcus's favorite color is Red.
  • Marcus is ambidextrous

OOC Information

Character Theme: I Will Not Bow, The Gallant, Vengeance, Champion of Stromic Nation

Voice Reference: Charles Brandon

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