Marshtide Squadron
Stormwind Blue Ensign


Marshtide Watch, Swamp of Sorrows



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Inv alliancewareffort Baron John von Hastings

Ship Classes(In service)


  • 2,000 Crewmembers, Marines, and Officers
  • 600 Repair and supply Officers and Workers



The Marshtide Squadron(Formerly the Tedrassil's Vengeance Squadron) is the reorganized Darnassian Fleet that was the support fleet of Fallen Dawn before being transferred to Baron John von Hastings' command after the dissolution of the Fallen Dawn.

Current Power Edit

With the addition of the three human warships, the Fleet has refocused to straight up fighting toe-to-toe with hostile fleets.

Known ships(Active) Edit

  • IES Anu’dorini talah
  • IES Andu’falah-Dor
  • IES Nordrassil
  • IES Fang's Retribution

Ships under construction Edit

  • Several Taylor-class transports.

Past Vessels(Lost/Decommissioned) Edit

  • IES Fang's Wrath(destroyed)

Personnel Edit

  • 1,800-2,000 Crewmembers/Marines/Officers
  • 600 Shore Personnel(Repair/Supply Officers/Workers)

Leadership Edit

The fleet, after dissolution of the Fallen Dawn, has been placed under John Hastings' direct command. Captain Sarah Smith acts on his behalf whenever the Baron is not accompanying the fleet.

Currently Edit

The fleet is under repair and resupply at its home base at Marshtide Watch.

Naval Banner(s) Used Edit

Curtesy of the Naval Colours (Flags) page.

Known Deployments Edit

Campaign Date Result
War of the Thorns July 24th-July 31st, 38 L.C. Crushing Defeat
Kul Tiran Defensive Actions September 1st-September 10th, 38 L.C. Stalemate, Sinking of the IES Fang's Wrath
Operation: Burning Stone October 10th, 38 L.C. Tactical Defeat, sinking of two Forsaken Ships

Fleet base(known) Edit