Matiff Durthan
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Matiff Durthan, Partial Elemental Ascendant






Redridge Mountains


Durthan Estate, Redridge Mountains

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Owner/Founder of Aether
The Flame Ascendant


Grand Alliance


Saiya Durthan, Daughter (Alive, named after aunt)
Autumn Durthan, Adopted Daughter (Alive)
Phoenix Durthan, Son (Alive)
Saiya Durthan, Sister (Deceased)
Contego Durthan, Brother (Deceased)
Aurion Dawntreader, Blood Brother (Alive)
Raistlinn Greywhisper, Honorary Brother (Unknown)
Dilan Ravenshield, Uncle (Unknown)



Voice Reference

Jonathan Young

Matiff Durthan is a human who currently isn't a member of any order and is semi-retired. A skilled engineer in his own right and spends much time coming up with some new device or weapons, although his specialty lies within wormhole tech. Matiff was formerly a member of the Silver Hand Chapter, acting as their Admiral during the Kalimdor Campaign, as well as a former member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran. He also acted, for a time, as the co-leader of The Lion Ascending, where he led the order's group of magic users and engineers. (( Every section is a WIP and will be expanded on ))


Standing at a little more than average for the males of his race, Matiff Durthan appeared like almost all the others. That is also being generous too.

Ruggedly handsome, Matiff's pitch black hair is currently cut long like it used to be, held back in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. A full mustache with a beard adorns his face while dark, sage green eyes shone with warmth, happiness, and a hidden power within him.

For the most part, he was generally smiling most of the time, his lips curled in one of the warmest and kindest grins ever. Should one ever find him out of his armor, they'd notice that his skin was tanned dark, whether is naturally was that way or he just spent a lot of time in the sun was up to everyone else to find out. While there were no scars on his face, there were plenty on the rest of him. Most them were small, but a few stood out from the rest. A large diagonal cut across his left pectoral, a horizontal slash across the stomach, bunch of smaller cuts and slashes along his arms. His back, while not nearly as littered with scars, still had a few, but no major ones to note. Recently, after having losing his right arm and shoulder, Matiff had a mechanical arm and shoulder built with the help of his old friend, Farel Arc. Extremely sturdy, the mechanical arm is capable of taking the form of several 'programmed' forms. Forms that are only known to Matiff, Farel, and a few choice others. 

Anyone who could sense, or feel, auras would be able to detect an aura that is primarily filled with that of elemental fire, but there are traces of the other three elements of air, earth, and water. Once more Matiff has returned to the path of the shaman and it wouldn't be hard to tell. On top of that he is a skilled engineer who works with arcane technology so there would be a trace of that as well from his mechanical right arm.


Matiff Durthan was born to a simple small farming family in the Redridge Mountains before the First War came about. He was the middle child, having an older brother, Contego Durthan, and a younger sister, Saiya. His childhood was as normal as they come, he played, he laughed, he was a normal child. He and his brother even enjoy playing, pretending to be valiant knights saving the countryside from evil monsters they imaged.

Then came the First War, and the green-skinned monsters known as the Orcs brought the boy's idea of monsters in the world of reality.

Durthan family crest

Seeking refuge behind the city walls of Stormwind City, his family hid from the Orcs as they advanced from the Dark Portal. Slowly and surely the lands once under the protection of Stormwind City were taken over by the Orcish Horde, even the farmland where Matiff grew up soon was no more than a charred black patch of soil. It wasn't long before the Horde was at the gates of the city and laying seige to the walls. When the Horde made it through, the lives of both Caramon and Sayuri Durthan were both claimed by the weapons of the green-skinned Orcs. Rivers of crimson blood flowing through the streets of the magestic city.

Forced to flee on foot after not making it to the ships that everyone else had seemed to make and having overheard that Lordaeron to the north was untouched, the three siblings went northwards through the forests and through enemy territory. Their smaller bodies making it easier for them to sneak by the Horde encampments. However, luck wasn't with them since they didn't get far before they stumbled across a small Orc raiding party on Worgs that was ransacking homes along northern borders of Stormwind City. The brothers escaped the grasping hands of the Orcs while their younger sister, Saiya, was captured. Not wanting to just leave their sister, the boys tracked the Orc party down, only to watch as their little sister was bound by the orcs, having already been stripped down and raped, before being burned alive.

After having watched Saiya's death, the very sister they had promised their parents they would keep safe, the boys had no choice but to keep heading north. Afterall, what were two boys to do against those monsters, let along a group of them? Turning their feet northward, Contego and Matiff slowly made their way through the forests and wetlands of the Eastern Kingdoms with heavy hearts. Burning rage fueling the heart of one while thoughtful retribution shone in the other.

Matiff and Contego heading to Lordaeron alone.

Upon reaching the kingdom of Lordaeron, unscathed after the devastating scene they're witnessed with the Orc party, the brother's split. Contego deciding to follow his childhood dreams of being a knight, turning to the path of the Holy Light and the way of the Paladin. Contego seeing that divine retribution and redemption was the way to save his sister. Matiff, however, saw differently. He saw that path being one of unsatisfied vengence, of order and rules, of mercy. Filled with rage and loss, Matiff sought out a different path and eventually heard of the mages of Dalaran and their immense powers. Immediantly, Matiff set down the road to the city of magic to study and learn the arts of magic.

The Path of Revenge

Upon reaching the magical city of Dalaran, Matiff immediandly took up studies. Excelling in manipulating flames while not doing do well when it came to commanding the powers of the icy cold. His ability with arcane was average at least, he tended to be just slightly better with them than most young apprentices.

But even this was too slow for the hate-filled boy. His eyes watching as he struggled with spells, and watching as other struggled with spells over and over again. He saw old men, Archmages in their own rights, seem to gather dust as they studied ancient tomes which were even covered with a thick layer of dust.

Studying in Dalaran.

Taking his own studying to the libraries in search of hidden powers just awaiting to be unlocked, Matiff spent months searching the extensive libraries of Dalaran. His search leading him through many tomes, a lot of which made no sense to him at all, a few he understood bits and pieces. That is, until he ran across a few books that held information on demons, that's all it took to peak his interest. Gathering up his things from his room, and taking a few of the books with him, Matiff left the city of magic.

Leaving the city of Dalaran in his footsteps, the young boy took his belonging across the kingdom of Lordaeron. Studying the old tomes and learning what he could during his travels. The young boy seeing everything the kingdom had to offer before his feet carried him into the snowy mountains of Alterac. Entering the town of Strahnbrad, Matiff had the fortunante luck of running across another who had taken to studying to darker arts of magic. Taking the young boy in, the lady of the house took him as her student.

By the start of the Second War, Matiff was content learning from his new mentor as the human armies of the north marched southward. Never casting a spell, Matiff merely watched and learned as his teacher showed him the basics of demons. He stood silently by as the Lady summoned a few minor demonic races into their realm on Azeroth, each spell increasing the knowledge of both the teacher and the student. Both learning from each magical spell woven, each demonic rune carved. Matiff remaining silent as he witnessed rituals and sacrifices, helped in the creation of potions to enhance one's magic potency so he could keep learning from the Lady, who required the potions to work her magic.

The Lady with a young Mat.

Towards the end of the Second War, Matiff and the Lady both prepared to summon her greatest work yet. A project that she had been working on since before Matiff had even become her student. She wanted to summon a Nathrezim and fully control the demon in order to learn more from it. All the spells and potions had been leading to this moment. Drawing the required summoning circle and runes upon the ground, the Lady started the summoning as Matiff, a young man at this point, stood there watching the ritual take place.

However, Matiff's luck turned against him as the demon proved to be too much for the Lady. The young man watching the battle of souls between the two, his teacher stiff and unmoving from the sudden mental assault before the demon just seemed to vanish. When the Lady turned to face Matiff, he immediantly noticed the crimson red eyes glowing where they had once been hazel. As soon as their eyes met, crimson staring into sage, Matiff felt the Dreadlord's mental assault as the demon attempted to take his body and stiffened, focusing solely on the battle between the two.

To his advantage, the Dreadlord had been weakened by the summoning, and even further weakened by the battle between him and the Lady. But even with that, the mental combat seemed to last hours as they each took turns attacking and defending. Matiff fully aware that his life and his soul were on the line here, not to mention his vengence on the Orcs.

After a long while, Matiff was able to push the demon back and stun him in mental combat. Then, by combining the teachings he'd learned in Dalaran and with the Lady, he suddenly caused his teacher's body to ignite in ravenous flames. The flames eating at the body of the older woman until all that was left was a pile of ash upon the stone floor.

However, Matiff did not come out of his battle unaffected. During his mental fight with the Nathrezim, at the moment he gained the upper hand, he was able to preen knowledge directly from the demon's mind, gaining an additional boost to what he knew and gaining a bunch of information that made absolutely no sense to him. But ever since that fight, Matiff's normally sage green eyes shone a brilliant amethyst color.

After recovering in the house for a few days, the young man left to resume traveling, this time across the known world as he set out to sort all the information he had gathered from the mind of the Demon.

Then came the Third War, to which Matiff barely noticed other than having an easier time casting his demonic-based spells. His feet carrying him through forests and deserts, mountains and plains, every terrain on both the Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor, he traveled. As the young man came to unravel the knowledge he had suddenly gained, his powers and abilities started to increased quickly.

The opening of the Dark Portal.

It took a long time before Matiff had sorted out everything he'd gained from the demon. And by that time he'd missed out on a lot, for the reopening of the Dark Portal had just happened by the time the young Warlock became aware of what was happening in the world. And immediantly, he understood what an opportunity the Outlands presented, unknowing that he was being drawn there.

Battle for a Body

Outlands, there was not a single place better for furthering his studies of demonic beings and the fel. Matiff quickly fell in love with the place and developed a particular interest in the land of Shadowmoon Valley, especially around the Hand of Gul'Dan.

However, what the young Warlock did not realize was that he was a vessel for the demon who he'd fought against when he was younger. The Nathrezim having stored a part of itself within Matiff's body, leeching off his power as he continued to grow even more in his own. Fully intent on taking the young man's body for himself.

Asking for the Naaru's help.

At first, Matiff had no issue with anything and never noticed any issue as he kept up his studies and kept up growing in power. This lasted for awhile until his spellcasting started to grow weaker. Over time magic became hard for Matiff to even summon forth, his spells even seeming to 'stutter'. Full of worry that he might not be able to avenge his sister as he believed was right, Matiff traveled to the city of Shattrath.

Seeking council from the Naaru while keeping his intentions hidden, Matiff learned of the demon within him, acting as a parasite would to its host. The Naaru told him of the dangers and informed him how to remove the demon through an exorcism.

Local Draenei Paladins gathered together to aid the young man, despite him being a Warlock. His soul was in jeapordy and that's why they all gathered. Circling Matiff as he laid down, they all raised their hands towards the human as sigils of the Light shone above their foreheads.

Purging of a demon.

Hearing the demon's cackling in his mind, and feeling its growing presence over his body, Matiff allowed the Light to do its work. And hearing the demon's screams of agony was plenty of a reward for the very pain Matiff was feeling himself. The pain only getting worse as the demon was purged from his body before it all suddenly stopped as the Draenei lowered their hands for their weapons as the demon took form before them all, only to be stopped as Matiff told them all that this was his fight to conquer, his fear to Master.

Weakened from having his powers leech by the very being in front of him, and from the recent exorcism, the young Warlock stood before the demonic being. His amethyst eyes glowing faintly, calmly as he was ready to give his life for this and was at peace with that. The only plus side being that he knew the demon was also weakened from the workings of the Light.

The battle went on for hours, all under the supervision of the Paladins who remained nearby while also staying out of the fight. The very fight very nearly costing Matiff his life on more than one occassion as he became more desperate to truly defeat his foe. But in the end, the victor was the utterly exhausted Warlock as a carefully placed chaotic bolt of fel flames, fueled by rage and desperation, slammed into the Nathrezim and sent him back into the Abyss for good.

Peaceful Hunting

Having freed himself from the demonic parasite that had been dwelling in his body, Matiff finally had proven to himself his true strenght. While utterly exhausted and drained from his fight, Matiff spent the follow few weeks gathering information on that Orc party who killed his sister while he recovered from the fight. Unknown to the world at large, but the Warlock released many eyes of Kilrogg into the world, primarily focused around the Orcish city of Orgrimmar and the surrounding lands.

Ten orcs to gather information one, ten to track down and take his vengence on for everything he had lost. The young man was quite excited to finally be able to exact his revenge. As the weeks drove on, the excitement only grew as he devised how to properly do it, finally deciding that it was only fair to burn each Orc alive, making it as slow and as painful as he possibly could.

And finally, the first name came in, then everything about him followed. Immediantly, Matiff set out to the northern Barrens to confront his target.

Finding the Orc now living on a small farm, having retired from military service, the young man took him by surprise as he took giddy joy out of capturing the older green-skin within his own home. Binding the male up before Matiff took his pleasure from fully explaining what was going to happen to the Orc and why he was doing it. And before long, Matiff's amethyst eyes reflected the flickering of the flames that ate at the Orc's skin alive, his ears deaf to the yells of torment.

Shortly after Matiff returned to the city of Stormwind, he found the city was under attack by legions of the Scourge as the traitor prince, Arthas, reemerged back into the world. Lending his manipulation of the fel flames to the defense of the city, the Warlock hopped on a ship as soon as the Alliance went to war up in Northrend.

Exploring Ulduar.

Matiff soon found himself at the front just for the mere joy of watching the Scourge get reduced to ashed from his spells. He witnessed the atrocities at the Wrathgate, where he watched the Forsaken turn on their own and killed hundreds from their own Plague. He shortly afterwards was part of the group that invaded the Undercity to bring the traitor to justice, fighting alongside King Varian himself.

Then Brann Bronzebeard sought to delve deeper into the titan prison of Ulduar. Eager to learn more, and interested to see the Titan's engineering, as he had taken to engineering himself, Matiff volunteered and left for Ulduar and spend several months merely in exploration and study.

The second Orc from the Raiding Party.

That is, until he recieved more information about another of the Orcs from the raiding party. This time hailing from Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows. Relying on longer ranged spells, Matiff simply set the Orc's hut on fire from a distance and watched as he came running on ablaze.

Returning the the Kirin Tor city of Dalaran, Matiff spent a lot of his time living a generally peaceful life during the events in Northrend. The magical city made people seem easier to accept people, even a Warlock. This kind of life softened Mat just a bit, which led him to return the books he had so long ago taken.

Then the seige of Icecrown Citadel, and while Matiff wasn't there for the death of the Lich King, he still leant his powers and abilites while also dealing with a third member of the raiding party, this one participating in the Horde's own assault on the Citadel. The Horde left wondering why one of their warrior's cots was filled with ash after a night of quiet.

A World Sundered

The peace and serenity that Matiff had gotten accustomed to was shattered with the coming of the Aspect of Death. The Cataclysm and the coming of the Twilight Cult suddenly had people turning their backs on the Warlocks they had come to tolerate during the previous times. Mat suddenly found himself without many of the acquaintances that he had made, and back to being alone once again.

To the defence of Mount Hyjal.

Then the call came down for aid as the Twilight Cult sought to reduce Mount Hyjal to ashes, a call that Matiff answered. Packing up his things from his home in Dalaran, he went to the front lines once more, this time turning his fel flames against those that made everyone turn back against him. Slowly, but surely, Matiff began to regain some trust, especially with the other defenders of the Mountain.

Where as other chose to move on after Hyjal was recovered, attention shifting to the other various regions where the Cult had sprung up, Matiff remained at Mount Hyjal, his attention turned to the fire elementals. Studying the different of power from those elementals that came directly from the Firelands compared to those that sprung up from natural sources of fire.

The Invasion of the Firelands.

As the defenders of Mount Hyjal then took the offensive, laying siege to the elemental plane of fire and the Firelord, Matiff leapt at the chance as he had when the Outlands opened up. To the surprise of many, his fel flames were devastating against the soldiers of the Firelands as they corrupted the very being of the elementals, fire hawks, giants, and many others. Only the Druids of the Flame providing much of a fair fight against the growing Warlock.

The Siege of the Firelands ended with the final death of Ragnaros, to which, Matiff was present for after being among the invaders. His work finally done, the Warlock left Mount Hyjal as armies were readied to respond to the Twilight Cult laying siege to the Wyrmrest Accord in Northrend.

Having been on good terms with the dragons of the Accord during his previous ventures to Northrend, Matiff felt at ease as the armies drove the attackers back. As he watched the airship come down and load up to give chance to Deathwing, Matiff volunteered to remain behind and clean up what Twilight forces had been left.

Least, that’s what he told people, in reality Matiff went on a small trip to the Twilight Highlands to kill a certain Orc who had wronged him and his sister. This one he took his time, closely turning each limb to ash while keeping the Orc alive as long as possible. The death of another of the party putting his count up to four out of the total ten.

As the Twilight Cult was put down, Deathwing killed, and the forces of evil once again taken care of, Matiff went back to his studies. His focus purely on his growing skill in engineering as he started to use his spare time to craft exquisite rifles, starting a small side business.

The Fel-Lord

As the mists opened, revealing the continent of Pandaria, along with the Wandering Isle, a new race emerged, but also more war between the Horde and the Alliance over the people and the new land. As such, the scouting band from the Alliance went to the land of Pandaria, along with many heroes and adventurers, Matiff being among them as well.

The Warlock lended his power to Alliance forces as he ventured through the new, unique land that had opened up before them all. Quickly learning of the Sha and the danger that they possessed, while fully understanding that war was coming. That battle hitting a small peak within the Jade Forests, which ended in the manifestation of a Sha, but also the death of another raiding party member as Matiff met him upon that very battlefield.

In time, Matiff was inducted into the Order of the Cloud Serpent as an honorary member, despite being a wielder of Fel, he soon quickly started to make friends with the Pandarian people. Even being considered a friend among the Shado-Pan, being granted one of their armored tigers mounts to accompany his black Cloud Serpent.

Operation: Shieldwall

Then a summons came to him, calling him down to Krasarang Wilds as the Alliance naval fleet drew near. Thus, the beginnings of Operation: Shieldwall and the true war against the Horde started. Matiff, again, lended his control of the fel flames to obliterate the Horde forces on missions he was given. Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Forsaken, Goblin, Pandarian, Sin’Dorei, male or female, if they fought under the red banner of Garrosh’s Horde, they were nothing more than dust already to Matiff.

It was at this time, however, that other friends started to come into the Warlock’s life. Starting with a young, pregnant woman, who befriended him, despite what others said about what robes he wore and spells he wove. Shortly after that, the Paladin who accompanied the woman around, also became one of Matiff’s friends. The two becoming known to him as Feleina Naylor and Josaelius, the Paladin who stayed with her.

Time kept flowing, and the relationship between the three became ever stronger, especially as Matiff started to develop feelings towards Feleina, who was the first woman who ever gave him a chance at anything normal, even if it was a friendship. Nevertheless, Matiff told her of his growing feelings on a trip to show her the lands north of Stormwind, in an attempt to show the girl the world and increase how she felt towards him.

His dreams of normal shattered outside the gates of Quel’Thalas as she firmly rejected him due to the fact that she had started to see Josaelius, and her parental guardian, Thomas Hohenheim would've had a serious issue if she started to see someone like Matiff seriously. The rejection sending him back into his own darkness, leading to a more violent Matiff whenever he appeared upon the battlefields of Pandaria. On more than one occasion he was forced to leave before the manifestation of a Sha occurred.

Fel-Lord of Shadowmoon Valley.

Matiff’s darkness led him to grow in his own power, reveling within the fel and finding home within the corrupted lands of Shadowmoon Valley. His studies turning solely to the fel, augmenting his own powers until very little in the Valley could withstand his wrath. Whispers among the small towns of the Horde, Alliance, Aldor, and Scryer telling of a man wrapping in dark robes with fel green runes that the very land itself seemed to beckon at his call. Matiff became a Fel-Lord in all rights.

Battle for a Soul

Then came Delillah, a misguided young woman who had pledged herself to the service of Sargeras. Immediately, the woman set her eyes upon Father Melchiz and anyone else who wore the colors of the Clergy of the Holy Light, including Feleina and Josaelius. Needing someone who was purely innocent in all forms, Delillah turned to Feleina's unborn child, forcing Father Thomas Hohenheim to frequently move her about under the care of Dilan Alexander Ravenshield II, Josaelius, and Matiff.

Fearing for his friends’ safety, Matiff sought out more power and spent a lot of time within Shadowmoon Valley, seeking a way to unlock more potential from the fel flames. The ambition for more power quickly caught the eye of Delillah, turning her attention to him as she sought to corrupt the Warlock to convert to her side. She offered him everything he had ever wanted, revenge, love, more power, anything he craved she was willing to give. All she wanted in return, was what power he had brought to the table.

Luckily, Matiff turned the offer down, staying at the sides of his friends. His flames turned against the minion of Sargeras as he fought to defend the young woman many times. All the while, his powers grew to the point where he started becoming very sensitive to the powers of the Light, his own powers turning him away from those he protected.

Growing to the point where Matiff couldn’t even come near the Cathedral of the Holy Light in Stormwind City, nor even Shattrath City in the Outlands, Matiff spent even more time in Shadowmoon Valley. Unknown to any of his friends, Matiff was being plagued by whispers within his mind from Delillah, and then later by Sargeras himself. The whispers slowly driving the man mad day by day until he finally sent letters out to his friends, a last act of free will to keep those he cared about safe, telling them all to stay out of Shadowmoon Valley, or risk death by his hand.

Dilan answered the call, risking his own life to bring Matiff around. Despite Matiff throwing his numerous demonic allies at Dilan, he fought and took them down one by one before removing his helmet that protected him from the heat and fumes created by the Hand of Gul’dan. The simple act causing the Warlock to pause and help the warrior put his helmet back on in order to keep his friend alive.

Father Thomas showed up next, almost triggering a fight between the Priest and the Warlock as words were tossed back and forth over the threatening letter that had reached Feleina, despite Dilan’s pleas to both of them. However, fate had a different turn. Josaelius and Father Melchiz Tzedeck arrived just in time to prevent any further actions between the two. Melchiz explaining quickly that Matiff was being plagued by whispers from both Delillah and Sargeras.

As the whispers got worse at that very moment, Matiff was forced to kneel down, cradling his head as he tried to stop the whispers himself. This presenting a perfect opening where Father Thomas and Father Melchiz started to perform an exorcism on the Warlock, pouring the Holy Light into the man’s corrupted body. Matiff fought back against it for a time, but was overwhelmed by the strength behind Thomas’s powers, Matiff basically blacking out at that point, although it looked as if he’d just tensed up and froze on the outside.

Inside his mind, it wasn’t so different, mostly completely void of thoughts of emotions at this point, the Holy Warriors sent into his mind by Father Thomas were greeted by the sight of a young, black haired girl who seemed to just be entering her early teens. Guided by the girl, who eventually revealed herself to be the spirit of Saiya Durthan, the Warriors were led to a dark, twisted spot within the Warlock’s mind. Pure rage, torment, and corruption flowed freely from that black hole, normally kept in check by Saiya, herself.

Charging forward, the Holy Warriors leapt into fray. Saiya standing back, watching with a grin on her young lips as she knew what was to come, but knowing her brother could take it. She gave Thomas one warning, that without the corruption and fel to sustain him, Matiff’s addiction to fel could very well kill him in time.

As the fight ensued within the mental space of the Warlock, Dilan, Josealius, and Father Melchiz decided it would be best to move Matiff someplace safe where he could rest. Deciding on Shattrath City, where Delillah couldn’t reach him. Placing Matiff’s inert body in a bed at Aldor Rise, the trio watched over him before both Dilan and Josaelius were surprised by the arrival of Feleina, who had come to see what was going on. Intercepting her, Josaelius kept the young Priestess away from Matiff just as the Holy Warriors tore through the corruption and banished it completely. Matiff’s body convulsing as he yelled out in pain, scaring those within the room before he went silent.

Father Thomas arrived shortly afterwards, explaining to the group what had been down and what was going to happen to the Warlock. The Priest coming up with the idea to have Matiff tap into arcane sources, much like the Sin’Dorei do, in order to keep his fel addiction at bay until such a time that he got over it, or found a new source to hold back to greedy curse laid on his body. Calling upon a mage friend of his, Father Thomas arranged to have Matiff teleported from Shattrath City to Dalaran, where Matiff would be closest to sources of arcane, and the ley lines.


Waking from his purging, Matiff found himself confronted by a deep burning sensation, writhing in pain due to lack of Fel. That is, until Aurion Dawntreader gave him an Arcane Crystal, the Paladin having stopped by to check on the former Warlock. Seizing the Crystal, Matiff extracted every bit of Arcane energy from it, easing the hunger for the time being.

After speaking with Aurion, and later on with Father Thomas, Matiff uncovered his situation and began to take actions to wean off the addiction slowly over time. First, it was simply that he’d spend most of his time in Dalaran and only venture out once in awhile for a brief amount of time. But as time went on, Matiff slowly learned to tap directly from the ley lines around Azeroth, this allowed him to venture out more.

It was during this time that Matiff decided to pick up the sword play that him and his brother use to do as children. Picking up the blades once more, the former Warlock found himself soon loving it and truly enjoying using his swords, duel wielding two of them together.

More time passed, and Matiff’s situation seemed to be getting better. Due to this, Matiff bought himself a ship from a couple of goblins in Gadgetzan. Naming her the Adamantite Heart, Matiff started his work upon the ship while spending time with his growing friend, Aurion. It wasn’t long before the two were very much like brother to one another, and shortly after that, Matiff used what gold he had to buy a frigate for Aurion to take command of. It was that night that Aurion and Matiff first dueled against each other. The victory was Aurion’s to take, due to Mat’s inexperience wielding the blades, unlike Aurion. However, both the men sustained a few cuts to the hands. Their bond growing as close friends, then shook bloody hands after the duel, laughing as the occasion and the duel. Matiff and Aurion promising each other that they would keep dueling as a friendly rivalry, give them both something to strive for throughout life.

Matiff Durthan and Aurion Dawntreader, brothers-in-arms.

Saying his goodbyes to his blood brother, Aurion, Matiff set out on his own for awhile. Taking the Adamantite Heart on several voyages around Azeroth, especially down in and around Pandaria. However, this gave Matiff time to find himself once more. No longer did he have a burning hatred for the Orcs, his sister Saiya paid his visits in his dreams and that suited him just fine. Along these voyages Matiff fashioned himself a gold bracelet, which he wears on his right arm, that not only serves as a way for him to shape shift from mortal form to the form of a Sandstone Drake, but it also helps to keep Matiff addiction at bay by constantly keeping Matiff charged with a small amount of arcane. The addiction never fully going away, and is impossible to fully rid himself of.

Taking his studies up once more, Matiff rediscovered his way with a more natural magic. Going back to Mount Hyjal and the area where the late Firelord, Ragnaros, had laid siege. It was here that Matiff began to study elementalism under the guidance of a fire elemental that took a liking to Matiff. Calling up studies from the Earthen Ring, he grew in his elemental mastery, fast paced by the elemental which would later be known to the world as Mat's elemental patron and friend, Gerald.

The Silver Hand

After a few months of sailing the seas and transporting goods all around Azeroth, Matiff finally returned to Stormwind City. His green eyes looking over the city in a whole new light as he looked forward to seeing his friends once more.

However, the light dimmed slightly when the only friend Matiff could find was his blood brother, Aurion Dawntreader. No news of the young woman, Josaelius, Father Thomas, Father Melchiz Tzedeck, or Dilan Alexander Ravenshield II reached his ears. Turning back to the Adamantite Heart, Matiff set about working on small engineering projects and his side business of crafting guns. Aurion and Matiff spent much time together off and on, the Paladin telling his tales of the Order of the Silver Hand and the blue tabard he wore.

Intrigued by the Order, Matiff expressed his interests and concerns to his brother, who gave him the answers he needed and have him time to think. After signing the paperwork for a new frigate, the Might of the Maelstrom, to be his, Matiff approached Aurion and was inducted into the Order as a Partisan.

Donning the blue tabard of the Silver Hand, Matiff spent most of his time doing what he had before, working on guns to sell, engineering projects to unravel, and outfitting his ships with modern weapons superior to those standard given to military vessels.

Shazia's Plague

That is, until the Plague came to Stormwind City. Lending what aid he could, Matiff had his ships going across Azeroth most of the time to help supply masks for the population of the capital city. Meanwhile also attending to any bodies of the deceased, burning them with his flames.

It was Aurion who told him everything and brought him deeper into the plan. Learning that the mastermind behind the Plague was a woman known as ‘Shazia’ and that she had a necropolis heading down to either Ironforge or Stormwind, Matiff requested to be informed of the necropolis’s location, wherever it would be sighted. The pyromancer offering his ships’ firepower to aid in bringing the floating citadel down.

To his very surprise, it was also at this time when Matiff saw Feleina for the first time since his return. Delivering a crate of fresh masks to the Clinic set up outside the Cathedral, he saw her once more in the midst of all the chaos. Keeping his distance, knowing the last thing between them was a death threat letter, Matiff pulled away from the woman he had counted on as a friend at one point.

Preparing his two ships for combat, Matiff spent his time developing a new shell for his mortars to use. A type of shell that would detonate before hitting the ground, raining down either a payload, or more explosives, onto a large area of space. Hand making each shell, he tested the new weapon as he waited for word of the necropolis.

Finally, word reached his ears by attending a meeting, giving the Captain one full day to get everything ready. And having just delivered his final crate of masks, checked out and inspected by Warlord Naza Varyn, Matiff thought he’d have an enjoyable evening on what could be his last night in the land of the living. Then word spread through the Silver Hand that the woman called Naza Varyn was a traitor to Stormwind City and was fighting alongside Shazia. Immediately recalling his masks from the last shipment, Matiff almost got it done in time, however a few slipped past his reach. The masks, dosed in the plague by Naza Varyn, had been distributed throughout some of the populace. Matiff spent the rest of the evening trying to get the masks back before the necropolis arrived the next day.

Failure met Matiff as the next day, a small number of citizen contracted the plague, not all of them making it to the Clinic. At the same time, the city came under attack by the forces of the Plaguebringer, Matiff casting his ships off to wait near the coast line. Giving Gnomecorders to the leaders of the city defenses, Matiff stood on standby, waiting for any call for fire support.

Those calls never came, the forces of the Grand Alliance holding the attackers at bay and defeating them just as the Necropolis appeared through a massive amount of clouds over the city. As the citadel appeared, the infiltration force headed into the floating city of the dead, requesting Matiff’s firepower to distract those inside and also to remove the shields of the mobile base.

Firing all guns, the Captain unleashed his weapons upon the citadel, cannon and mortar fire flying over the city of Stormwind to collide with the shields of the necropolis, putting a beating on them. Minutes past, nearly an hour before the order to cease fire came, the shields having been shatter underneath the constant assault. Pulling both of his ships farther out to sea, Matiff watched as the necropolis started to crumble and fall before it was destroyed.

Light in Darkness

Inspired by the victory, and the part he had played in it, Matiff approached Tenevus Stromheart with a propositon. Offering his ships and naval skills, Matiff offered the Silver Hand a naval force, in return, Matiff would be able to keep working on his engineering and whatever he wished for the most part.

With the proposition approved, the Silver Fleet came into being. His brother, Aurion Dawntreader, even offered his ship to the growing naval force. The same ship Matiff had bought for him months back, the Leviathan. Immediately, the pyromancer set about designing another class of ship to add.

Matiff Durthan, Admiral of the Silver Fleet

Then once more, Matiff ran across Feleina in the most interesting of ways. Attending the swearing in ceremony of a new Aspirant, he ran across her once more, and to his surprise, she approached him. It didn’t take long for the spark between them to rekindle, friendship blossoming between the two once more. From her, Matiff found out that Josaelius had disappeared right before the Plague, without any word of where he’d be or how long he’d be gone. He also found out that the Clergy of the Holy Light had basically left the young woman and took her Clinic away from her as well, on top of the loss of her unborn child.

Taking Feleina under his wing, he started to lead her out of the darkness she had found herself in. All the while staying on top of his duties as his and the young woman’s friendship starting to turn into more. Escorting her to Tenevus Stromheart’s wedding, they shared a kiss, and that sealed their fate. The Grand Master also proclaiming that Matiff was now Admiral, during his wedding.

A Love Story - "The Proposal"

Happy with the new promotion, and finally having his feelings for the Feleina be returned, the couple’s feelings only grew evermore as Matiff led her fully out of the darkness. The night he did, Matiff took her aboard on of his ship, lowered himself to one knee, and asked for the young woman’s hand in marriage, to which she accepted.

Weeks passed until their wedding, the two spending most of their evenings together since he ran the fleet, and she ran the Medical Society for the Silver Hand. But finally, the two were joined together as one aboard the Adamantite Heart, with Aurion providing the service. The two exchanged their vows, and their rings, before a majority of the Silver Hand, and friends from outside the Order.

A Covert Operation

Married life suited Matiff, and life went on smoothly. While the war for Pandaria continued down in the southern hemisphere of Azeroth, the Admiral turned his attention closer to home. Working steadily on the Silver Fleet harbored in the city of Stormwind, fully knowing that soon the war would stretch off of the southern continent. The thought striking home when Grand Master Tenevus Stromheart declared that he’d be leading a group of the Order of the Silver Hand over to Kalimdor to begin to put pressure on Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

A newly wedded Matiff and Feleina Durthan

With the announcement, Matiff kicked into overtime on his work. Bringing in a new ships for the Silver Fleet, the Prometheus, a Carrier-class warship that holds a fleet of Gyrocopters within her large belly. And, to make it so the ship didn’t have a bite of her own, the engineer installed the large arcane cannon that had been in the works. A collaboration between Matiff, a young woman named Anjali, and Arcanist Saeiter, the arcane cannon was built by the three and has been successfully tested.

Then news came along that Sir Dilan Alexander Ravenshield II has been captured by a unit of Kor’Kron elite during an expedition in Pandaria. The same man who had come for Matiff back in Shadowmoon Valley was now captured, possibly dead. Dilan, who is also the young woman's adopted uncle, was an important figure to the couple. Bringing the news before the Order, a rescue attempt was put into planning.

Leaving during the later afternoon with several members of the Order, including Lady Crisana Swiftsong, Lady Scarlet LeClaire, the young woman, Sir Damond Osrana, and a few others, they all set out towards the Thousand Needles. The plan was to dress as pirates of the area and escort a valuable person to the Orcs to infiltrate the camp. From there, they were to locate Dilan, free him, and escape while causing as little bloodshed as possible.

Using Matiff as the prisoner since he could maintain his Flame Ascendant form, and knowing the Horde’s want for more power, the Admiral was cuffed, chained, and escorted through the Dustwallow Marsh towards the Southern Barrens. Nothing complicated the plan, and the group made it to the camp just as the Kor’Kron were leaving after setting fire to the tents and killing most of their prisoners. Searching the campsite as Matiff controlled the flames, the rescue team located Sir Dilan and freed him from the bonds that held him.

Battered, beaten, bleeding, and in need of serious medical attention and rest, Dilan was provided a quick healing by the young woman in order to get him on his feet so they could escape before any of the Orcs may have come back. Gathering their strength, the group made their way towards the coast of the Barrens where Matiff has stationed the Might of the Maelstrom, from the Silver Fleet, so they could make their way back to Stormwind City with all possible speed.

Upon return, Sir Dilan was welcomed back with open arms from the Order, even receiving a welcome from Grand Master Stromheart before Dilan began his recovery.

Kalimdor Campaign

Like most of the Silver Hand, Matiff was deployed to the continent of Kalimdor when the Alliance answered the call of the Horde rebels and declared full on war against the city of Orgrimmar. Leading the Fleet, the Admiral turned to be an invaluable asset in the initial landing of the Silver Hand's forces.

Matiff during the Kalimdor Campaign

Things went well as day after day, the Pyromancer was tasked to lead mission to further the cause of the Alliance. Volunteering for combat-oriented missions, Mat was given a rare chance to fully open up on his fire power.

During the Campaign, his beloved wife, the young woman sustained several injuries. The injuries provoked Matiff's rage and drove him to do things without thought or remorse, as a result, he started taking injuries of his own.One such injury was the loss of his magic powers due to a magical artifact that a Garrosh-loyal Orc had.

With his magical powers robbed of him, Matiff spent more time with his wife, a much need action for the war had strained their relationship. Still, he continued to aid the Order that had given him so much, lending his combative skills when needed, but primarily taking to the sea. That is, until he discovered that his magical half was in the fiery heart of the Firelands.

With the young woman by his side, the couple ventured into the plane of fire. There, where Ragnaros use to rule, was Matiff's anger and rage manifested into an image of himself. There, the two Matiff battled for dominance over one another. The battle nearly cost the Admiral his life, were it not for the spirits of his family that jumped in to save him, giving him the strength to control and wrestle in his fury that had controlled him for so long.

Post War

Following the defeat of Warchief Garrosh, Matiff took it upon himself to seek out the remaining members of the raiding party that had killed his younger sister so long ago.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD crop crop.jpg

Finding them within the burning city that was left of Orgrimmar after the siege, Matiff went against his nature and gave them a chance to come peacefully. At first, none of the five did, but after a small bout of combat where Matiff proved to be superior, three of them submitted to him. The other two reengaged the Admiral, and over a small amount of time, were reduced to piles of charred bone and ashes as Mat took the three into custody.

Marking the end to a life-long quest to seek revenge for what had been done to his sister, Mat took to the sea as he aided the Alliance in bringing home all the supplies, armies, weapons, armor, and massive siege engines that had been brought from the Eastern Kingdoms.

For two months, the Admiral was at sea as he did his duty to the Alliance. By the time he finally returned home, the Silver Hand's Chapter in Stormwind had changed from when he was last with them. The changes made up his mind to return from his position as Admiral of the Fleet and focus more on himself. His wife had left the Order to Kul Tiras, where he found her about a week after his return.

Two weeks after his return, Feleina gave birth to the twins that she had long been carrying. Davrin and Saiya Durthan were born into the world during a trip to the Caverns of Time, a place that held good memories for both Mat and his wife.

Time in the Senate

With the birth of his twins, Matiff's focus turned to his family. However, Matiff was a man of action. He had to be doing something to be content. Pursuing an old goal from his childhood, he sought the mages of in an attempt to finish the training he had abandoned as a child. Not only was he accepted into Dalaran, but the took him under their wing to train in the magical arts.

Due to recent events involving his wife and their relationship that deteriorated, Matiff had the marriage declared invalid and annulled. Days later, he met with the young Doctor when she returned to Stormwind. Seeing her brought pain to Mat more than a dagger as what was now his ex-wife stood there and listened to the truth of things. It wasn't until Matiff had told the Feleina that there was someone in his life who had been there for him whereas she hadn't been that ended the conversation. The young Priestess walking away from Mat before anything more could be said between the two. Little did Mat know that it would be the very last time he saw her. A few days later, word reached his ears the remains of Feleina's robes had been found, torn and bloodied in the surf of the city's harbor, an event that would forever haunt the man in his dreams.

It was during this time that Matiff designed and commissioned the creation of a new ship. Using his own funds, he had the design patented and built by the shipbuilders of Stormwind. With the ship now completed, Matiff held the naming ceremony for the mighty vessel before sailing away under the power of its engines, heading in a southern direction. However, he was called away briefly to Dalaran, summoning by Commander Vanidicus Alexander. This was the moment in time where Mat was offered the position of Captain of the Guard for the entire city of Dalaran, having proven himself worthy of the position and their trust. A position that Matiff accepted shortly after being offered it.

Lending his magical might to the Kirin Tor when a Cipher of Damnation was taken from the Dark Iron Dwarves by the Twilight Cult. With the world endangered once more, Mat, and the Senate, followed the cultists through the four elemental planes over a course of a few weeks. In the end, they were successful, the cultists plans being stopped while the Cipher founds its way into the vaults of Dalaran. Relations between Mat and the Dark Irons improved, for they had disliked and despise him for what he was.

Then came the attack on Starfall Village in Winterspring, home to Akirie Starfall. This time, Mat left to help take the village back for Kirie, only to end up being captured in the process. As the Senate forces neared, Mat managed to free himself and aided in destroying the Twilights responsible for laying siege to the town.

Since then, relations have been strained, especially within the Senate itself. Those relations, along with a family emergency that called him away for an extended time, cost Mat his position as Captain of the Guard for Dalaran. With the loss of the position, Mat turned his attentions to his family. Spending more and more time with his children than the Senate. His solitary also giving him a chance to train himself, further developing his Ascendant side until he was able to achieve an advanced mode to the Flame Ascendant state, turning his normal flames blue. The advanced state has proven itself to be far more powerful, as the flames burn hotter and more intensely.

The Iron Invasion

Matiff, Ascendant of the Blue Flames

With the invasion of the Iron Horde, Matiff began to relive memories of the first invasion of the Orcish Horde during the First War. As the urge to slaughter them all filled his heart in retribution for what had been done to his sister, Matiff set out to burn any orc he saw. Between the front lines in Blasted Lands, and defending his land in Redridge, Matiff was kept constantly busy. It wasn't until news hit him of the deaths of his older brother, Contego Durthan, and the presumed death of his son, Davrin Durthan, that made him pause for a moment. Both of them had been killed during the Iron Horde's initial attack.

Fully committed to avenging his fallen family members, and to stop the past from repeating itself, Matiff had taken up arms against the Iron Horde in greater lengths. He spent time frequently in the Blasted Lands as he took out his wrath on the invaders. When the Magus Senate announced a plan to close the Dark Portal, Matiff volunteered, fully knowing that to do so was to accept death, for the mission was a suicidal one. After volunteering, Mat spent much time making sure his daughter will be taken care of after he ventures through the portal.


As the Magus Senate, and the Alliance, launched their attack on the Dark Portal, Matiff was one of many that surged forth. With the destruction of the magical connection between Draenor's Dark Portal and Azeroth's Dark Portal, it was presumed that everyone who went through is, more than likely, dead.

Luckily for those who went through, not everyone died, although many did. Matiff and others from the Senate fought to defend those closing the portal until the deed was done an the Senate was given the order to scatter and survive. At any means necessary.

Burning his way away from the portal, and through the Tanaan Jungle, Matiff was chased like a fox by hounds as the Iron Horde went after the Ascendant. Burning those he could, Mat quickly found out that now that he was cut from the energies of the Firelands back home, he couldn't stay in his elemental form for extended amounts of time. This began a series of deadly games between him and those chasing him as he began to use hit and run tactics to whittle them down. Between magical traps, and normal traps, Matiff was able to keep the Iron Horde forces at bay as he slipped out of the Tanaan Jungle and into the Shadowmoon Valley.

There, he ran across Gehlnarine Liridian, another member of the Magus Senate. The very man who Mat had promised he would teach to wield fel-based magics. The magics that Matiff had long since sworn never to use again.

Together, the pair made their way west until Lord Liridian was captured when Mat was away preforming recon. Returning to an empty camp, Mat began looking for his lost friend when he encountered him, once again, at the borders of Shadowmoon Valley and Talador. Once together, Gehlnarine mentioned to Mat that some of the Senate had formed a camp nearby and that they should check in.

Making their way to the camp that Commander Vanidicus had founded, they linked up with what Senate members were there. Vanidicus was pleased to have another of his battlemagi and ordered Matiff to stay close to camp, despite Mat's desire to go west where he felt he was being pulled toward. That was went Liridian suggested that he take Mat with him as he went to search for survivors out to the west, Matiff didn't even argue and got ready to leave.

On their way west once more, Mat continued to teach Liridian about fel magics and how to summon demons. This continued until they passed through Talador and into the land known as Nagrand. Feeling that he was close to whatever was drawing him in the western direction, Mat took lead and followed the feeling. To the northern end of Nagrand he led the fledgling Warlock until they came to the Throne of the Elements. Once more, the two split as Gehlnarine went to search for survivors and Mat stayed behind to try to reestablish a connection with the elements in order to stabilize in Ascended form.

After days of communing with the Fury of Fire, he was successful and linked back up with Lord Liridian. Mat found Gehlnarine had found another Senate member. Muzula Silverspark. The three of them then made their way back to the camp they had left to link back up with the Senate.

What happened after that was a flurry of missions as they rescued the Chancellor of the Senate from the arena in Highmaul. They secured a supply of Apexis crystals from the Iron Horde. Preformed recon and gathered other members of the Senate. All before they set off a chrono-beacon and established contact with Azeroth. Creating a portal through time and space, those of the Senate who had been trapped on Draenor and fighting for their very lives.. finally came home.

The Return of Heroes

Things on Azeroth had barely changed since Mat had left weeks prior. Work was even waiting for him as him and Lord Liridian made an arrest as soon as they stepped foot back in the magical city. Arresting a member of the Senate who had came back with them from Draenor, one of the Senate's Warlocks who had been plotting to steal a void crystal and use it to take over Dalaran for his own.

The arrest only served as a distraction for Mat, sidetracking him from what he really wanted. Knowing that Liridian could handle the man, Mat instantly left for Redridge after a short stop by the Cathedral in Stormwind.

Fate was an odd thing as his trip to the Cathedral made him cross paths with a young Harvest Witch. Having spent weeks fighting for his life and for his return to his daughter, Mat felt the need to have company as he walked from Stormwind to his family estate in Redridge. Inviting the Harvest Witch to walk with him, he was pleased when she accepted.

Returning to his home, he was greeted by a young girl who missed her father. Reunited with his daughter, Mat felt at peace and finally home. He invited the young woman he had walked with to stay at the estate after learning that she didn't have a place to stay at the time and was doing some work within Duskwood.

Returning to his work in Dalaran, he picked up his cases once more while also picking up the unfinished work he left in his workshop. He brought the young Harvest Witch into the Senate and was preparing to give another class on advanced elementals.

That's where things took a slight turn as his daughter fell sick. As Mat had to leave his duties to take care of his six year old daughter, Saiya, who had fallen sick. The young girl recovered quickly, thanks to the Harvest Witch's tea, and thanks to her father.

Matiff had the Harvest Witch, who's name was Bryndlee Hawthorne, moved in and live on the estate for good. The two were seen frequently in each other's company as she continued her work in Duskwood, and Matiff did his duty to Dalaran and the Senate. Eventually, Bryndlee brought her young son, Liam, to live with her on the estate as well.

The Liridian Incident

Things in Mat's life were calm and peaceful for a time. The man even decided to start giving his class on elementals and elemental magic for the Senate once again. Several cases ended up on his desk as Head Investigator of Dalaran, including one involving Bryn being assulted by her own brother.

Things continued calmly until Mat got wind of an incident in one of the classes Bryndlee taught. What he heard was that Gehlnarine, his boss and friend, attempted to shove a soul into a seed within the Blackwald of Gilneas and that the man declared Gilneas to be expendable. Everything sounded like Liridian had started down the path to corruption, so Matiff acted upon a promise he had made the man back in Draenor, that Mat would kill the man should he ever seem corrupt.

Luckily for Gehlnarine, Matiff couldn't find the man for several days. This allowed time for Mat to cool a bit and people explained that Gehlnarine wasn't corrupt, just ignorant of the connection between the Emerald Dream and the Blackwald. Convinced he wasn't corrupt, Mat still wanted to teach the man about crossing over certain lines and to keep his mouth shut when needed.

When Mat finally found Liridian, he was having tea with another member of the Senate. Placing a hologram outside of her house, Mat goaded the two out before finally getting the Warlock to agree to a duel of honor.

Knowing of Gehlnarine's capabilities with fel-magics, Mat opted to not Ascend the whole fight, instead bringing armor specifically designed and made to combat fel. The decision was a poor one in the end. After a hard fought duel, Mat ended up being beaten and trapped in a runed ice prison while Gehlnarine hadn't even taken a hit. The prison supercooled the man, a man who had not known what it was like to be cold in years.

Matiff ended up suffering from extreme cold shock for several days and tended to stay at his estate in Redridge while he recovered, convinced that this was the end of the whole thing. Least until he heard that his fiance, Bryndlee, had challenged the very same man who had beat him. Mat arrived just in time to watch the duel commence. While both sides of the duel took hits, in the end the Warlock shoved a chaos bolt into the Harvest Witch's chest.

After Bryn had been cleansed of the fel-taint in her skin, Mat took her back to the estate to help her recover. Furious at his former friend, Mat was torn between fighting the man again for his family, and just putting an end to it before more people he cared about were injured.

When Mat fully recovered from his duel, he was set to talk to Liridian and end the conflict between them. However, that was not to be as words were exchanged over the Senate's comm network. The conversation ended when Liridian left the comm network and Mat called him a 'demon fucking warlock with a dark relic shoved up his ass'.

The two have since made amends.


Aether Technologies Logo

With the extra time on his hands due to lack of duties in Dalaran, Matiff ended up spending a lot of time in his personal workshop. The time at home allowed his mind to revisit some previous creations he had thought up of, as well as finish a few of the ones he had started. This rush of creative genius, along with boredom, led him back to an idea he had years prior. A business where he could sell what he made.

Putting thought into it, there weren't any true downsides in his eyes. Putting himself into high gear, the man began to do the needed work in order to start this dream. It was during this time that he was approached by Farel Arc, who talked him into joining a organization of other businesses that were ran by a few people, at that time, within the Magus Senate of Dalaran. The parent organization, called PRISM, offered Mat a chance to get cheaper materials, advertisement, and a collective brainstorming group while he could offer the group a portion of his profit, along with collaborative work with the other businesses.

Shortly after this, Matiff came up with a name for his own business, Aether. The business flourished behind the scenes as Mat made deals private deals with groups and people. For the most part, his business remains largely unheard of to the general public.

The Fall into Despair

Shortly after coming up and starting Aether, Matiff was invited to attend a ball for the Azerothian Senate. Within the first five minutes of being there, he was reminded of his life and his first wife as he ran across one of her friends. Being reminded of her, he came to the realization that he destroyed lives of people who got close to him. This realization began his mental downward spiral the rest of the night as he began to wish that he could be sent back to the time of the young woman.

None of this was fully realized by the members of the Magus Senate as he was then provoked into a fight by Gehlnarine Liridian, who taunted Mat while calling him a simpering coward. While, originally, Mat didn't want to fight, he was talked into it after both sides agreed to having no limits.

Meeting outside Tyr's Hand, the battle was viewed by members of the Magus Senate and a few people that were attending the ball. Unlike the last fight Liridian and Durthan had, Mat ascended for the fight after warning the warlock that he was a destroyer. Matiff did nothing but prove his words as he destroyed every demon Gehlnarine threw at him, shattering an infernal, snapping the neck of a shivarra, and incinerating a wave of imps. Liridian was bombarded by everything Mat threw at him, almost everything. While Gehl managed to do a bit of damage to the ascendant, he wasn't much of a match. In the end, Matiff fired off a spell that recreated a sun collapsing on itself, the gravity sucking Liridian in before it exploded. Luckily for the spectators, this was on a much smaller scale and the wards surrounding the fight contained the damage. Gehlnarine, wasn't so lucky as his body was completely destroy and the fight almost cost him his life, permanently.

After the fight ended, Mat disappeared to the Firelands but was pursued by Akirie Starfall and Raistlinn Greywhisper, who wanted to try to calm Mat and talk to him. Their words, though, didn't work on him. Kira's affection and attachment to him merely made things worse as he pushed her away. Raistlinn tried to talk to him as a friend, however was pushed to the point where he actually used a small mental spell on Mat to bring him pain. This only pushed the unstable ascendant further away from the both of them.

Realizing that the Firelands wasn't a place where he could be alone, since people would follow him, he requested a cell in the Violet Hold in Dalaran. Being granted permission, Matiff placed himself in the cell of his own free will just so he could have his time to himself. He stayed for roughly a week as he lets his thoughts continue their spiral down into darkness.

Asking to be released from the Hold, the guard let him out since his stay was completely voluntary. Opening a wormhole, Mat vanished through it and went missing for a time. Speculations had placed him in the Firelands.


Speculations were true, he had returned to the elemental plane of fire in order to distance himself from everyone he knew. For, during the fight against Gehlnarine, the Ascendant had absorbed the fel core from a chaos bolt before turning the spell back on the Warlock in the purer version. The mistake was Mat's, for the fel core seeped into his elemental form and was slowly corrupting him and driving him to madness.

Locking himself down in the Firelands, Matiff's mental and physical rapidly deteriorated as he scrabbled to try to save himself without endangering those he cared about. His engineering marvels weren't going to work this time, and he was aware of it.

It didn't dawn on him, least not until he was starting to cross the border of sanity and raving lunatic, that he realized that the solution to his problem would have to be a magical artifact. Fortunately, he knew exactly where to find one that would suit his needs.

Sending his elemental partner, Gerald, back into the mortal plane, he awaited the result of the elemental's mission of securing the artifact.

Right before the man was about to give up to the crawling corruption, his patron returned, artifact in hand. A necklace that separated the magic from someone and captured it in a crystal. Taking the artifact, Mat used what knowledge he had of modifying enchantments to make it so the necklace would separate his magic from him, but also separate the corruption from his elemental magic, sealing both into two gems.

Thus, his sanity was saved, however the necklace didn't work exactly as intended. Whenever he called upon his elemental magic, it also unleashed the fel corruption in minor, controllable, amounts.

Seeing this as an improvement to his previous state, Mat left it at that until he could secure a way to remove the corruption without risking his friends, and without appearing as a monster in front of his daughter.

The Second Purge

Matiff ended up returning to the mortal plane after being visited by his fiance, Bryndlee Hawthorne. Donning a prototype armor suit to hid who he was, he wormholed himself into Dalaran and met up with Miss Hawthorne once more.

The day after he returned, he made it more publicly known that he was back in the area by meeting with two of his closest friends, Aurion Dawntreader and Cecil Pendragon. It was during this meeting that Gehlnarine Liridian barged in and interrupted the union of friends. It was during this exchange that the former Warlock accused Mat of being corrupted by fel magics, saying that he was required to be checked for corruption. Agreeing, seeing it was the only way he could be left in peace. With his friends, and fiancé, watching, Mat revealed his fel corruption to them all. His anger surging at Gehlnarine for being the cause of this, he kept it under control as Liridian purged the fel taint from his elemental form.

Freed from the corruption again, Mat began to move things from the Firelands to his home in Redridge. At the same time, he reconnected fully with the Senate members.

Taking advantage of their reunion, Matiff and Bryndlee planned and conducted their wedding, vowing themselves to one another in front of members of the Senate and friends from outside Dalaran with Aurion Dawntreader officiating the union.

An Elemental Emergency

Sadly, happiness was not meant to be in Matiff's books this time as he was called to the Firelands to settle an uprising there. What was suppose to be a short mission of putting down an elemental who sought to control and seize the power of the deceased Firelord, Ragnaros, turned out to be a long campaign that finally resulted in Matiff allying himself with other elementals of his element in order to put down the violent up rise.

Returning home, Matiff found himself without his home. His estate no longer was his, and his family had seemed to have vanished. Suddenly, he realized that he was also without the Senate he had worked so hard for, as his comms with them were deactivated. Without the funds he previously had, he made his way to Stormwind, and then to Dalaran, to find out what had happened.

It was during this time that he ran into Gehlnarine, well, the Archmage found him, and explained what had happened during Mat's time away. He had been declared dead and all his property had been given to his wife, Bryndlee. It was Bryn who had then sold the land and property to do more to her estate up in Gilneas.

The Lion Ascending

Without the Senate to turn to, and without his lands, Matiff thought about humanity as a whole and the idea of giving up his own humanity crossed his mind. However, he was interrupted by the appearance of a very old friend Aurion Dawntreader. Aurion spoke of Mat about an order he had founded, one that stood for peace. Not just the current peace, but peace for the future generations to come. An order that would help advance other orders in the Alliance through diplomatic means. Thinking of his child, Saiya, Matiff signed up without hesitation. After all, he was helping a dear friend, one he called brother.

Aurion was quick to have Mat be named as one of the magical advisors for the order, as well as one of the head engineers. Quickly, giving the engineer and large project to occupy his time.

Shortly after joining The Lion Ascending, Matiff and Bryndlee met up after a Senate meeting that resulted in Mat being scorned by those he had called friends. The two discussed their marriage and matter of property. It was decided that the two would divorce after their short period of being married. Matiff regained his lands in Redridge after Bryn got the deed back from the bank, while she got to keep her lands in Gilneas. Overall, a very smooth divorce between the two.

Matiff embracing the lovely Khesa Shadoweaver

Back to being to himself, his status of being single didn't last long as he bonded with members of the Lion Ascending. One, in particular, stood out more than others due to how much they shared in common. Khesa Shadoweaver, Aurion's squire at the time, ended up spending more and more time around Matiff, namely due to their shared love of brawling and the strong, fiery drink known as a Sulfuron Slammer. Over the course of time they grew closer until finally establishing a relationship out of their respect and friendship with one another.

In his free time, Matiff devoted much of it towards finalizing the details on the engineering project Aurion gave him. Called PROJECT Emberstorm, the engineering wonder was an airship construction that utilizes all the latest technologies. The project was large enough that Matiff had asked aid from several engineers he trusts, including Cecil Pendragon, Akirie Starfall, and Farel Arc. Upon completion, it'd be one of the largest airships to be in the skies.

Lord Nestlewood's Device

It wasn't long until the Lion Ascending was contacted by a noble who was looking to enlist their aid. Lord Nestlewood was a human nobleman who was having issues with warlocks on his land. Calling upon the Lions, they took action. Matiff, busy with his airship project, was late to helping his new order, but came in at a time when they were securing an Old God artifact from a bunker in Hillsbrad. After speaking with the nobleman, they decided to use the a schematic from the noble to create a device that would store the artifact safely in a pocket dimension.

As the Lion's head engineer, that responsibility fell to Matiff. Over the course of the following weeks, Matiff took the members of the Lions out into the world to gather the needed materials. Nothing was too hard for the brave members of the Lions as they collected the materials week after week.

All the while as they were doing this, the relationship between him and Khesa only grew deeper, up to the point where Mat's daughter, Saiya, was asking Khesa to be her mom and asking Khesa to never leave. The connection between the three of them only grew stronger as Khesa took to being Saiya's guardian and a motherly figure to her without adopting her at this point. It was shortly after that that Matiff and Khesa started to talk about their relationship and how well they got along. Discussing how happy they made one another before it moved on to Khesa talking to him about teaching her the ways of the elements. Showing her that their respective magics could work together by combining fire with her shadows to make a pure form of shadowfire, Matiff told her that he would love to teach her. Taking her on as a student, he began teaching her the basics of shamanism and how to speak with the elements themselves. It was during one of these lessons that the two finally admitting to loving one another.

Completing the pocket dimension device, Matiff presented it to the rest of the Lions and Nestlewood in the Lion's headquarters known as East Wing. Standing there as a unified group, Matiff activated the machine in order to finally rid themselves of the corrupted artifact. That is where everything went wrong as the machine opened up a rift into the Void and all of Mat's shutdown protocols were rendered inoperable. Nestlewood revealed himself to be a Dreadlord and took control of the artifact after summoning forth several Doom Guards from the portal. Confronted by demons, the Lions went into action to defend their home.

One by one the Doom Guards fell to the wrath of the Lions before they turned on Nestlewood. The Dreadlord had retreated to the safety of one of the buildings to siphon off energy from the artifact. Under the permission of Zalgrand, one of the leaders of the Lions under Aurion, Matiff and a few others laid waste to the building and utterly obliterated it from existence. But, even that wasn't enough to defeat the Dreadlord, who shielded himself using the artifact. This was when the scales of battle shifted as the Lions laid into Nestlewood to little effect. One by one the Dreadlord took down the Lions, leaving many of them on the verge of death. Matiff was forced to witness Khesa being thrown against a wall as great speeds, causing damage to her back, spine, and shoulders. Seeing no way he could beat the Dreadlord since the artifact was causing interference with his connection to the elemental plane of fire, Matiff fired a highly experimental weapon of his, a magnetic propulsion cannon, and ended up shattering the demon's armor.

That was when the demon placed them all in stasis, and everything got very confusing for Matiff. A Warlock by the name of Carl showed up and started to do battle with the Dreadlord as the Lions were forced outside of their base. Unable to enter back into East Wing, the Lions watched as their headquarters was laid to waste as the demon and warlock battled. In the end, East Wing was reduced to rubble and the Lions watched as Nestlewood made his escape.

In the aftermath of everything, Mat took Khesa home after she was healed and put her on bed rest. That is where he spent his days, never leaving her side and sending a hologram version of himself out if he was needed outside the estate, until Khesa fully recovered from the incident. With her back to her normal health, Matiff picked up their lessons once again as he guided the Quel'Dorei woman through communing with the elements themselves.

Tournament of Ages

With the Tournament of Ages starting up for the year, the Lion Ascending made their appearance before the vast majority of the Alliance and the Horde that attending. Manning booth number five, they started out selling various gadgets of Matiff's own creation and having Zalgrand operate a saber wrangling competition. However, as the days went one, they ended up selling the infamous Sulfuron Slammers. And, after some joking around between him and Khesa, opened a kissing booth in the evenings for the Lions.

An engaged Matiff with his new fiancé.

The entire week was one of great fun for Mat, who got to witness the Lions in a fashion that involved them not being on a mission, or completely drunk. He witnessed the Lions participate in marmotball, watched them engage in jousting, and spar honorably against others of the Alliance, and the Horde. Matiff even participated in the sparring matches, facing off against a Worgen berserker from the Greyshields, which he won against, although a close fight that ended when Matiff nearly burned half the man's face off. The second match up, against a Pandaren Warrior-monk, ended up being extremely close as well. Only coming to a close as Matiff struck a third hit on the woman with his blade on the shoulder. It was the third match that he lost, coming up against the leader of the Argent Onslaught, Rease Stoneheart. Despite the loss, Matiff was pleased with himself for getting as far as he did, vowing to try again the next year.

As the Tournament came to a close, ending with the Wonderlight Ball, Matiff attended with Khesa on his arm. It was there, as they were dancing in the center of the floor, that Mat got down upon one knee and proposed to her. Slipping a truesilver band, adorned with an azerothian diamond, upon her hand after she said yes, the two spent the rest of their time at the ball either dancing or spending it with friends.

A Union of Shadow and Fire

Over the course of the next month that followed, leading up to the wedding itself, Matiff focused on completing the airship he had been tasked with building. Each day moving nearer and nearer to final completion, with the project still on time, even after small delays with personal injuries and so on. When he wasn't working on the airship, he spent time at home with family as they planned and prepared for the upcoming union between Mat and Khesa. Invites went out, location was decided upon, outfits obtained, and decorations gathered.

The month went by fairly uneventful, no missions occurred of note for Matiff, no major meetings. He met a few times with the other engineers of the airship, but nothing beyond that. It was a quiet and peaceful month, one much needed for the engineer.

When the time of the wedding neared, Matiff ended up getting a case of pre-wedding nerves. Approaching Arathan Lothran, an old friend from the Silver Hand Chapter, Mat spoke to him about how his previous marriages had failed and why they did. As a friend, Arathan reassured Mat that Khesa is unlike anyone Mat has ever been with before and things wouldn't go the same as the two before, giving various reasons to prove his point. Reassured that this wouldn't be like the last two, Matiff returned home to an empty house the night prior to the wedding.

The big day finally arrived taking Mat up towards the elven lands of Quel'Thalas, the location chosen for the marriage. A small pavilion was secured for the joyous occasion out by the shores of the northern coast. Donning armor of blue and gold, Matiff stood before friends and family as he awaited Khesa's arrival. Standing with him was Cedric Derenthar, who officiated the ceremony, and Aurion Dawntreader, who stood as Mat's best man. Many of The Lion Ascending attended and stood witness as Khesa joined Mat and the two exchanged vows. Once vows were done, Mat gave her the ring he had made specially for her. A band of truesilver-titansteel alloy that looked like truesilver, but had the durability of titansteel. Embedded within the band sparkled several azerothian diamonds that shone like little stars. The two ended up wrapped the ceremony up with a steamy kiss that everyone in the crowd seemed to have been waiting for as Cedric pronounced them man and wife before presenting the new Durthan family.

Return of the Legion

Happiness and peace were not to last much longer, least, peace didn't, as the Burning Legion made their return at the Broken Shore. Matiff, having been called upon by the King, like so many had, joined in the sailing to the island in order to lend his might to the cause and stop the Legion in their tracks. However, it was not to be, instead the whole invasion of the Broken Shore ended up being one blunder after another, in Mat's eyes. Regretting his decision to come, he had no choice but to stay and witness its events as they unfolded, resulting in the Legion gaining a foothold on Azeroth, the death of King Varian Wrynn, and the death of many Alliance soldiers before retreating and falling back to Stormwind.

Returning home, Matiff put everything into finishing the airship Aurion had him working on. As the Legion began to invade various points around Azeroth, he would occasionally lend his help, although for the most part he stayed to work on the massive project. However, when he couldn't physically aid the forced fending off the invasions, he helped by firing artillery from his home in Redridge, through rifts and wormholes, straight to the battlefield to aid the Lion's forces.

However, all the work he had done ended up paying off as he, and the other engineers who worked on it, finished the airship in the midst of the invasions. Calling upon the Lions to come to Redridge, Matiff had set up two massive wormhole generators that would rift the airship from it's current location to the skies above Redridge. It was a good thing he had called upon them, for as he set to work and fired up the generators, the Legion sent one of its ships, which Mat had started to call a 'Fel Cruiser' for lack of another name. As the Cruiser went about sending waves of demons down to try to destroy the generator, the forces of the Lions were put to the test defending the area from basically ever known demon. Little rest was given between the waves, although the fighting was made easier as their airship emerged and was able to bring some of its weapon systems online to provide support. Going up against Felguard, Shivarra, Succubus, Mo'arg, Gan'arg, Imps, Dreadlords, an Abyssal, and finally the Eredar leading the operation, the Lions did nothing but prove successful as they worked together. Leaving the ground littered with demonic corpses, Matiff finally was able to end it all by firing the Lion's airship's largest weapon, the MMPPC (Massive Magnetic Projectile Propulsion Cannon) that Matiff had created himself. Spewing forth a bullet-shaped mass of hardened Titansteel, they all witnessed as the shields of the Fel Cruiser were destroyed before the Legion ship was gutted by the mass of metal. The Cruiser fell from the skies of Redridge, giving the Lion's the first glimmer of hope at being able to take the fight to the seemingly endless Legion as the newly dubbed ACS Aegis flew the skies above Redridge.

Following the deployment of the airship he helped to create, Matiff spent much time with his wife while the Legion invaded. Especially when the couple discovered that they were going to be parents to a new child that was growing within Khesa's body.

Preparation for Deployment

The magical city of the Kirin Tor, Dalaran, at the time was within eye sight of Redridge and Matiff could see the floating city from his estate. It was an unnerving sight for him after everything that had happened with the Magus Senate of Dalaran. But his discomfort wasn't to last as one morning, as he was conducting morning training with his daughter, he witnessed the Legion's ship attacking the city, only for the city to vanish in a blink of light. Knowing that it has teleported itself to the Broken Isles, Matiff immediately went to work preparing for the ACS Aegis's own deployment that was sure to come.

As members of The Lion Ascending started to go to the Broken Isles, acting more on their own, and as forward scouts for the Lion's, Matiff remained behind in Redridge with his wife and family. His job was to prepare the order's airship for an extended campaign in the isles. Loading himself down with paperwork, Mat spend a lot of time between his estate and Stormwind City. Always keeping in touch with those in the Isles, Matiff planned a landing operation for the Lion's while signing necessary paperwork needed to transport Alliance troops and supplies.

As the Aegis's preparations neared completion, almost a month after Dalaran left to the Broken Isles, Mat made a trip to the Firelands, knowing he wouldn't have a chance to for awhile once he was in the Isles. It was during this time that he came face-to-face with the new Firelord of the Firelands, Smolderon, who replaced Ragnaros as the elemental lord of fire. Before the new Firelord, Matiff bent knee and bowed before his new leader, swearing to follow the Firelord as one of his elemental agents outside the Earthen Ring.

Returning from the fiery plane, Matiff boarded the ACS Aegis after saying his farewells to his family in order to begin his mission. Bringing the airship's nether-rift engines online, he pushed them to full power and made way towards the Broken Isles with fresh troops, supplies, firepower, and a massive amount of rage that was ready to fuel the fires of his magic.

The Broken Isles Campaign

Arriving at the Broken Isles a few days later, Matiff brought the Aegis into a standby pattern off the northern coast of the Highmountain and awaited word from his chain of command to commence with the landing operation. One by one, members of the Lions who had deployed as scouts arrived by their own means aboard the Lion's airship. As Zalgrand Onyxthorn, one of the commanders of The Lion Ascending, arrived he gave the word needed to start the operation. Taking his place in the ship's command center, Mat took his place as the Aegis's captain and commander. Breaking its holding pattern, the massive airship turned south to begin heading into Highmountain.

Instantly the Lions were met by opposition from the Legion's forces as a Fel Cruiser, one that had been hounding the Lion's frequently, warped right alongside the Aegis. Instantly the two aerial vessels locked in combat. Fel bats swarmed the air, and beams of fel and arcane energies were traded between the two airships. Members of the Lions, alongside the Alliance troops, fought back against the demonic forces in the air while Matiff focused on keeping them in the air. It didn't take long for the Legion's commander to show his face using a holographic image, an Observer that Matiff quickly started calling 'Squidface', much to the demon's irritation. As the two aerial commanders exchanged verbal assaults and blasts of energies from their respective vessels, the demon forces in the air were eliminated by the Lion's. Once the air was cleared, Mat brought the Aegis's MMPPC to bear on the Fel Cruiser before blasting it with a massive, shaped lump of hardened Titansteel. The impact completely sheared the Legion's ship in two pieces that fell from the air as the Aegis continued on its way to Thunder Totem to dock and start unloading troops and supplies.

As the Lions advanced through the Broken Isles, so did the ACS Aegis with Mat at its helm. While others worked on various missions on the Isles, the engineer focused his attentions on securing supply lines via his wormhole network, ensuring the Aegis was always able to receive supplies as needed, from wherever. Doing this also ensured that his wormhole generators were calibrated to the Isle so he could easily make the trip back home to Redridge within moments.

One of these moments would be forever remembered by the man as his wife, Khesa Durthan, called for his aid due to her pregnancy. Activating his wormhole generator, he was home within moments, just in time for his wife to go into labor. Calling upon an old friend, the Shadow Ascendant Raistlinn Greywhisper, he aided Raist as the shadow healer delivered their first child together, a newborn son that they named Phoenix Aurion Durthan.

A Bond Broken

During the campaign against the Legion upon the Broken Isles, Matiff lead two scouting parties to the Broken Shore to gather intel on the Legion's forces and holdings there. Taking a small team of Lions, the first mission resulted in failure, not getting any decent intel and ended up being spotted. Forced to retreat, it was here that Mat's elemental patron, a fire elemental known only as Gerald, took a blast of fel energy that was meant for Matiff. The second mission, just a week later, was better conducted and gave plenty of good intel, however it was here that the corruption of fel energies in Gerald, which had a week to grow, took over. Turning upon the Lions, the elemental caused the group to retreat suddenly as pain wracked Mat's body.

Matiff was transported to the Lion's base in Stormwind, East Wing, where several of the Lions did what they could to dull the pain and get him stable. In the following days after the corruption and turning of Gerald, Matiff was forced to sever the bond between him and his elemental entirely, thus ending his ascendancy abilities and rendering him weak for several days afterwards. As this happened, Gerald went on a rampage as he tracked down and hunted members of The Lion Ascending. Every time he struck, the member of the Lion was generally left on the verge of death. Although the Lions put up a fight, the fel-corrupted elemental was too much for them, especially when shadow-corruption was added to him after a member of the Lions basically infused him with shadowflames, although they did so without realizing their error.

The Lion's airship, the ACS Aegis, was rendered inoperable after Gerald attacked it with aid of the Legion, causing severe damage to its engines and causing the warship to fall from the skies and into the seas off the coast of Suramar. The holdings the Lion had in Winterspring weren't left untouched as Gerald attacked there as well, although the Lions managed to stop him before he could complete his plans. Even East Wing itself wasn't safe as Gerald brought an army of corrupt elementals to the base and destroyed the order's fel-detection tower they had built.

Through all this, Gerald continued to attack Lion members and vent his rage upon them. His goal, to cause as much pain and suffering to them, and to Matiff. Corruption twisted his mind, seeing his former friend as the one who enslaved him, seeing mortals as nothing but bugs. It only got worse as Gerald attacked Khesa, Mat's wife, and nearly killed her before sending her to Mat in her near-death state, swearing to come after their children.

Sure enough, he did as Gerald attacked the Durthan Estate directly and alone when only Matiff was there, watching over his son, Phoenix. As Gerald captured Phoenix, he held them hostage, suspended in a field of shadow energy as Matiff moved to defend his home and family. Donning armor quickly, he armed himself with his weapons before engaging. The two former friends locked each other in a long battle, knowing each others moves and countering them perfectly as their attacks clashed. It didn't take long for their fight to spread to the estate as buildings started to burn, explosions happened, and an emergency beacon was activated over Mat's holobracer network, the comm systems of the Lions.

Knowing the Lions were coming, Gerald erected a barrier to give him time to take down Matiff just as the Lions arrived. Launching themselves into combat to take down the barrier, Matiff continued to fight alone. However, the fight would quickly start going in Gerald's favor as he was an elemental, facing a lone mortal. Exhaustion started to set in on Mat's body, having already been fighting for quite some time before the barrier imploded on itself. This implosion distracted Matiff long enough for the corrupted elemental to cause Mat's right arm and shoulder to combust and instantly explode, causing Mat to fly and settle into a state of unconsciousness.

As Mat was quickly taken care of, the Lions launched their attack upon Gerald. Unleashing their pent up fury against the elemental, the forces of The Lion Ascending used everything at their disposal, from their full powers, to technology they found laying about the estate. Sensing his own demise, Gerald resorted to using human shields as he attempted to use the newborn Phoenix, only for the infant to be snatched from him. Without any shielding, Gerald's elemental form was destroyed under the wrath of the order before him. Weakened so much, the elemental was trapped within the crystal that was his elemental core, still heavily corrupted. Instead of destroying it, the Lions gave it to Khesa to hold onto.

With the threat gone, the Lions went home to relax as Khesa and Saiya took care of Mat. Matiff, despite his injury, awoke the next day and got a retelling of everything that occurred. Since then, Davrin has not woken up yet, but Matiff has been ever at work as he works on designing his new arm and shoulder. To do this, he has even given up leadership of the branch of The Lion Ascending known as the Eye, giving the leadership to his friend, Sapphoria Maxwell. Now he acts as Commander for the Lions and as a Chief Advisor to his blood brother and order leader, Aurion Dawntreader.

The role would not be a long lasting one. Aurion seemed to have been the person who held the Lion's together with his ideals, for without him the order soon started falling apart as members started leaving. As hard as Khesa and Matiff tried to keep things afloat, it just was not to be. After a few months, Matiff ended up leaving as well to focus solely on his business, Aether, and unlocking the Legion's technology behind their warping capability.

The End of the Legion

As the battle on Azeroth ended and the fight shifted to the planet of Argus, Matiff continued to delve into his research and development of warping technology. Without an order that he belonged to, his attentions focused solely on himself and his family. For the remainder of the battle for Argus Matiff would come and go as he gathered whatever leftover technologies he could. This came to an end at the end of the battle for Argus as heroes of Azeroth defeated the Legion and the corrupted Titan of Argus. While he did not participate in that legendary fight, he did hear of it and watched as Argus, which dominated the skies above Azeroth, disappeared in a flash of red light.

Battle for Azeroth

With war erupting once more, this time over Azerite, Matiff saw this as a time to semi-retire from the adventuring life. As other went out and fought against the Horde, he stayed home to continue developing technology. In this time his projects flourished, especially as he started to get azerite from the front lines from various contacts. Previously his warping technology, developed from Legion technology, had came across the issue of not having enough power to warp larger items but this was solved with the emergence of Azerite. Now this technology and all prototypes are kept under heavy lock and key, not to mention in a separate dimension, to safeguard it from anyone.

Hearing about the burning of Teldrassil, and then the invasion of Lordaeron, Matiff did what he could from home to help the armies of the Alliance, supplying the front lines with whatever ammunition and explosives he could manufactor easily and quickly. The Durthan Estate in Redridge was even opened up to accept Kaldorei refugees for a long while until the Kingdom of Stormwind found a way to take care of the refugees.

Even as the Old God, N'Zoth, emerged from his hiding place in the depths Matiff did what he could, even if nightmares riddled his mind at night and doubts plagued his thoughts. Fortunately this would not last terribly long before the Old God was put to rest like the rest of his kin.

Present Times

With the tearing of the skies in Icecrown and the resurgence of the Scourge, Matiff has seemingly come out of retirement to defend his home and his daughter once again. Currently he can be seen spending a lot more time within the city of Dalaran.


Aurion Dawntreader -- Matiff blood brother and one of his most trusted friends on Azeroth, also the godfather and uncle to Mat's children. They met shortly after Matiff's exorcism and were quick friends, frequently dueling one another to test each other's skills. The relationship Mat shares with Aurion is one that Matiff refuses to forsake, instead backing and supporting his friend any way he can. Aurion, eventually, asked Matiff to join his order, The Lion Ascending, as one of their advisors in magic, as well as their head engineer, to which Mat accepted the offer.

Bryndlee Hawthorne -- One of the few Harvest Witches within the Magus Senate of Dalaran, Matiff is responsible for her joining the Senate. Having moved onto the estate, Mat and Bryn now live together with her son and his daughter. Their relationship quickly forming as the two now are a couple that seem perfectly happy with one another. Each supporting the other in their own individual goals and dreams. Mat ended up proposing, to which Bryn accepted. They eventually tied the knot, finally, and were married in Gilneas before friends and family. The marriage was short-lived and resulted in a clean divorce between the two.

Feleina Naylor-Durthan -- The first wife, and love, of Matiff. The two were married for some time, having been friends longer than any of his other friends. Mother to Mat's first two children, their marriage was declared invalid after the relationship fell apart, despite all they had been through. With Feleina's death, and then rebirth, things did not go well for the couple. Mat never saw Feleina after that day, although wishes otherwise. The man keeps a portrait of the woman above his fireplace, for the sake of their children, and to remind himself of everything they had gone through.

Dilan Ravenshield -- One of his other most trusted friends, Dilan and Matiff's relationship was tested when Dilan confronted a nearly corrupted Mat and came close to losing his life to Mat. But due to his sacrifices and their friendship, he was able to pull Mat from his darkness. The two still are great friends to this day, Dilan even becoming the godparents to Matiff's children.

Akirie Starfall -- A former member of the Magus Senate of Dalaran, the young Quel'Dorei and Mat formed a relationship rather quickly, something that surprised them both. Having had similar falling out with loved ones, the two have almost become inseparable and tend to spend much time in each other's company. However, the relationship did not last much beyond Akirie leaving the Magus Senate to join the Highguard. That being said, the two still maintain a friendship with one another.

Ramallen Shadesbough -- The Detective and Matiff worked hand in hand during Shazia's Plague, working together to bring an end to it. Since then the two have found a respectful friendship, each willing to aid the other. Ramallen even fought along side Mat during the Kalimdor Campaign against the former Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream.

Raistlinn Greywhisper -- A fellow Ascendant, Raistlinn was the one who gave Mat the idea to go after ascendancy. Having known each other since his days as a Warlock, Raistlinn was one of the few people who took Mat for the good man he was, and not for whatever power he wielded at the time. In time, Matiff adopted Raistlinn into the Durthan family as his honorary brother, so that he always had family he could fall back on when needed. It was Raistlinn who delivered one of Matiff's children, a son he had with Khesa Shadoweaver.

Lord Gehlnarine Liridian -- Despite Gehlnarine being the one responsible for Matiff being accused of as a spy for the Silver Hand, the two have mended things. Even becoming friends after time passed. With Gehlnarine being the Minister of Justice for the Senate, Matiff worked directly underneath him for a time. Since then the friendship has had its up and downs, but has resulted in Gehlnarine joining The Lion Ascending, this time working under Matiff within the Eye. Liridian ended up rejoining the Magus Senate, but is still working with the Lion's and under Matiff in the Eye.

Farel Arc -- A former student of Matiff's, Mat has grown to respect the young mage. Taking him under his wing in the studies of elemental magics and the topic of ascendancy until the young man reached his goal of becoming one. Now, Mat views Farel as an equal, and a dear friend who shares his love and understanding of advanced engineering. The two frequently work on engineering projects with one another, especially since Farel is also a member of PRISM. Lately the two worked together to create a massive airship using the most cutting edge technology the two could create. The airship, dubbed the ACS Aegis, was completed during the Legion's initial invasion of Kalimdor following the events in Draenor.

Cute Khesa and Mat.jpg

Mage-Commander Vanidicus Alexander -- As a former member of the Battlemage Corps of Dalaran, Matiff was led by Commander Vanidicus. Throughout his time in the Senate, Mat has developed a military respect to the Mage-Commander. Even after his forced retirement from the Senate Matiff maintained a level of respect for the Mage-Commander which persists to present times.

Khesa Shadoweaver -- A comrade in the Lion Ascending, Matiff and Khesa hit it off quickly with friendship as the two shared a love of drinking and going down to the brawl club down in the Deeprun Tram. Matiff holds high respect for the Quel'Dorei, despite everything they know of each other, and happily serves at her side. Romantic feelings towards her exist, but nothing has been down about it besides light flirting. After finding out that Khesa spent her nights sleeping in tavern, Mat refused to let a comrade not have a place to sleep and offered her a room within the Durthan Estate. The relationship blossomed beautifully. Khesa taking on the role of mother for Mat's daughter, Saiya, as the young child continued to ask the two to give her a sibling and ask for them to get married. Matiff ended up proposing to Khesa at the end of the Tournament of Ages, to which the answer was yes. The couple was married on the 31st of July at a small pavilion in Quel'Thalas in front of family and friends. Khesa gave birth to their first child together on the 13th of November, a son they named Phoenix Durthan. Since then the couple have grown distant from one another, leaving Matiff unsure of things until finally they ended up separating.

Sapphoria Maxwell - A member of The Lion Ascending, Sapphoria joined the house Matiff leads, the Eye. As an engineer, her and Mat quickly formed a friendship that was originally based off of a mutual interest. However, the friendship grew as the two worked closely with one another, bouncing ideas off one another and constantly joking around. It soon became clear to Mat that Sapph was a capable woman and had his back on more than one occasion. He named her as his second-in-command within the Eye, eventually employing her within his own business, Aether, and continues to work and rely on her as a friend and as her mentor. To this day, the two are some of the closest of friends, despite the fact that Mat sees her as a little sister. The two can typically be seen giving each other all sorts of shit. Since the Lion Ascending fell apart Matiff hasn't seen Sapphoria.

Fun Facts

-Matiff has a dislike of animal native to Azeroth, and they tend to dislike him. The number of times he's been kicked by horses, chased by chickens, divebombed by birds is beyond counting.

-Mat, for some reason, does not like coffee, but he absolutely enjoys tea in its place when he's not getting drunk off of his favored beverage, the Sulfuron Slammer.

-Recent times has proved that Mat has an absolute fear of needles and refers to them as 'miniature swords'.

-After an incident with the Magus Senate, Matiff has grown completely paranoid about being watched and spied upon. He does his best to hide his paranoia.

-Matiff can read, write, understand, and speak four language outside of the Common tongue. They are Thalassian, Darnassian, Kalimag, and the Demonic tongue.

-Playing the piano is something Mat does when he's home, and typically for family and close friends, he rarely does it for others. He's been known to show a mastery over the playing of the keys.

-Due to being a single parent from time to time, Matiff spent a lot of time learning to cook. He's now extremely proficient in everything that goes into the art of cooking. He can sometimes be seen listening to Chef Breel at the Gnightly Gnews at Gnine in Stormwind for new recipes.


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