Mechagon Island is an island near Kul Tiras and home to the Mechagnomes of Mechagon City. A subject of legend - and sometimes disregarded as a myth - among Gnomes, Mechagon as a civilization is named for its ruler, King Mechagon. As a society, the Mechagnomes of Mechagon prized Mechanization, earning the replacement of limbs with mechanical devices, which was considered a sign of status.

During the Fourth War, the knowledge of Mechagon was discovered by Gnomes, as well as Goblins, in search of clues within Tiragarde Sound. Mechagon became the battlefield of a civil war due to King Mechagon's passionate hatred for all beings afflicted by the Curse of Flesh and the desire to mechanize all life. He was contested by his son, Prince Erazmin, advocating for a balance between mechanization and retaining mortal individuality.

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