The process of mechanization to replace an arm with a robotic prosthesis.

Mechanization is the act of replacing limbs, appendages, or organs of the body with robotic substitutes, or even the full conversion of a body into a robotic state. The science of mechanization is not unique to a given culture, but it is most well-known among Gnomes, especially with the recent discovery of Mechagon.

It is assumed that Gnomes are not the only ones to practice mechanization, as the Mo'arg of the Burning Legion are known to replace parts of their body with machinery and technological weapons. However, the concept of mechanization became well-known during the campaign into Northrend where Gnomes first encountered the Mechagnomes native to the continent, led by Gearmaster Mechazod. Mechazod reversed the Curse of Flesh in Gnomes, transforming them into mechanical beings.

The concept of mechanization was even more pronounced in the legendary civilization of Mechagon, where mechanization was often a reward for Gnomes, and a mainstream undertaking in their culture. Unlike the means of Mechazod, mechanization was a surgical process. However, the process of mechanization was extremely painful as it used no anesthesia, though this was dismissed by King Mechagon was temporary in the face of the net value of prolonged lifespans.

It eventually became a similar threat once again when King Mechagon held a similar resentment for the Curse of Flesh as Mechazod. Developing a device known as the Mechoriginator, he planned to carry out a global mechanization that would eradicate the Curse of Flesh and transform all life on the planet into machinery.

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