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Melita de'Vyedor


Humanfemicon.png Human




Outrider Commander (former)

Current Affiliations

BlackBannerTruthfulIcon.png Black Banner Truthful
TruthfulIcon2.png Army of the Truthful

Former Affiliations

AltScarletIcon2.png Scarlet Onslaught
Scarletnewfire.png Scarlet Crusade
Alteracbordericonfull.png Syndicate





Melita de'Vyedor is a veteran crusader hailing from the Alteraci village of Allsbrad. She has spent over a decade in the service of various arms of the Scarlet Crusade, and is believed to now be affiliated with the Army of the Truthful.


Alteraci by birth, Melita de'Vyedor was born late in the Second War, soon after the kingdom's subjugation by the Alliance of Lordaeron. Despite despising the Alteraci monarchy for siding with the Orcish invaders, she also did not care for the Lordaeronian occupation of her homeland, and had become something of a nationalist rabble-rouser by the Third War. This, of course, came to a screeching halt with the Plague of Undeath. Flitting in and out of the ranks of the Syndicate, she ultimately abandoned them in favor of the Scarlet Crusade when it became clear that the Syndicate's goal was to put a Perenolde back on the throne at any cost. While not particularly pious, her skill as a guerrilla fighter and courier in Scourge-occupied territory allowed this fact to be largely overlooked so long as she went through the motions.

It is for precisely the same reason that she was selected to accompany the Onslaught. After Sir Efrem the Faithful disappeared in Icecrown with the bulk of the Outriders, Melita, then only in her early 20s, was placed in charge of the surviving Outriders in New Hearthglen, a role she maintained through many waves of religious revivalism and conversion simply due to her outstanding usefulness. She ostensibly converted to Truth in 34 LC, though it is debatable how sincere this conversion originally was. She was present at a meeting of New Hearthglen Onslaught leadership that resulted in the deaths of many attendees; however, her body was never recovered, and she is believed to have survived and gone on to help found the terror cell known as the Black Banner Truthful.