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Memorandum Keep
Memorandum, more commonly referred to as the Scarlet Ramparts.




Revicon.png Jvalka Reverus
KatherineIcon.png Katherine Pike
Laurenaicon.png Laurena Holcomb


Silverpine Forest



Memorandum is a fortress nestled in the Western hills of the Silverpine Forest. Up until the Shattering, it housed the majority of the Hand of the Unblinded; an elite cult-like sect of the Scarlet Crusade. It was notable for being possibly the only Scarlet settlement in Silverpine, the Keep's inhabitants striking out against the cursed Worgen and Forsaken alike.

Following the Scarlet Crusade's heavy losses leading up to the Shattering, the Keep's precarious location has lead it to be mostly uninvestigated and untouched by Horde forces and curious adventurers alike.

During the Blood War, Truthful forces were spotted close to Memorandum's borders.


Memorandum has been nestled in the Silverpine Hills for many years, well and long before the Unblinded laid claim to the fortress. Its yawning catacombs defy practical use, suggesting that its depths were carved out by a mad architect, or perhaps something worse.

After the Pyrebane Upheaval, Inquisitor Laurena Holcomb had begun to relocate her base of operations, allocating the Purifiers deep within Memorandum's forbidding labyrinth.