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Menethil Harbor
Menethil Harbor prior to the flood.


Council of Menethil Harbor
Captain Stoutfist (Military Leader)


Western Wetlands


Grand Alliance
Alliance of Lordaeron (Former)
Ironforge Navy
Stormwind Navy
Kingdom of Ironforge
Kingdom of Stormwind


Damaged (Healthy)

Menethil Harbor is an Alliance Naval base on the western coast of the Wetlands. Over the course of its existence it has grown into a booming port town of trade and commerce that has brought prosperity to the Kingdom of Ironforge.

It was damaged during the Cataclysm, in which it was partially flooded. The Maiden's Virtue was sunk and the keep was damaged. In the chaos, a band of insane Dark Iron dwarves led by Horghast Flamecrazed attacked the town and holed themselves in the damaged keep.

The Dark Iron cultists have since been driven from the keep. The Stormwind Navy and Ironforge Navy maintain joint use of the port as a naval base in the Eastern Kingdoms.

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