Dame Meriliah Forger the Swift


Sergeant of the First Regiment
Knight of the Brotherhood of the Horse
Ex-Paladin Knight of Saint Isaac
Previous Leader of the Order of Saint Isaac

Date of Birth

13 March 17 LC


Stormwind Army
Brotherhood of the Horse



Immediate Relatives

Ariana Forger (adoptive mother - Deceased)
Roland Forger (father - Deceased)

Other Relationships

Mairaed O'Callaghan - Former Paladin Knight Master
Elevaan Greywald - Former Brotherhood Knight Master</br>
Sebastian Blake - Practically her brother

Meriliah Forger is a half-elf who once served as a Sergeant within the First Regiment. She's been with the First since the age of fifteen, where she initially served as Mairaed Montclair's (then O'Callaghan) squire. She briefly served in the Order of Saint Isaac, left the Order to pursue a new path within the Brotherhood of the Horse, squiring under Sir Elevaan Greywald. She was knighted again on December 22, 34 LC, earning the title the Swift. She has since left the Regiment and has been working as a mercenary since.


Meriliah is fair enough to look upon. She has a youthful face with sad, dainty features that she touches up ever so slightly with makeup whenever she has time. She has small, mossy green eyes. They appear human enough, boasting only a hint of a glow whenever she wields the Light thanks to her half-elf heritage.

The only thing she really takes time with is her hair. She uses a number of potions and products to keep her hair long, shiny, and healthy. Currently it is silver (her potions often have side-effects and different colors is one of them), cut to about her shoulders.

Meriliah stands at a fairly average 5’6” with a slightly curvy form. She has a decent bit of muscle and likes to flaunt her arms by flexing at her friends and superiors. She takes a lot of pride in her agility and strength, often climbing up nearby buildings, trees, walls…basically anything she can.

More often than not she wears her armor. She has started wearing dresses, but she often complains about how impractical they are. She always has a ribbon in her hair.


Meriliah is generally a friendly individual just looking to make others happy be it through sharing candy or saving their hides from who knows what. Her age allows her some innocence, although frankly she is overly innocent at times, even if she likes to pretend she's worldly. Meriliah is rather stubborn when it comes to things she's passionate about and can be rather foolish when it comes to picking her battles. She's generally logical and fairly knowledgeable, but all that goes out the window when one of her friends is in trouble.

Meriliah lacks self confidence, but tends to hide her feelings behind a mask...literally. She plays tough and jokes around rather than expressing her discomfort.

Since leaving the Order of Saint Isaac and joining the Brotherhood of the Horse, she has become a ruthless fighter, giving her enemies quick, but brutal ends. She has gotten worse since her capture during the Rebellion, time in Draenor, and leaving the Regiment. It's not something she will casually admit to and most of her friends turn their gaze from it. It gives her nightmares.


Early Life and Joining the RegimentEdit

Meriliah Forger came to Stormwind at the age of fifteen after her home of Theramore was destroyed. She was recruited by the Dame Theodora Ke'tar and soon after went to serve as the squire to Dame Mairaed Montclair. It took her a long time to stop calling herself a 'coward', and even longer to grow into her own skin. However, being around her fellow soldiers and her slowly budding skills as a warrior and healer helped to bring her into her own.

The Order of Saint Isaac

Over the next year Meri eventually went on to join the Order of Saint Isaac at the suggestion of Dame Mairaed. She was an aspirant under Andraste Tygen, where she trained as a paladin. At the time, she did well. She was a powerful healer and seemed inclined to follow the Light as it was taught by the church. She was eventually knighted and given the title, 'The Brave'. Shortly after she took up the mantle of 'Ordinary' within the Order after Andraste Tygen was forced to retire. It led to a rocky few months as Meri tried to get some organization within the Order, which caused her more than a little distress. She was able to lead a few aspirants to knighthood, though both left the Order after a short time.

Meri's ChoiceEdit

During the next few campaigns, Meriliah worked to balance her duties as Ordinary with the demands of being a solider. As time went on, she became more and more conflicted. She often felt as if she was merely acting as she was supposed to, based on the Virtues and teachings of the Light, not how she really wanted to. This eventually led to her being temporarily tainted by a sha during the Regiment's campaign in Pandaria and subsequently caused her to lose contact with the Light, making it impossible for her to heal for the duration of the campaign, as well as during most of the next campaign.

Eventually, Meri was able to realize that the conflict came from within, and she decided to resign as Ordinary and gave up her title as a Paladin Knight of Saint Isaac as well.

It was then that she decided to join the Brotherhood of the Horse, where she began squiring under Sir Elevaan Greywald.

The Iron Horde Invasion and Meriliah's Second Knighting Edit

Like the rest of the Regiment, Meriliah was at the portal helping to defend Azeroth and to fight back the Iron Horde. It was a long, grueling battle, one that she made it out of with minimal injuries, although she did sleep often afterwards to recover her strength.

In spite of the constant fighting and the seriousness of the situation, Meriliah found Draenor to be beautiful. She loved the land and in particular the night skies. In her heart she felt deeply saddened to know that this was the world that Outlands once was.

During her time in Draenor, Meriliah was knighted a second time, this time within the Brotherhood of the Horse. On an overlook in Gorgrond, Meriliah swore an oath to the Brotherhood and was knighted by Duke Maxen Montclair. Upon swearing her oath she was given a new set of armor and a new blade, dubbed 'Shimmerfang' by the Duke. This, along with full ownership of her mare, Holly, made the evening one of the best she'd had in a long time.

Life Alone Edit

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  • She always has food on her. Always. Just ask. She'll share.

  • She likes to experiment with potions, although she is terrible at brewing them herself.

  • Her title, "Child of the Light", was given to her by another player during the Battle for Dalaran after she helped to heal a number of mages, prior to having competent training in the Light. It was after this that her training began in earnest, with Mairaed Montclair teaching her.

  • Her last name was a pun on her parent's professions--blacksmithing and scribing. A blacksmith forges armor. A scribe forges documents.

  • Her personality was inspired by a mix of Lirael from the Abhorson Trilogy, Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, Alanna the Lioness from Song of the Lioness, and Sasha from Attack on Titan.