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Might of Thoradin
Might of Thoradin.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stromgarde


Bravery Decoration


All Stromgarde Military personnel

Awarded For

Gallantry and honour in the field of battle.




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

None (Stromgarde)
Medallion of the Alliance (Alliance)

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Stromic Cross

The Might of Thoradin is the highest military award in the Kingdom of Stromgarde. It is granted for exceptional and unchallenged honor and service to the Kingdom of Stromgarde. As such, it serves as the kingdom's highest gallantry award.

The military honour has been instituted since around 900 P.C. and remains one of the Kingdom's most recognizable medals.

Unlike other notable awards, it is actually worn around the neck and rarely in a vertical riband mounting style (such as seen with the Cross of Llane).


Any Stromgarde Military personnel may be nominated for the medal - usually through dispatches, or by nomination by peers. The award is generally presented by a member of the Trollbane royal house, though since the fall of the Kingdom this has generally fallen to high-ranking military officials. The criteria include one or more of the following:

  • While on the field of battle, the individual has fought bravely above and beyond expectations.
  • The soldier saved the lives of others while under extreme danger or circumstance.
  • Has died in a particularly conspicuous manner in defence of the kingdom.
  • The individual has fought bravely and distinguished themselves bravely by leading forces to battle in extraordinary circumstances.


Below are some notable recipients who received the Might of Thoradin for heroic actions in service to the Kingdom of Stromgarde. Note that this list may not represent all recipients.

First War

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Second War

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Grand Alliance