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Miles Avery, 1st Baron of Redpointe
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Verdun County








Marshal of the Grand Alliance


The Oathbreaker
The Keen
Marshal of the Grand Alliance
Baron of Redpointe (Formerly, Title Stripped)


The Grand Alliance
The Kingdom of Stormwind
The Order of Everstill (Formerly, Banished)
Stormwind Army
The Ninth Echelon (Formerly)
Stormwind Peerage




Shaped by the war-torn world he was born into, Miles Avery has developed a lifestyle that suits both his interests and obligations. Fortunate circumstances permitted knighthood for the young Miles, who has since excelled under his liege-lord's employ. Fashioning himself a great warrior and loyal servant, he acts in accordance with the will of his liege, exemplifying the traits expected of a noble knight. Miles expects the best from his people and promotes order in the realm at all costs. 

After sixteen years of excellent Military service, Miles was promoted to the rank of Marshal and later ennobled by the Count of Everstill, Braxton Verdun. 

Shortly after the defeat of the Burning Legion on Argus, Miles succumbed to a hereditary illness and passed. 

House Avery

House Avery Heraldry

The Avery family has long been loyal to the County of Everstill, and considered the premier bannermen of the Verdun family. House Avery was established shortly after the conflict in Pandaria, when Sir Miles Avery was given land by the Verdun family for excellent military service.

While House Avery was once given land by the Verdun lineage for their military service, upon Miles' passing, it was discovered that over his many years of service, Miles Avery had begun harboring ill-will against his Lord, even going so far as to plan a coup with the rest of his House. Luckily, the disgraced knight passed before the plan came to fruition; however, upon learning of his dastardly plans, the heir of House Verdun, Grand Marshal Alexander Verdun, stripped the House of their lands and titles, as well as physically branded each of the remaining members of the house on the back. Forever marking them as oathbreakers. While his sister was originally offered a position in the Order of the Knights of Everstill as a token of respect for his service, she was quickly expelled from the Order and branded alongside the rest of her family. One of only three people to have been banished from the brotherhood.