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Nemond Eastmirror, Samael Undercomb, Abelinde Hart, and Elise Labelle investigate Mirstone.

The Mirstone Hunt is an ongoing series of events occurring as consequence to the event of the Mirstone Massacre. Following a string of deaths across the Eastern Kingdoms caused by rogue undead and the information from a mysterious contact, an unlikely union seeks to bring about justice - or vengeance - for the fallen.


The Westfall Homicide

During a conflict in Vashj'ir between the Alliance and the Horde to claim a source of Azerite, the San'layn Valythra Bloodmoon partook in the battles only to be cast aside by quakes that threw the marine battlefield into a torrential storm. Washing up on the coast of Westfall, she instinctively called to her mentors for aid as she lapsed into an inanimate state. The only person to arrive and assess Valythra's condition was Kora Deathwhisper, who helped Valythra to recover through the slaughter of four local thugs.

The mysterious deaths did not happen quietly, however. The peculiar circumstances immediately caught the attention of Abelinde Hart, an independent monster hunter who had already been in the region. Simultaenously, Samael Undercomb III received information from his contact, Kaina, that bade him to investigate as well. The two paladins finally crossed paths upon the bridge leading out from the Westbrook garrison. Soon acquainted with one another and aware of their common purpose, Abelinde and Samael joined their efforts to resolve the case they came to address.

Interrogation of the homeless in the Furlbrow farm revealed that the four who had been killed were buried not far from the farm. Digging up their corpses, Samael and Abelinde found that the corpses had either been drained of their blood or riddled with rot and pestilence, inflicted by unholy magics and disease. The two cleansed the grave and followed the trail of dark magics that lingered in the air, only to be delivered to Moonbrook, and a dead end.

With no other direction to take on their own, Samael suggested that it would be best for the pair of them to meet with Kaina once more and continue their hunt with her aid. Agreed in their mission, the two paladins set out to Kaina's last known location, in the human town of Mirstone.

The Grimsbane Advance

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Gerard Grimsbane defeats Samael Undercomb.

The pair of paladins traveled by gryphon to the Hillsbrad Foothills. They were alarmed to find more than the human town they were promised, instead being met with a raging battle. Mirstone, the town in question, had already been reduced to naught but rubble and ash, and yet it was still strongly contested. The powers vying for control over the town were split between the fell warlocks of the Grimsbane Coven and the fanatical worgen of the Children of the Brook. Among the Children's numbers was Sanalellah Sunbringer, the sole holy power in the conflict.

Spotting the paladin the battle, Samael and Abelinde swiftly moved to join her in the conflict, battling against demon and worgen alike before the master of the Coven, Gerard Grimsbane, single-handedly called down an infernal from the clouds above. The infernal seared the flesh of the worgen and pummeled those who opposed it, inevitably forcing their retreat. As the warlocks withdrew into Alterac, the only entities remaining were Abelinde, Samael, the infernal, and Gerard himself.

Samael and Abelinde combined their efforts into destroying the infernal, only to find that the rest of the warlocks had abandoned the fight. They moved to dispatch Grimsbane, only for the warlock to effortlessly neutralize them by striking Abelinde with unnatural fright and terror, and dueling with Samael only for a moment. Sidestepping all of Samael's strikes, Grimsbane struck Samael with a Bane of Doom, which stopped the paladin's heart and briefly killed him outright.

Abelinde was able to resuscitate Samael, and the pair found themselves seemingly abandoned in Mirstone. Defeated and fatigued, the pair took it upon themselves to search Mirstone for clues, and perhaps a temporary respite from their battle. Unbeknownst to them, they were not the only people to have taken interest in the raging conflict.

A Scarlet Reunion

With both Gerard and the Grimsbane Coven dealt with and gone, both Abelinde and Samael set to investigating the ruined town for clues to the identities of the culprits of the massacre and the Westfall murders. The two searched the town, finding evidence of the battle before the Coven. Several raised dead lay scattered amidst the ruined town, some tore apart by claws, some with the flesh of worgen still stuck between their teeth and several spots of unholy and holy magics, mostly in the northern part of town. While the two searched, Abelinde discovered a totem carved in the likeness of a female worgen, decorated with colorful beads and feathers, like a pagan shrine.

Abelinde and Samael are met by Elise and Nemond.

Samael expressed disgust at the sight, turning Abelinde's attention to the clues of battle. Pointing out the damage from unholy magics in the schools of blood, unholy and frost, Samael and Abelinde deduced that Kaina was correct in assuming that the two were quite similar. However, while investigating some unnatural looking spots of blood upon the earth, the two were approached by two shadowy figures, who revealed themselves to be Scarlets after a short, tense exchange. Introducing themselves as Elise Labelle and "Rabbit", the two prodded Samael and Abelinde on their reasoning being here and despite the tension between the two groups, the four humans agreed to a truce in the name of finding the culprits of the Mirstone Massacre.

After a moment of dialogue between the two, Elisa tapped into the leylines in order to sense what magics had been used within the town. Picking out the signature of necromancy, frost, blood and death magics, and even further underneath it all, the holy light. Samael asked if Elisa would be able to trace the magics to an owner, or even a signature, to which she agreed with the condition it would take time to do so. Agreeing, Samael began to dole out orders. Sending Nemond to hunt for dinner, Abelinde for a place to call home, Elisa to continue doing her research and for him to keep watch, the group resigned to rest for the night and begin again in the morning.

The next morning was one of overcast skies and the dreary, melancholy vibes of Mirstone. Awakening to find the others already awake and busy searching for clues, Samael stepped from the house to greet them. Realizing that Elise had still not returned from her research of the magical residues present within the ruined town, Samael destined that it was best for them to continue on with their work and worry about Elise and her findings later. As the Knight approached Abelinde, they found themselves joined by Nemond.

The conversation took an intense, awkward direction, with some debate over the direction of their quest. Abelinde asserted that a foothold needed to be established to deal with the Coven, the Children, and their main quarry all in one journey. Samael disputed that Mirstone, in its corrupt state, was ill-suited to serve such a purpose, and instead suggested seeking to establish themselves in a distant fishing village beyond the Greymane Wall. Cautious against a possible Worgen presence, Abelinde suggested the acquisition of Wolfsbane, prompting Nemond to offer the suggestion of a visit to Memorandum, where such an item was sure to be stockpiled.

Before the conversation could conclude, the three were swiftly interrupted by a blinding light from the east.

A Brush with the Children

The crusaders prepare to act against the unholy threat.

Prompting them to investigate, the three sprinted to the eastern part of the town's ruined wall to survey what was happening. Realizing that the magic was that of an unholy origin, and that it most likely belonged to the culprit(s) of the Mirstone Massacre, the three charged in to meet them head on. Managing to arrive just moments before the Death Knight culprit entered the Death Gate, the three were met with the disappointment of being much too late. Resigning to clean the corruption from the area, Abelinde was cautioned by Samael to at least leave some trace of the unholy magic for Elise to track. However, the three were interrupted by a cacophony of howls coming from the northwest, most likely stirred up by the sudden explosion of unholy magic just moments prior.

Determining there would be a fight, the trio readied themselves for a fight as worgen burst from the tree lines. Three worgen attacked them from the front, and two from behind, leaving the brunt of the attack to Samael to defend against. The two behind were quickly dispatched by Abelinde and Nemond, while one was killed by Samael and the two remaining pounced on Samael, driving him into the mud and rendering him completely unable to fight back, left to only defend. Thanks to Nemond's quick reaction, the second worgen was brutally removed from Samael's back, leaving the last one alive. Working as a team, Abelinde and Nemond both worked to remove the last worgen from Samael with a series of brutal cuts and stabs, allowing the Knight to regain his footing and end the worgen with a strike from his flanged mace.

A momentary effort to cleanse the taint from the land.

Realizing that it would be folly for them to remain, Samael picked up Nemond and set him on his feet. The three agreed that it was time for them to move, and that they would seek Elise on the way out of town. As they ran, they noticed a lone worgen carrying an unconscious woman from a nearby house. Thinking nothing of it, they continued on their way towards Memorandum Keep, as suggested by Nemond.