Monarchy of Stormwind
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Absolute Monarchy


0 K.C.




King Anduin
August 9, 626

Heir Apparent



His/Her Majesty


Stormwind Keep, Stormwind City

The Kingdom of Stormwind
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The monarchy of Stormwind is the absolute hereditary monarchy of the Kingdom of Stormwind. The monarch bears the title of "King" or "Queen" and holds absolute power within the kingdom, headings its government, departments, and armed forces. The current monarch is King Anduin Llane Wrynn.

The monarchy is hereditary, but has seen regent-lords in the past to rule in place of the sovereign.

The House of Wrynn has historically held the Stormwindian monarchy after its first member, King Logan I, proclaimed the Kingdom of Stormwind's statehood after rebelling from the crumbling Empire of Arathor during the War for Stormwind's Independence.

While not inherent to the throne, all (two) High Kings of the Grand Alliance have been the King of Stormwind; additionally, the founder and only leader of its predecessor, the Alliance of Lordaeron, was regent-lord of Stormwind. As such, the monarchy has had an increasing influence as a representative of all of civilized humanity with the fall or disarray of most of the original Seven Human Kingdoms.

Titles and Styles Edit

The monarch goes by a number of styles, but presently the most common ones are (naturally, "his" and "king" are replaced with "her" and "queen" in the event of a female sovereign):

  • King X (Wrynn)
  • His Majesty the King (of Stormwind)
  • His Majesty, King X (Wrynn) (of Stormwind)
  • His Majesty X (Wrynn), King of Stormwind, High King of the Grand Alliance

Monarchs of Stormwind Edit


Anduin, present King of Stormwind

There have been nineteen monarchs of Stormwind since the foundation of the independent realm over 600 years ago. There have been two regents to rule in place of a young heir, thus making there twenty-one past and present rulers of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Age Monarch House Coronation Death
Consolidation of the Realm Logan I Wrynn 0 K.C 48 K.C
Daniel 48 K.C 83 K.C
Adam 83 K.C 92 K.C
Thomas I 92 K.C 125 K.C
10 Years' Strife Samson 125 K.C 150 K.C
Age of Plenty Thomas II 150 K.C 183 K.C
Adamant I 183 K.C 239 K.C
James 239 K.C 261 K.C
Logan II 261 K.C 302 K.C
Henry 302 K.C 349 K.C
War of the Three Hammers Charles 349 K.C 375 K.C
Age of Conquest Eadred 375 K.C 401 K.C
Adamant II 401 K.C 451 K.C
William 451 K.C 489 K.C
Age of Peace Landen 489 K.C 516 K.C
Barathen 516 K.C 571 K.C
Age of Chaos Llane 571 K.C 597 K.C


Lothar 597 K.C 598 K.C
Varian Wrynn 598 K.C 617 K.C[2]


Fordragon 617 K.C 619 K.C
Varian Wrynn 619 K.C 626 K.C
Age of Mortals Anduin 626 K.C Present

Notes Edit

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  2. Taken captive, presumed dead
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