Moonsteel Ingots.

Moonsteel is a strange type of metal having been used by the people of the Kingdom of Gilneas for quite some time. Prior to the fall of the Greymane Wall, the only town that continued to produce these strange metal bars was Pyrewood Village. After the coming of the Worgen and later Arugal's take over of Shadowfang Keep, moonsteel became a rare commodity as its creation was a not well known trade skill. The House of Silverlaine was known to keep an extremely large supply of moonsteel ingots in their supply stores, and would be heroes often attempted raids on the fallen keep to find these bars for their own weapons.

Moonsteel has been shown to be far more durable than normal steel, though they share many visual traits. The only thing that truly sets moonsteel apart from normal steel is that it has a far more shiny appearance to it than normal steel would. Many craftsmen prefer to use moonsteel for decorative blades over normal steel which can lose its luster in time, though in Gilnean practice, it is used more practically as moonsteel does not dull or become worn as fast as normal steel.

With the inclusion of the Gilnean people back into the Grand Alliance, moonsteel weapons have become more refined with craftsmen familiar with it, particularly with broadswords. Its creation is linked with the addition of odd stones known as moonstones during the smelting process, which can be found in various regions of Azeroth and in high frequency in the Gilnean area. Due to Gilneas' contested state, the frequency of moonstones has barely risen.

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