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Undertaker Mordo
Mordo Shadow Grave.png
Mordo greeting a newly awakened corpse within the Shadow Grave.


Undead Human




Undertaker of the Deathknell Crypts



"About time you woke up. We were ready to toss you into the fire with the others, but it looks like you made it."

Undertaker Mordo is a caretaker and guide for newly revived Forsaken in Deathknell. Often the first face the Forsaken see, his skills range anywhere from surgically repairing bodyparts, to psychiatric assistance, to bludgeoning unruly recruits to death.


The duties of Forsaken undertakers far exceed those of conventional type. The Forsaken of Lordaeron quickly realized that the newly undead often find their first few moments of unlife to be rather frightening. Thus, Sylvanas gathered a number of specialized therapists and physicians to make the transition a little smoother. Mordo was charged by the Banshee Queen to oversee Deathknell. A mortician in life, Mordo was more than capable of this task.

Mordo's job was not limited to helping initiates cope. Some prospects, such as ghouls, had difficulty refraining from devouring the more docile undead. Mordo was able to condition some into being slightly more tolerable.

In addition, many of the undead were suffered from major deterioration. Although cosmetics were of little concern, Mordo was able to repair much of the damage, replacing vital parts such as jaws and even hands.

The Shadow Grave in Deathknell housed hundreds of captive undead, who appeared to be regaining their will from the Lich King. The selection of said prospects wasn't impeccable, and many had to be slain and disposed of. However, due to Mordo's expertise, Deathknell quickly became a popular location send captives for transition.

Following the defeat of the Lich King, Deathknell also became home to a number of mighty Val'kyr, who were able to raise intelligent undead from corpses en masse. Mordo became extremely busy during the Forsaken's conquest of the Eastern Kingdoms, as massive amounts of bodies were brought to him.