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Baron Morsteth Blightreek, also known as B.B, or Drabatulúk in Shath'yar, is the Baron of Grim Gest, True heir to the fallen Kingdom of Tirodor, Wielder of Legendary Sword of Orman of Stromgarde and Harbinger of Void's will.

Morsteth is infamous for his ruthlessness in battle, commanding the forces of the Horde to victory through the most grim ways, and his devotion towards the Shadow.

Early life

Morsteth was born in the Hillbarad Keep, in the City of Sinam Lugrom, on the large island of Tirodor. Upon his birth, it was prophesied that no living being can ever kill this Child, so long as he stands. Due to having a special hue in his eyes, as well as a sharp, large nose, he was granted the surname of Lightbeak, as it was a tradition in Tirodor to grant the surname of children with something related to their appearance.

Even young, Morsteth had a strong body, and trained as a mighty Warrior under guidance of his Brother, Prince Brosteth Bitebleak. Brosteth was a good Brother to his Morsteth, teaching him all of his skills.

Morsteth's youth went well, until when he was Fifteen years old. The villain of every Tirodorian story, an enormous kraken named Felkror, had risen from the depths after Milennia. Felkror began to cause chaos around all of Tirador, earthquakes happening, all of the land Shattered and finally sank beneath the Sea, with all of its people, including Morsteth.

Morsteth was drowning, until he heard a voice in the depth of Sea... A Dark, Grim voice... The Voice told him "You have nowhere to run, little Prince... This shall be your end, as it was your Kingdom's... Only i, can save you... Receive what lies before you, and you'll live to see another day..."

Morsteth seen a ring before him. A black ring with red engravings. Without hesitation, he wielded it to save himself. Then he felt nothing, gone unconcious.

The Survival

Some time later, Morsteth awakes at a shore, with the ring still in his finger. He recognized the land, it was Lordaeron, and he could've seen Southshore in distance...

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