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The Mountain Guard
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Succeeded by

The Dwarven Vanguard


Thane Grungnir Orcbane


Kingdom of Ironforge
Grand Alliance



The Mountain Guard was an organization comprised solely of Dwarves that was charged with the defense of the Kingdom of Ironforge. Despite its fame as a robust and well-travelled military unit, the Mountain Guard was most famously known for its Invasion of Shadowforge City that resulted in the rescue of Princess Moira Bronzebeard from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.

After having served the Mountain for over three centuries, the Mountain Guard was bestowed a great honor. They were charged with the safeguarding of King Magni Bronzebeard for an eternity. The petrified corpse of the former king will forever be watched by a cadre of elite dwarven soldiers - The Mountain Guard.

The Mountain Guard has reformed and is now known as The Dwarven Vanguard.