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Crushridge Clan
Stonemaul Clan (formerly)
Forsaken (Mind Controlled, formerly)



Mug'thol is the chieftain and warlord of the Crushridge Clan of Ogres. A brutal warlord and founder of his clan, Mug'thol has held sway over his Ogres since the time of the Third War. Numerous attempts on his life have left him a shrewd and cautious Chieftain, but unwavering in his determination to hold power over the Alterac Mountains.


Formerly a member of the Stonemaul Clan during the time of the Second War, Mug'thol remained in the Eastern Kingdoms following the Stonemaul's exodus to Kalimdor. With a sizable portion of the clan, Mug'thol's forces, now known as the Crushridge Clan, were found by the Dark Ranger Sylvanas Windrunner in the Eastern Plaguelands in the later stages of the Third War. Becoming easily mind-controlled by the banshee, Mug'thol's clan served the Forsaken for a time, fighting alongside the fledgling guerrilla force in their conquest of the Tirisfal Glades.

Some time after the end of the Third War and the Forsaken's securing of power in Tirisfal, Mug'thol and his clan were sent to the Alterac Mountains to retrieve an artifact known as the Crown of Will. However, Mug'thol placed the Crown on his own head and freed himself from the Banshee Queen's control. With control over his clan now back in his hands, Mug'thol took command of his clan once more and settled them in the Alterac Mountains. Feuding with the Syndicate of Alterac and their Argus Wake allies, the Crushridge took control of the Alterac capital and swathes of the westernmost portions of the Alterac Mountain range.


  • Mug'thol has been 'killed' numerous times in various roleplay events. He is apparently very durable and is presumed to be a master of faking his own death.
  • His favored weapon is a large twin-headed axe, he is rarely seen without it in his hands.
  • Like most Crushridge, Mug'thol has a pale tannish-yellow coloration.