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Mustang Run is most easily described as place of stories; with rolling, green pastures surrounding the castle proper and miles of untamed land left to allow their practice, the House of Bexley conquered what might be an imposing land into one hospitable to both their people and the famous steeds that they bred. To those unfamiliar with the land, the terrain is easily described as treacherous.



Constructed in ages past by the founder of the family, the fortress of Greenstone that the land was built around is a formidable one, and has ensured the safety of the house despite what difficulties had befallen most of their homeland. Though neither the largest nor most intimidating, both its high walls and the solidity of its construction have ensured its strength even following its abandonment.

Built mainly with its protection in mind, Greenstone is nestled comfortably past the innards of a canyon whose mouth leads to a high, wide, and open range. This favorable placement and the narrowness of the mountain path which leads to Mustang Run has ensured its safety; though, despite that security, the by-product of its isolation also lead to difficulties that forced the House to ensure its self-dependency and self-sustainability.

Surrounding the pastures and range that the keep is built within are many cliffs and craggy falls that - though dangerous - are still passable.

Notable Features

The famous Bexley stables – in its prime – surrounded the Keep in its entirety. Operated by the family itself, the steeds produced are of a variety that live up to their storied strength, speed, and dependability. Purebred from only the strongest wild horses tamed, the Bexley steeds maintain a level of pedigree that ensure their worth.

Independent breeders and farmers granted land by the House of Bexley dot the remainder of what land is unused, with most of what they produce returned to the House itself in exchange for their livelihood and comfortable living.

Recent Developments

More recently, the House of Bexley’s current head Alexandrene Bexley has resumed efforts to establish the family’s presence in the abandoned lands. The stables have been reclaimed, the castle cleared of whatever bandits and brigands had assumed control in the family’s absence, and the establishment and reopening of the stables have begun once more.

What peasantry still reside in the land have been offered sanctuary within Greenstone’s walls, and in turn have been offered paid work and a position within the family’s help should they assist in the efforts of their rebuilding.

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