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Nagrand (Outland)

Nagrand is one of the last unscarred regions of Outland. Known for its iconic floating islands, it is easily the most habitable region left in the deteriorating planet. Some of the most prominent orc clans call Nagrand their ancestral home, such as the Burning Blade, Frostwolf, and Warsong. The region also has a special connection with the draenei, as it is the site of the Genedar (known by the orcs as Oshu'gun), a dimensional vessel created by the naaru.


Nagrand (Draenor)

The Nagrand that exists in the alternate universe takes place thirty-five years before its Outland counterpart. The Warsong Clan and Gorian Empire are the two dominant factions of the region, their respective capitals being Grommashar to the south and Highmaul to the west.