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Most Reverend Mother
Nazarath Rosewood

Art by Alena Ymhin


Lordaeronian Human


Tirisfal Glades, Lordaeron
14th May, 11 L.C.


Lector of the Church of the Holy Light
Prioress of the Council of Bishops

Director of Vocations of the Silver Hand Chapter (previously)


Alliance.png The Grand Alliance


Erolel, the Iron Lumberjack (husband)
Nathaniel Rosewood † (father)
Avalon Chamberlain † (mother)
Henry Rosewood † (brother)


Holy Light
Church of the Holy Light




Mercy is bestowed onto those who are just.

–Nazarath, Battle for Tirisfal, 40 L.C.

Mother Nazarath Rosewood is an ordained priestess of the Holy Light. Formerly from the Kingdom of Lordaeron, Nazarath gave her life to the Scripture and became a distinguished clergywoman of the Church of the Holy Light. The mother is most popularly known for her diligent work under the Stormwind Chapter of the Silver Hand. Becoming a benevolent teacher, as well as a wise advisor, the priestess stressed the Virtues within her lectures daily. Nazarath spent years priming her practice of faith within the Chapter and her skills were swiftly recognized, granting her a seat within the Court of Uther.

After witnessing politics corrupt both the Church and the Chapter, Nazarath surrendered her positions as Director of Vocations and Baroness of Highbark to retreat to Grizzly Hills with her husband, Sir Erolel the Iron Lumberjack.

After a few years in retirement, Nazarath has returned to the Eastern Kingdoms with a newfound dogma. In wake of her past, the priestess matured to realize that faith alone is unable to keep wickedness subdued. Thus, Nazarath has adopted a more pragmatic approach as a follower of the Light, which includes bloodshed if necessary.

The prioress has developed a strict and unwavering philosophy of the Light which practices scrutiny with a balance of temperance. Above all, Nazarath is known for her unfailing compassion to those in distress and need, fully knowledgeable on the limits of kindness.

History Abridged

Nazarath was born to an unwealthy family who roamed the forests of Lordaeron. Being only a child and harboring an almost naïve innocence, Nazarath lived in blissful ignorance and was content with life. Her mother, Avalon, stressed the values of the Virtues to Nazarath and her younger brother Henry daily. It was from Avalon that Nazarath developed the core values of her beliefs and chose to remain faithful to the Church of the Holy Light.

Soon, the Plague began to sweep through Tirisfal Glades, claiming an impossible number of Lordaeronian lives. Due to Nazarath's family's nomadic lifestyle, they managed to avoid centers of mass infection like the city of Lordaeron and Stratholme. However, as time progressed, her father Nathaniel soon realized that they were unable to survive on their own.

As the following years brought terrible misfortune, and Nazarath became separated from her family, she resided for some time in Ironforge, with no money and no hope for the future. It was there that she met Father Alexander Caldwell, a Northshire priest, who had heard the sorrowful tale of the young girl. He then decided to take her underneath his wing and provide her a stable life within the abbey. Father Caldwell raised Nazarath until her adulthood where she sought to look for more in life and registered for a short time in an Alliance military group. After a few months time as an enlisted 'soldier' and advisor, Nazarath realised that complete devotion to the Light was her true calling.

Young Nazarath, under the care of Father Caldwell.

The priestess became a diligent student of Bishop Lilith Sahl Olethos, shortly after being sworn to Stormwind's Silver Hand Arch-chapter, and soon became a Mother of the Church, annointed by her teacher, and bishops Niklos Adamant and Albus Hammermo. Her first move within the office of a priestess was to create St. Faol's Medical Clinic, originally only available for those of the Silver Hand Chapter, but then quickly became open for those of all orders. Nazarath has since retired from her position as its head, giving leadership for the current Head Physician. The priestess now works as an Expert of the Congregation for Sacred Texts (previously the Congregation for Ecumenism), unanimously elected by the Council of Bishops and serves Lord Tenevus Stromheart as the Silver Hand Chapter's current Director of Vocations. As the Director, she oversees most, if not, all, vocational requests towards the Silver Hand Chapter and organizes internal affairs of its active knights and clergy. Nazarath Rosewood is a generally beloved priestess and tirelessly continues to sate her desires to see a brighter future for the Church. Nazarath shortly left SHC because Stromheart is a dumb doodoo head and fuck everything about him.


Nazarath is a firm believer of the Light and exemplifies the issue of Compassion.

"Compassion is the seed of the Light, its roots, Respect and Tenacity. Sprouting from the bark of the tree are the Lesser Virtues (WIP)


Nazarath stands at five foot eight inches and carries herself elegantly. Despite being ecclesiastic, Nazarath is a beautiful woman - her face contours a distinct structure of high brows and prominent cheekbones. She bears a fair and smooth complexion with virtually no blemishes on her face. Nazarath has deep blue eyes that are framed with thick and full lashes which hide most of the scarlet hue at the rim of her eyelids.

Art by Mischi, gifted by Leedra Gossmere. Nazarath during her service in the Silver Hand Chapter, Year 33 L.C.

Nazarath's hair is very dark and one of her more distinguishable features. Her onyx curls are almost always loose and fall to her waist. Another notable element of Nazarath is her lack of a right forearm, which was severed by Scarlets at the Battle for Tirisfal, where the late Archbishop Alonsus Secundus was killed. After consulting Sveela, an old draenei comrade, Nazarath had a new prosthetic, Lightforged gauntlet to replace her lost forearm.

The priestess frequently dresses in long, clerical robes. After the Battle for Tirisfal, Nazarath became more attentive to the possibility of further violence and commissioned an armored corset from Sir Talarman Songsteel which she routinely clothes. Nazarath typically wears high neck shirts and robes to hide a Scarlet brand on the back of her neck from her time as a young girl at Tyr's Hand.