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The Necklace of Fallen Draenei is an insidious and twisted necklace that forces the Light to serve the demonic forces of Sargeras in order to enhance the wicked spellcasting that its very holy existence fights against.

Necklace of Fallen Draenei
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Golgamesh the Corrupted(Former)
Angel Dawnstrider(Former)
Ceana of the Black Harvest


Lightforged Dranei and Shadow


The bodies of over 20 lightforged Draenei were stitched together in a chain across the wielder’s neck. However, those bodies were still alive and in the zenith of pain, for their bodies stripped of armor and skin. Furthermore, they are forced tosquirm and moan as they fail to reach or move out and away from the wielder. Yet, they couldn't for their lightforged tattoos were all shadowfel corrupted and bind them trapped together. It is through these tattoos that were once a sign of their dedication to the light that allows magical chains to torment and bind them against that which they have dedicated their lives to.

Due to the magical enchantments, the Lightforged Draenei cannot become unbroken for Golgamesh wished that they would retain their forms as a mockery of the light for he would be the one who decides whether or not they can fall; it wouldn’t come from circumstance or from an abandonment, their faith and fortune was all in the hands of the demons they once vowed to slay.


The wielder may force the light to serve him or her with the corpses of its former soldiers. Furthermore, the lightforged's intense corruption allows the wielder to gain clarity and control over the forces of fel and shadow as long as he or she is attuned and has this item equipped. Finally, the wielder is resistant to holy, fel, and shadow damages with this equipped.


The item was created at the Broken Cathedral by God-Warlock Golgamesh on Argus. The Draenei who became his

The necklace's creator and first wielder, Golgamesh.

unlucky victims had attempted to overtake and take down his established Citadel of Wealth and knowledge in order to delay the advancements of Legion information and technology. However, they were overwhelmingly defeated by his single presence alone. Those who were not of the appropriate size for his upcoming projects were either killed, forced into demonhood, or became slaves among the Broken on Krokuun.

An unlucky twenty soon were put through an intense and overwhelming subjugation of shadow in order to dull out the light and their will. Those who survived this intense procedure were strung alive by this shadow and were worn like property along his neck.

However, when the demon was slain by the forces of the Order of the Black Harvest, the necklace was shrunk down with gnomish technology and given to Angel Dawnstrider. Dawnstrider then gave the item a member of the Black Harvest known as Ceana who intends to use the item for academic research.