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Rsz hand of the transparent.pngNemond Eastmirror
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"Come, and your sins shall be whet upon flaming steel; o' Nathyr."

Race Nationality

IconSmall Human Male.gif Human
Lordaeron-0.jpg Lordaeronian


January 6th, 595 K.C (34 Years)
Riverbones, Lordaeron


Scarlet Crusade logo.pngPurifier Captain


TruthfulIcon2.png Army of the Truthful


HandoftheUnblindedIcon.png Hand of the Unblinded
Scarletnewfire.png Scarlet Crusade
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron


Alliance | Horde


Lawful Evil


Avvra Eastmirror (Older Brother, Alive)
Amrita Eastmirror (Mother, Unknown}



Nemond Eastmirror is a cunning scout of the Truthful insurgency, once serving as a fanatical Purifier of the Hand of the Unblinded.


Born: September 6th, 6 LC

Early Life

Born in Lordaeron to a simple librarian's family along the Darrowmere Lake, Nemond's young life was one of well coveted torment and abuse. Nemond spent years as a child learning to climb, dash and hide from his cruel and terrifyingly abusive father; Nemond's innate ability to lurk out of sight proving a useful talent for the future. Desensitisation would begin to slowly creep into his mind, having witnessed scenes of depravity and turpitude committed at the hands of his only role model.

Despite this, the level of stress upon his body and developing mind left him with heavy-set trauma that twisted his sense of empathy and ingrained a budding sadism that would never leave him. In wake of the fall of his homeland, the then young Nemond was forcefully inducted into the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade.

The Unblinded

Eastmirror was chosen for his wit and even temperament to be trained as an assassin for the order, slowly earning himself a place amongst the Purifiers-- a coveted and secretive order of the most skilled and brutal rogues that the Crusade had to offer. Normally, purifiers were chosen; not promoted to the position by merit alone. They were kidnapped, brainwashed and tortured, until all that remained in their minds was to kill and torture for the Light. Nemond was different.

The young man seated the rank of Purifier with all his memories, emotions and empathy intact. For this reason, he was possibly the most unnerving and intimidating of the Purifiers; carrying out his brutal work with full mind and knowledge of it all.

The Shattering

As did many other orders of the Scarlet Crusade, the Hand of the Unblinded too splintered in wake of the Shattering. It's members and ideals were not slow to dilute and spread across the Eastern Kingdoms, Nemond personally taking a large contingent of Purifiers with him to roam the hilltops of Silverpine, making a nomadic home amongst the untainted mountains of Lordaeron. Slowly, desperation led Eastmirror to be more aggressive with his attacks upon surrounding undead and Forsaken, claiming land within his power-- something that Unblinded ideals preached strongly.

Army of the Truthful

As extremist activity began to toil and fester about Nemond's homeland, he and his Purifiers were quickly absorbed into the ranks of the Army of the Truthful, the religion of Truth speaking to them in ways that took hold of the soul. Under the Truthful, they now work alongside the militants, lending their abilities of stealth and guile to the already effective guerrilla warfare tactics the Truthful military adopts.

Duskwood Blues

After many months of continued strife and struggle against darkness in the North and South of the Eastern Kingdoms, Nemond encountered Janara Kessler lurking within the abandoned town of Darkshire, attacking her with a great fury. Even in his zealotry, he was defeated by the warlock and left wounded and unconscious. Upon waking, his anger gave way to sorrow and shame after his failure; the unpredictable rogue now left to truly wonder what to do next.

Voyaging North

Despite the psychological trauma suffered, Nemond travelled to Alterac to assist his brothers and sisters in their struggles against the Syndicate and Forsaken, in order to navigate through the mountain passes towards Tirisfal.

After participating in much fighting and scheming in the area, his hyperactive nature would leave him to navigate west towards Silverpine alongside Elise Labelle out of a sheer wanderlust. While there, they came upon the desecrated town of Mirstone, encountering Samael Undercomb III and Abelinde Hart investigating the ruins; Nemond having a personal history with Samael's mother and Abelinde herself from their time in the Scarlet Crusade. After a tense introduction, they agreed to work together to try to uncover the perpetrators of the town's destruction, albeit after Nemond wandered about looting the corpses of the deceased townspeople.