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Nethergarde Keep today, in ruins following the Iron Horde invasion.

Nethergarde Keep was a Dalaran fortress manned by around 300 mages and paladins constructed to keep watch over the Dark Portal.


The Keep prior to its destruction.

Nethergarde Keep was built after the Second War at Archmage Khadgar's behest to make sure there wouldn't be any more ivasions from Draenor. It was constructed on a high bluff along the only road that leads into the Blasted Lands, was funded by many members of the Alliance of Lordaeron and was built by the Stonemasons under Edwin VanCleef. The mages of Dalaran, with help from Kings Terenas MenethilThoras Trollbane and a young King Varian Wrynn, convinced the Alliance that the high costs of the fortress were worth it, and could protect them from a second invasion.

Until the second opening of the Dark Portal, Khadgar was the leader of the fortress. He and his friends led the Alliance Expedition into Draenor to seal the portal once and for all, but they were trapped on the other side of it when it closed.

Even though the Portal remained still for nearly twenty years after, the mages at Nethergarde kept the fortress in operation, studying the effects of the energies of the Portal on the local wildlife and area. When Dalaran was destroyed, Nethergarde relied on the Kingdom of Stormwind and any Alliance warriors who wnt to the Blasted Lands.

Soon, the demon commander on Azeroth, Lord Kazzak, found an artefact that allowed him to reopen the Dark Portal and return to Outland. With the danger of a Legion invasion, Nethergarde soon became an important hub between the Portal and Stormwind.

Following the War against the Lich King, the southern wall of the fortress was opened, and with the shattering, the coastline became accessible. But the Horde had retaken Dreadmaul Hold to the west, and began attacking Nethergarde, having taken over the nearby mine and attacking their supply camps.

The fortress was destroyed during the opening days of the War against the Iron Horde, following an extensive campaign known as Operation Hellgate.