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New Hearthglen
New Hearthglen.jpg
The city of New Hearthglen

Last Known Leaders

High General Brigitte Abbendis
Grand Admiral Barean Westwind


Southern Dragonblight, Northrend


Scarlet Onslaught



New Hearthglen was a fortified city that served as the primary base of operations for the Scarlet Onslaught during the War against the Lich King. It was the primary garrison and initial harbor for the Scarlet expedition in Northrend. The forces within, as well as the Onslaught itself, were at the command of High General Brigitte Abbendis and Grand Admiral Barean Westwind.

The city was quickly constructed upon the Onslaught's arrival in Northrend. Surrounded by stone walls, it included a cathedral, blacksmith, barracks, stables, chapel, lumber mill, abbey and a small handful of homes that housed the Onslaught's forces. A small harbor that was known as the Crusader's Landing can be found along the shore just south of the city, where the Onslaught first arrived in Northrend. It was later beset upon by the Forsaken, causing severe damage while Abbendis was eventually slain; though stories on her death are inconsistent on if it was Alliance or Horde forces.

Following the catastrophic losses of the Onslaught, what remained pulled back to New Hearthglen. There, they waited out the death of the Lich King after their Icecrown base was attacked by the Ebon Blade. When the Lich King was ultimately defeated, what remained of the Onslaught made their new home in Hearthglen.