New Tinkertown
New Tinkertown.jpg
New Tinkertown. (Image from Wowwiki)


Dun Morogh, Khaz Modan


Gnome (Majority)


Gelbin Mekkatorque


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Ironforge



New Tinkertown is a small settlement located at the base of the entrance to the Gnomish capital city of Gnomeregan. It is relatively small and lacks sufficient facilities for a sustainable civilian population, so instead, the New Tinkertown settlement acts as a staging grounds all Gnomeregan operations.


After the emergency evacuation of Gnomeregan due to the Trogg infestation, Gelbin Mekkatorque, appointed High Tinker of the Gnomes, proceeding the treasonous Mekgineer Thermaplugg, led an act to build up a new town near but far enough to keep inhabitants safe.

Many Gnomes moved into New Tinkertown, especially those deployed to Gnomeregan as S.A.F.E. Operatives.

To this day, New Tinkertown serves as a populated Gnomish settlement of the Alliance, with many Gnomes working tirelessly each day in an act to take back their city, Gnomeregan.

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