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Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff is a leading member of the Argent Crusade in the Plaguelands. During the time of the Argent Dawn he was incharge of collecting Scourgestones brought to the Dawn at their headquarters within Light's Hope Chapel from volunteers of various factions. He was present during the War against the Lich King, though he was presumed to be leading Crusade forces in the Eastern Plaguelands against any Undead Scourge forces left behind. He was also present during the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel

Presently the Duke is tasked with overseeing Crusade forces in the eastern areas of the Eastern Plaguelands, he holds overall command of Crusaders in and around Light's Hope, Tyr's Hand, Eastwall Tower and Light's Shield Tower. He, as a member of High Command is overseeing the Crusade's mission in that region to retake settlements lost to the Scourge, like Corin's Crossing.

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