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Night Watch Militia
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A typical Night Watch patrolsman.


Commander Sarah Ladimore


Darkshire, Duskwood


Kingdom of Stormwind



The Night Watch, also known as the Night Watch Militia, is an independent organization created to defend Darkshire from the many dangers of Duskwood. It was first established after the Kingdom of Stormwind pulled their troops out of Duskwood due to Lady Katrana Prestor's influence. Even after King Varian Wrynn's return, the taxes from the War against the Lich King have made it so not a soldier can be spared to protect Darkshire. It was formerly led by Commander Althea Ebonlocke, daughter to the mayor of Darkshire, Lord Ello Ebonlocke. Following the war against the Legion the remaining Watchers are led by Commander Sarah Ladimore, hoping to continue the mission of keeping at bay the evils of Duskwood that would otherwise overtake their kinsfolk.

The organization currently serves as Duskwood's first and only line of defense against the dangers that plague the land including Nightbane Feral Worgen, Undead, Orge, Necromancers, as well as Horde threats.

Night Watch units can be seen patrolling the land's roads and vast forests at any given time, protecting the gnarled wood's people from threats that the vast woodland holds. The crafty warriors stalk their undead prey, avoiding direct confrontation with supernatural and mundane opponents. The carefully placed tracks of a member of the Night Watch militia typically lead pursuers into a deadly ambush where eager warriors wait with bows ready.

Return of the Legion

For unknown reasons, following the return of the Burning Legion to Azeroth a portion of the Night Watch guarding the town of Darkshire along with members of the Council of Darkshire as well as several other Stormwind traitors (such as Captain Melris Malagarn of the Stormwind City Guard) have defected to the demons and formed the Veiled Hand. Commander Ebonlocke and her traitorous cadre were later dispatched by Garona Halforcen and an unidentified Master Assassin of the Uncrowned.

During the Veiled Hand's uprising in Darkshire, Watcher Sarah Ladimore was the last known member of Darkshire's Night Watch garrison who had not defected to the Legion. After the Uncrowned successfully dissolved the Veiled Hand, Watcher Sarah Ladimore rallied the militia and citizens of Darkshire, becoming the new Commander of the Night Watch. They now have an even greater distaste for the Legion and all that is evil.

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