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Norlaran is a now ruined settlement in the Alterac Mountains. It served as a hideout for high profile Syndicate operatives and cultists of the Argus Wake, overseen by Janara Kessler. It has since been taken over by Dark Ranger Vanalli Dawnsworn, and serves as a foothold for Forsaken splinter forces within Alterac Mountains. It is primary overseen by heavily fortified mage tower that remains intact despite its surroundings being destroyed.


Norlaran was the Deicherts’ chief domain, a prosperous settlement that was volunteered as a prototype of sorts in expanding Dalaranian magitech to alleviate the harsh conditions the wintry climate posed. The eldest child, Rosel, had introduced this development upon returning from her magic studies abroad in Dalaran. Growing privy to potential national tensions, she shrewdly began preparations to collaborate with Lord Abel Kessler by initiating a leyline survey in order to install an advanced mage tower within the town.

Rosel had been able to conduct arcane experiments with little interference due to the limited knowledge the local residents had of the recondite nature of matters, suspicion only arising when construction of the Norlaran Tower had become the effective internment zone for Rosel’s former colleagues. This gradual escalation had forced Lady Deichert to confront Lord Kessler directly on what was occurring within the domain, leading to a conversation that effectively sanctioned Rosel’s actions, and he was able to provide additional means in order to conceal suspicion until the Mage Tower was successfully completed.

Eventually, Lady Deichert had vanished, leaving the current Deichert family orphaned, which now consisted of a sister, a brother, and Rosel herself now assuming a parental role. Whether a strike of fortune or something subversive, the eventual arrest and summary of Lord Kessler had seemingly concluded the punitive efforts of the Lordaeronian Inquisition and the Silver Hand, permitting a time of peace for the Deicherts. Naturally, such a state wouldn’t last. Rosel’s negligence saw to that.

The Subjugation of Norlaran (WIP SECTION)

Ithel and Holcomb's inquisitor's are tasked with investigating Norlaran. Render by Reverus.

-Rosel Deichert had mastered an aspect of chronomancy while operating within the tower. The eldest of the Deicherts, she was entrusted to oversee Norlaran overall, though her wisdom was notably absent ever since the disappearance of the house's lord and lady.

-Tension built as whatever she had done here had drawn the attention of the inquisition. Though it only seemed that way at first. In truth, it was the youngest sibling Janara that drew suspicion, for she had found herself dealing with occult matters without her knowing. This came to the attention to the cunning and ruthless clergyman known as Ithel.

-Initially visiting Norlaran on friendly terms, attempting to broker alliances with Felix and the militia stationed there, Ithel was searching for Janara in earnest. Family was everything, however, and Felix was scarcely trusting of outsiders at this point, despite the friendly demeanor the priest had worn until now.

-Ithel presents his cadre of shrouded men, and questions arose regarding the priest's intentions, or who he really was. Felix wondered what these shadowy assassins were doing associating with a church operation, but it didn't take long before he pieced things together: This was an inquisition.

-A week had passed at this point with more investigation ensuing. Deichert and company catch onto this but they don't really understand how much of a threat Ithel and the inquisitors really are. So, they continue to tolerate their occupation for the following days before the prominent militia members were gradually being whisked away in the middle of the night for interrogation, with their fates unknown.

-People under suspicion. Neighbors sell out neighbors. Unlikely heroes arise.

-Unlikely heroes die unlikely deaths when Ithel decides it's time to go. Things start to get more violent over the course of the following week until tensions boil.

-Rosel was aware of the inquisition all along. Felix finds out, and this sparks Ithel's superior, Holcomb, to make contact with Rosel who is told to deal with her brother.

-Rosel, meanwhile, is too preoccupied with whatever experiment she's doing inside the tower. It's up to Ithel at this point, and it's the worst case scenario.

-Felix was grating Ithel's patience, as he was finding that he's actually been rallying a reasonable militia and mounting a solid defense.

-Ithel's machination, however, would then stake on an act. A means to distract and humiliate Felix right before the tower proper.

-Traitors to Norlaran are rallied and begin a merciless culling right before Felix's very eyes. He's drawn to fury and strikes out against Ithel. With each blow he brutalizes the inquisitor, feeling his blade gliding through flesh effortlessly.

-Moments pass, and the violent red haze dissipates from Felix's sight. Ithel was still standing... somehow. Another flurry rains down upon the inquisitor.

-The same result. Despair sinks in as Felix doesn't trust his vision or senses anymore. Ithel mocks the knight's impotence, and after all the futile attempts, the battle concludes.

-Felix's surrender ushers the ruthless slaughter of the remaining militia and the capture of the layman. The final confrontation occurs within the tower itself.

-(Jan and Rosel meeting inside tower)

Time-Locked Ghost Town

Most of the area remained intact following its sacking, as Arcane enchantments fortified the architecture to a profound degree. Over time, the Argus Wake established themselves within the town along with the Syndicate. However, the warlocks within the occult organization were slowly corroding the innate magics that bolstered the location's structural integrity with caustic Fel magic.

The remarkable wards began to crumble, turning Norlaran into yet another hoary ruin amidst the bitter snow of Alterac. Regardless, the main fixture, that being its mage tower and portal nexus, stood nearly unblemished through out the decades.

Allsbrad Uprising

During the Army of the Truthful's insurgency staged within the Uplands region, the culmination of their efforts lead to the eventual siege and destruction of the town proper that remained of Norlaran. All that stood in the crusader-militia's fiery wake was the warded mage tower. The rebels, after clearing out the Syndicate presence in the area, promptly dispersed, leaving Forsaken remnants to hole up in its ruins.