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North Tide's Harbor


King Karolus Vårtorn-Korppari
Executor Walmond Deathtide (formerly)


North Tide's Run, Silverpine Forest


Grand Alliance
Undercity (formerly)



North Tide's Harbor (sometimes known as Silverpine Harbor or, following the Third War, Deathtide's Harbor) is a fishing port and former naval dockyard located in the former Duchy of North Tide's Run, near the Forsaken Rearguard. Once the primary base of the Lordaeron Navy's Western Fleet, the port was destroyed during the Third War in the event known as the Fall of North Tide and remained in ruins for some time.

Re-garrisoned by the Forsaken following the failed invasion of Gilneas, the dockyards and port facilities were rebuilt to allow the Forsaken and Horde Navies a port in western Lordaeron. As of present the port has been invaded and occupied by Alliance forces under the command of King Karolus Vårtorn-Korppari, as part of an attempt to limit Horde reinforcements to the Battle of Lordaeron.