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The Northgate Rebels were a group of Gilnean rebels formed sometime after the erection of the Greymane Wall. They were led by Lord Darius Crowley, a noble of the northern lands of Arevass, later known as Northgate, who opposed King Genn Greymane's decision to wall off their nation and abandon his people and lands beyond the wall to the Scourge, and his continued refusal to aid the Alliance. After Lord Crowley sent a brigade of his men to aid Lady Jaina Proudmoore, he was confronted by King Greymane for his treasonous actions, and a civil war was declared. The Northgate Rebels were labeled terrorists and traitors.

The Northgate Rebellion raged on across Gilneas between the rebels and the Gilnean loyalists for two years. The rebels smuggled cannons into Gilneas City, and eventually marched upon the capital itself, setting cannon fire upon it. However, the attack failed, and Crowley was captured and incarcerated in the Stoneward Prison along with his lieutenants. Despite having stashed enough firepower to level half of the city, the rebels went into hiding after Crowley's imprisonment, which effectively ended the rebellion.

Some time after the end of the rebellion, the Worgen began running rampant across Gilneas, even attacking Gilneas City. With the city under attack, King Greymane ordered the liberation of Lord Crowley and his men, reuniting loyalists and rebels as they fought together against the Worgen. The Northgate Rebels held their last stand at Light's Dawn Cathedral, buying time for the citizens of Gilneas City to escape to the safety of the Crownlands.

Notable Northgate Rebels


  • Lord Darius Crowley, the Rebel Lord
  • Sean Dempsey
  • Tobias Mistmantle
  • Vincent Hersham


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