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The rebuilt Northshire Abbey.

Northshire Abbey is the home of the religious order of clerics known as the Clerics of Northsire. It is located in Northsire Valley in the foothills of Elywnn Forest of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Before the First War the abbey was the primary location of worship in the kingdom but it was destroyed by the orcish Horde at the end of the war. It has since been rebuilt and is the home to numerous religious organizations.


The Northshire Abbey is the chief temple of the Abbatial Province of Elwynn Forest and a very imporant outpost of the Diocese of Stormwind and the Cathedral of Light. The Abbey is lead by an Abbot who has, in the past, been appointed by the Bishop of Stormwind.

There was a brief time when the Church of Northshire had a hegemony over the Abbey. After the schism's dissolution, the Abbey returned to the hands of the Church of the Holy Light.

The temple plays an important central role to the Church of the Holy Light and its various organizations. The Independent Paladin Assembly, the Congregation of the Silver Hand, the Reformed Congregation of the Silver Hand, the Silver Hand Council, the Council of Bishops, the College of Canons, the Northshire Templar, the Holy See, and the Holy League have meetings regularly within the illustrious Hall of Arms or the Northshire Abbey Library and Scriptorium.