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Nova Goria is an Island located in the Veiled Sea west of Kalimdor. Originally home to a small Titan facility before the Sundering, the island has laid mostly barren and uninhabited until the Great Wars. The Island was settled by Gordunni Ogres as they claimed the city of Dire Maul as their stronghold, but was later abandoned by the Ogres as the Cataclysm rocked the Island. Ogre ruins litter the island to this day. Today it is home to the City of Nova Goria, where Ogres of various clans work to build a new Ogre Nation allied to the New Horde.



In millennia past, the Island referred to as Nova Goria today was part of the Kalimdor supercontinent. The Sundering would separate the island from the mainland, becoming an isolated Island far from the common sea lanes crossing the Great Sea.

For thousands of years, the yet unnamed Island would see little visitation. Various visitors would come to the Island over the years, such as Trolls, Satyr and Quilboar. Attempts at settling the Island would never last long due to a shortage of natural resources and general isolation from Kalimdor's other societies.

Gordunni Settlement

Nova Goria's estimated position relative to Kalimdor.

Following the Second War, the Ogres of the Old Horde split from their Orcish allies, scattering across Azeroth in unorganized groups. Ogres settled all across Azeroth, though the largest singular group was without doubt the Gordunni Clan, who eventually crossed the Great Sea to Kalimdor, and discovered the ruined Kaldorei city of Eldre'thalas. With Eldre'thalas in their hands, the Gordunni began expanding across Feralas. Eventually, the Ogres would discover the Island lying west of its shores.

Ogre seafarers would make landfall upon the Island sometime around the the Third War. Seeing potential in the Island, the Gordunni Clan would attempt a permanent settlement on the Island, able to make use of the abundant stone and ore upon the Island. A primitive Ogre village sprung up, which eventually evolved into a crude city.


The Ogre settlement upon the Island lasted for close to a decade, the Island's population slowly growing as more Ogres came from the mainland to make new lives upon the Island. The Island's seemingly prosperous future was upended however by the sudden triggering of the Cataclysm rocking Azeroth. Several portions of the Island were damaged, with some portions even sinking into the sea. Fearing the doom of their Island, the Gordunni enacted mass evacuation, taking to the Sea and returning to their holdings on the mainland, fleeing the Island before it could take them all with it. The Cataclysm damaged the Ogre structures upon the Island, and the resulting years of abandonment would add to its deterioration.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, the Twilight's Hammer Cult would establish a presence upon the Island on orders of Cho'gall. All Gordunni who did not flee the Island would survive the Cataclysm, only to be killed by the Twilight's Hammer. Eventually, the Cult became the sole mortal inhabitants of the Island.


Despite the Cataclysm, the damage to the Island was not as extreme as could have been expected. The Ogre City was damaged, but remained standing and abandoned. The Island would sit quiet for the better part of the next decade until Ogre scouts from the New Horde's Stonemaul Clan would discover the Island far across the water, and began sending expeditions to the Island.

The initial expeditions would be slow in their progress of mapping out the island, advancing further inland from the coast while establishing base camps. The true size of the island would soon become apparent, as would the ruins of the previous Ogre civilization that had taken root upon it. Led by Ogres loyal to the Horde and Stonemaul Clan, more exploring Ogres would flock to the island in turn, beginning to inspect the ruins and realizing the potential of what they had stumbled unto. Primarily spearheaded by Ogres from the Stonemaul Clan, the decision to re-establish a permanent settlement upon the island, and to give it its new name: Nova Goria. The New Goria.

Nova Goria

The Horde expedition lands upon the island for the first time.

Ogre forays would continue to come to the island under the auspices of Tharmokk Crushfist and Magg'rok of the Stonemaul Clan. Together, the two organized more Ogres to their cause, attracting Ogres from different clans to find a common goal in their new nation. Slowly, restoration would come to Nova Goria as laborers began coming to the island by portal. Dilapidated buildings were commandeered for use a temporary shelters as work begun on restoration of the roads. The efforts of the island's new inhabitants would be delayed significantly as the presence of the Twilight's Hammer on the island made itself known. Some attacks were caught, the cultist Humans and Orcs being brutalized and made gruesome examples of, but others managed to kill Ogre laborers and guardians defending their charges as work progressed.

As the months continued, it became apparent that the Ogre settlers would be harassed to no end by the Twilight's Hammer. The decision had to be made to abandon the island, as so many others had done before them, or to fight to preserve their place on Nova Goria. Though the decision was a difficult one, all votes were cast to preserve what they were building, and so began preparations for the battle of Nova Goria.


Nova Goria aspires to the heights of the old Gorian Empire of Draenor. Many Ogres yet remain who remember the glory days of before their empire's fall. The reproduction is not intended to be a perfect one. The new Gorian leaders have abolished the old Empire's practice of slavery in accordance with the New Horde's anti-slavery policies.

The pursuit of knowledge on infrastructure and good governance is a widely respectable profession in Nova Goria. Arcane magics and other related sciences are all coveted for the collective good of the nation. Nova Goria places a strong value on martial combat as well, and the island houses a sizable colosseum used for yearly games in addition to solving disputes and issuing punishments.