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Ogre Lord
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Shadow Council
Twilight's Hammer

Character classes

Warrior, Shaman, Magic Breaker, Barbarian,

Racial capital

Gruul's Lair

Racial leader

High King Maulgar

Ogre Lords are rare Ogres who have been born with a greater inheritance of their rocky ancestry descending from the giants of Draenor. Such 'missing link' ogres are uncommon, and are characterized by their increased size, strength and resilience.


Unlike other descendants of the Breaker lineage, Ogre Lords are not a true link in the chain connecting ogres to their relative species. Instead, Ogre Lords are a throwback, a rare anomaly which brings out the dormant genes still encoded in the ogre species' heritage. Many ogres on Draenor and Azeroth for many generations have occasionally been born with a single cyclopean eye. These ogres have long been seen as having a closer link to their Breaker heritage and is seen as a sign of destiny and great things for the ogre. Ogre Lords are taken a step further, bearing spines of bone and craggy rock upon their head, neck and back. This imitates the mountainous stone composition of their Gronn ancestors and provide the Ogre Lord with an additional natural defense. In addition, the intelligence of an Ogre Lord is not to be underestimated, and are believed to possess greater powers of logic and reasoning than their brutish kin.

Ogre Lords are considered rare. In a generation, perhaps only a single ogre will be born with such natural gifts of strength and speed. To other Ogres, Ogre Lords are almost something out of myth. An ogre, but more than an ogre. Something to be feared as much as respected, for with such obvious strength, power and superiority, few Ogre Lords do not capitalize upon their abilities and almost always rise to positions of great power and esteem within their societies. Most famous among the Ogre Lords is the sitting high king of Ogres in Outland, Maulgar of the Bladespire Clan, who dethroned the previous Boulderfist King and won the favor of Gruul by snapping the former king's neck in a single blow.