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The Holy Order
Hath's Stand
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Order Master

Alliance 15.png Zaria Blackmoore


Alliance 15.png Shindo (Justicar)
Alliance 15.png Ivelis Knapp (High Inquisitor)

Base of Operation

Eagle's Perch
Hath's Stand


The Citrine Eagle The Citrine Eagle


Order of the Silver Hand Order of the Silver Hand
Diocese of Alterac Clerics of Eagle's Perch
Sh.png Alterac Silver Hand
Church of the Holy Light Church of the Holy Light


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The Holy Order of Hath's Stand is a Light-sworn order of Paladins and Priests from the Alterac Mountains devoted to the preservation of Hath's Stand; a memorial cemetery made for fallen Alteraci who remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. The Order devotes itself to upholding the tenets of the Holy Light in all aspects as they aid the Citrine Eagle in defending pioneers within Alterac, and dispense justice to the perils that wander within the Mountains.

Comprised of the Alterac Silver Hand, and the Clerics of Eagle's Perch, the Order acts as the foundation of faith within Alterac. All the while preserving the good name of General Hath, the Alteraci commander who helped the Alliance against the Orcs in the Second War in spite of Aiden Perenoldes orders to stay out of the Orcs way. To the Holy Order, he is a testament to loyalty and faith -- in spite of his broken oath to the traitor King.


Gathering the sigils of the old Knights of the Stand for the first time to honor them.

The Order of Hath’s Stand was founded shortly after the Second War, after Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance of Lordaeron. After the Kingdom was decimated by the Alliance for its treachery, and the nobles stripped of their claims — a monument was erected in honor of a great hero, General Hath. A man who placed the needs of humanity over any Kingdom, he broke his oath to King Perenolde, and aided the Alliance in their battle against the Orcish Hordes along with his men. For his defiance of treachery, he was honored, along with the men who died fighting beside him.

The Order of Hath’s Stand was formed from the Alteraci veterans who stood loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron to care for the monument, and recover their fallen brothers in arms to honor them with a proper burial at the memorial. The Order devoted itself to ensuring the well being of surviving veterans until their deaths. And for those who ventured far and wide – the men of Hath’s Stand went above and beyond to recover their bodies to allow them rest at the Stand.

As decades passed, the men grew old and died. While few Alteraci veterans of the Second War still stand, the ranks of the Order of Hath’s Stand dwindled to remnants. And soon, only a few older men remained to tend to the site. Left vulnerable, the Stand was assaulted by a remnant of the Burning Legion. Helpless, the last man of Hath’s Stand sent a plea for aid.

And as war loomed between the Alliance and Horde, the men and women of the Alterac Silver Hand stood among the remnants of the Stand, and devoted themselves to upholding the old testament of purpose of the Order of Hath’s Stand. Donning new banners, they fulfill the purpose of the original order in the name of the Light to help return the souls of the fallen home, and protect those within the Stand, and to dispense justice and maintain honor as General Hath had.

Holy Grounds

Eagle's Perch


See main article: Eagle's Perch

The Abbey of Eagle’s Perch is the Citrine Eagle’s place of worship within Talongrab Keep. The grounds are tended to by the Abbot of Eagle’s Perch, and their Clerics. Sermons, and studies are commonplace in the holy grounds closest to the Eagle’s home. The Abbey contains a library, a place for prayer, and the round table used for gatherings for the Order of Hath’s Stand.

Hath's Stand

See main article: Hath's Stand

Hath’s Stand is the memorial burial site for Alteraci veterans of the Second War who remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron. Made in honor of General Hath and his preservation of humanity over his own Kingdom, the memorial has stood for three decades as a hallmark to Alliance loyalty and devotion. And while most of the tenders to the grounds have long since died, the Citrine Eagle has taken up the cup to do so.


The Knights, Priests, and layfolk of the Stand all fall under the same structure. The duties are unique, and their approach to completing tasks differs greatly, but they all fall under the same ranks of prestige.

  • Supplicant
  • Sworn
  • Templar
  • Champion
  • Paragon
  • Chapter Master


As a member of the Order of Hath’s Stand, each man or woman is set upon a journey of spiritual enlightenment. Be it a fresh squire, or a seasoned cleric, reaching for greater potential in the Light’s path is a chance to be humbled, and earn spiritual clarity. Each Knight or Priest of the Order of Hath’s Stand is set along of a path of greater spiritual enlightenment.

Initiation Ritual

All entering members of Hath's Stand by pledging an oath before the council or Order Master:

Hath's Stand Initiation Oath
In the presence of the Holy Light, I take this sacred oath:

To act virtuously, humbly defend, and honorably serve,

To not allow a single word of heresy to linger upon my lips,
And never submit to the forces of Vice and Sloth.

And to always walk the righteous path with honor, and tenacity.

To this I swear before my brothers and sisters.

And pledge my life to the Order of Hath's Stand.

By these words, I walk in the Light with my brethren to be reborn;
As a Defender of the Light.

After the oath is taken, the Order Master, or an appointed Templar guides the Supplicant on a pilgrimage into the Winterwood and to Hath's Stand. The appointed ritual leader will provide a vision stone to the Supplicants to take, and will allow them a moment to pay homage to the fallen warriors of the Light buried within Hath's Stand.

The Supplicants select one tombstone bearing a crest of the Order, and fall to their knees to honor the fallen hero. There, they will channel the Light into the vision stone to pay witness to the fallen heroes final moments, and live it through the heroes memory.

After witnessing their death, they will choose a way to honor the fallen hero they have bonded with, and take up their Hath's Stand crest as their own to wear to continue the fallen heroes' legacy as a sworn member of the Stand.

Veliuss Belmonte kneeling before the gravestone of a hero of Hath's Stand before his initiation.

Tutelage and Squires

Work in progress.

Trial of Humility

Sir Davian Rosswald (far right) leads men and women of the Citrine Eagle on a Holy Pilgrimage for his Trial of Humility.

The Trial of Humility if a test of patience to help temper a humble spirit. After completing prerequisite tasks to preen them self for the trial, a subject is required to live a humble month — pure of indulgences for an entire month. This trial begins right after the supplicants initiation ritual.

  • They will move into the Barracks of Talongrab Keep.
  • They will always be polite and courteous.
  • They will subsist only on bread, water, and cabbage.
  • They will perform their duties with simple clothes and tools that fit the situation. Their armor will be no better than a Squire's.
    • While in not in combat, they are expected to wear simple clothing.
  • They will not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • They will arrange and participate in charitable functions of their design, or assist with a charitable function to aid those in need.
  • If approached for assistance, they must accept within reason; always ready to aid the meek.

The last day of their trial will be a day of silent pilgrimage. When signaled by the hierarchy of Hath's Stand, they will spend the day under a vow of silence, and walk barefoot to Uther's Tomb from Eagle's Perch to provide an offering. Only then can the vow of silence be broken, and the trial be deemed a success.

For completing this trial, the subject is declared a Templar of Hath's Stand.

Trial of Valor

Eden Mabry (left) leads a strike team into the Glypheye Manse to slay a powerful Necromancer that threatens the trove of knowledge beneath the home for her Trial of Valor.

The Trial of Valor is a test of will, courage, and leadership skills. On this trial, a sworn member of the Stand is tasked with combating a wicked evil that has plagued the people of Alterac. Often, this evil will be one the group has encountered recently.

The subject must recruit a small task force for the journey, along with the taskmaster who assigned the trial, which they will lead into battle.

  • The party must travel by foot, or ground mount.
  • The party must use arms and armaments with no enchantments.
  • The party may not use subterfuge or dishonorable tactic to kill their assigned target.
  • The party can be no larger than a 5 man party.

To succeed in this venture, the Sworn member will often be given opportunities to lead smaller missions to help prepare them for this venture. They will need to either act in a valorous way to slay the beast and defend their men, or, inspire tenacity within the party to undo the wickedness they face.

For completing this trial, the subject is declared a Champion of Hath's Stand.

Trial of Mercy

Ivelis Knapp prostrates herself to a few members of the council for her Mercy Trial.

The final trial is for those who seek to take up a special position in the ranks of the Talonguard. While this position is reserved for those most deserving, those who are deemed worthy are assigned the Trial of Mercy to free themselves of suffering.

The subject taking on the Trial of Mercy will subject themselves to the whim of the council of the Order of Hath’s Stand. When called upon, a Priest/ess will stand before the subject to be questioned, and will compel their mind to confess their greatest misdeeds.

They will be compelled to tell the Order of their greatest faults, and times where they contributed to inflicting great suffering upon others. As well as their darkest secrets and sins.

To this, the Order of Hath’s Stand shall question the subject, and in doing so, assign them a penance to rectify all the burdens of their lives, and perhaps even delve into the places they caused this suffering to relive, and make up for their mistakes. Completing this penance means they have succeeded in the trial.

For completing this trial, the subject is declared a Paragon of Hath's Stand.


Name Rank Accolades Predecessor[1]
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Zaria Blackmoore Chapter Master The director and guiding hand of all matters related to Hath's Stand. Her word is law, and her will guides the faithful of Alterac.
For their service, they are honored as The Valorous.
Darrell Roth[2]
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Shindo Justicar After serving several years alongside the Chapter Master, Shindo is honored as her successor should she meet an untimely end, and aids in dispensing justice for the whole of the Citrine Eagle.
For their service, they are honored as The Tempered.
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Ivelis Knapp Paragon
High Inquisitor
Being the first to undergo all of the trials of the Stand, Ivelis Knapp serves as the Order's High Inquisitor, and helps remove heretical forces from the Winterwood.
For their service, they are honored as The Indomitable.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Danath Morsin Champion A champion with tenure in the greater Citrine Eagle, Danath has been a longstanding and steadfast member since the Order's inception. He keeps his place as Champion by choice.
For their service, they are honored as The Valiant.
Phineas the Hallowed
IconSmall Dwarf Female.gif
Jairie Lightstone Champion The Alteraci chapter's first Dwarven squire to ascend to Knighthood, and then shepherd her own Squire to maturity, Jairie is a longstanding Champion among the Eagles.
For their service, they are honored as The Grudgebearer.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Davian Rosswald Champion
From fledgling roots as an Aspirant of the Stand, to their ascension as an icon of the Light's Grand Design. Davian Rosswald is an honored champion and Archivist to the Order.
For their service, they are honored as The Devout.
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Eden Mabry Champion A devotee of compassion, Eden Mabry is one of the few Priestess' of the Stand. She serves as the leader of the Eagleheart Foundation, and has recently conquered her Trial of Valor and earned their honors as a Champion of the Stand.
For their service, they are honored as The Benevolent.
Leslie Falkes
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Travis Morgan Champion One of the original members of the revitalized Stand, Travis has returned from his hiatus and rejoined the fight beside his brothers and sisters. Lordaeronian by birth, and the Duke of Flames Rest, Travis served as Knight for the now Paragon Davian Rosswald. He has recently completed his Trial of Valor and earned the honors of becoming a Champion of the Stand.

For their service, they are honored as The Reckoning.

Sir Kyorick Lerson
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Jömar Rodgers Templar An inquisitive mind that serves among the Citrine Eagle's engineers - Jömar Rodgers is a tenured figure of the Stand who acts with a measured hand, and a large golem. He has yet to begin his Trial of Valor.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Marleia Andervell Templar As a long term member of the Stand, Dame Marleia has served as a bridge between the Eagles and the Stormwindian provinces since her arrival. She is preparing to undergo her Trial of Valor.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Veliuss Belmonte Sworn
Once the personal Squire of Zaria Blackmoore, Sir Veliuss serves as the Order's Master of Arms - and aids fledgling Aspirants in their pursuits down a holy path. Being knighted within the order - Sir Veliuss was honored with a postnominal before most others. He has yet to undergo his Trial of Humility.
For their service, they are honored as The Redeemer.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Fredryk Goudwin Sworn A Stormwindian Knight of the Silver Hand, Sir Fredryk Goudwin served as the Order of Hath's Stand's first bannerman upon the reforms after their adaptation from the Alterac Silver Hand Chapter. He serves more frequently in the South, and has yet to undergo his humility trial.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif
Laralle Wiltweed Sworn A Night Elf, and a worshiper of Elune's Light - Laralle Wiltweed ventured to Hath's Stand for greater understanding of the Light's way. Her warm heart and good nature has made her revered within the Stand in spite of her status as a learner. She has yet to undergo her Trial of Humility.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
Denise Mulbury
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Livian Varen Sworn
A woman with tenure in the Citrine Eagle, and the Talongrab Orphan Matron - Livian Varen was under the tutelage of Abbess Kollis Argent. The untimely death of the Abbess kept Livian's progress staggered, but she has served valiantly with the Order. She has been initiated by honoring a fallen of the Stand, and has begun her Trial of Humility.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
Martha Reneigh
IconSmall Human Male.gif
William Truehelm Templar Having entered the Order of Hath's Stand as a Knight of the Silver Hand - Sir William Truehelm ceded his lands to the Chapter Master, and Hath's Stand itself, disavowed all of his secular titles; and took on a vow of chastity to swear his devotion to the Stand. He has yet to begin his Trial of Valor.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
Arden the Valiant
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Ainsley Supplicant A Half-Elf, a do good-er, and a loyal subject among the Order of Hath's Stand, Ainsley is an Aspirant of the Stand who is presently seeking out a Knight. She has yet to undergo any trials of her own, but is carving out a path of her own to someday become a fine Knight in Alterac.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Colgra Kinnling Supplicant Appointed and sworn into Hath's Stand early for his heroism in battle and overcoming great odds, Colgra Kinnling is a vagabond Aspirant of the Order who seeks out guidance from the others. He has yet to undergo his initiation, and will soon be assigned to a Knight.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Eamon Athiaya Supplicant One of the newest members to the fold, Eamon Athiaya is preparing to undergo his initiation soon. He is un-knighted, and will soon be assigned to a tutor or sent to the Master at Arms for further guidance.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif
Genis Harrington Supplicant
A preacher, Genis Harrington has offered to undergo sermons in Eagle's Perch Abbey. A friend of Sato Whisperfur - Genis has yet to be vowed in formally into the Order as he prepares to demonstrate his affinity to the Light.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Cecelia Supplicant
Cecelia is one of the newest members of the Citrine Eagle. While she has shown interest in the Order, she has been settled to smaller tasks and learning among others due to being pregnant with her first child. She has yet to be vowed into the Order.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Tiberius Praetorias Supplicant
A brand new addition to the Alterac Mountains - after years of service with the 7th Legion - Praetorias returns to his homeland in Alterac to help honor the heroes that came before him. He awaits his vows.
For their service, they have not yet received an Epithet.

Veteran Members

Name Rank Accolades
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Darrell Roth Veteran The last remaining member of the original Order of Hath's Stand that served after the Second War. Darrell Roth was appointed as the Abbot of Eagle's Perch to act as the spiritual guide to the Order until he ceded the title to Kollis Argent. He now retired and living with his family in Talongrab.
For their service, they are honored as The Bulwark.
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Kollis Argent Veteran
Appointed Abbess of Eagle's Perch by Zaria Blackmoore, Kollis Argent succeeded Abbot Roth in service as the tender to the Abbey. Her devotion to the safety of the people of Talongrab spurred her to go through great lengths of research to concoct a cure to a local plague being spread by a dark force. She was infected, and taken by a creature known as "Nal'ageth" and suffered an untimely death by its hand.
For their service, they are honored with a dedication in Eagle's Perch.
IconSmall Human Male.gif
Kavid McTash Veteran Sir Kavid served many different purposes while within the Citrine Eagle. The original Justicar, and original successor to Blackmoore's leadership - Sir Kavid served as a devoted subject of Alterac for years under the banner of the Alterac Silver Hand. As the Citrine Eagle expanded, Blackmoore appointed him as Chapter Master for their regional Silver Hand. After his tenure of service, and the groups reformation - he has since settled down in his homelands of Iron Ridge with his family, and remains a friend to the Order always.



  1. Predecessors are the fallen members of Hath's Stand whose legacies have been taken up by Order Members. When a member of the Stand dies, and is taken up by a newer one, their legacy is honored through the recently initiated member taking up their inheriting a medallion after witnessing a vision of the fallen member's death.
  2. By order of succession, and not death.