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The Order Edit

The Order of the Silver Dawn or the Silver Dawn was a reformation of the previously known Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas. With the reorganization of the Highguard the new Chapter Master, Lysander Reinhart called the other orders of the Highguard to reform into a new order, several assets as well as members chose to follow Reinhart in this action.

With support from the Highguard and from other Silver Hand organizations, the small elven chapter quickly expanded, and became an order in its own right. Opting to form three divisions under the banner of the Silver Dawn name, the original Silver Hand Chapter made its home among allies and like minded heroes of Azeroth.

It began when Knight Lysander Reinhart was granted command of the Quel'Thalas chapter by it's former leader Dame Alwynen Dawnwrath. He then took the chapter and revitalized it's members with purpose and duty. Followed by Knights and Squires alike the new order quickly grew in the space left behind, taking the place of the Quel'Thalas Chapter at the table of both the Silver Hammer and the Light's Accord.

Divisions of the Silver Dawn Edit

Silver Hand Chapter Edit


Originally the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas it has now reformed and grown into a larger martial order, but has retained a purely Silver Hand division for Knights and others to have a place under the Silver Dawn banner. Knights of the Silver Hand are the moral backbone of the Silver Dawn and strive to uphold the chivalric code that has been past down the generations before them.


Banner of the Silver Hand Chapter of The Silver Dawn

Banner of the Seraphim of the Silver Dawn

Banner of the Legion of the Silver Dawn

Rank: Description:
Highlord Fulfilling the role of administrator and leader of the Chapter, the Highlord keeps the order involved with the current events and organizes the chapter into assisting with conflicts all over Azeroth. It is the traditional leader of the local order of Knights and answers only to the Church or the Grand Master, should one ever be named.

Lysander Reinhart was named Chapter Master of the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas, and chose to reorganize it after it's soft separation from the Highguard.

This rank also fits into the traditional role of High-Lord

Justicar Acting as the second in command of the Chapter sits the Justicar, a proven Knight and warrior of the light as well as level headed in all things, the Justicar acts swiftly to bring justice on friend or foe.

This rank is currently vacant, This rank also fits into the traditional role of Lord. (higher)

Templar The third in command of the Chapter, the Templar is the sub-officer. In charge of squires, initiates, training, and all aspects of warfare the Templar is the lowest ranked officer, but is instead a master of his/her craft.

This rank is currently vacant,This rank also fits into the traditional role of Lord (lower)

Knight-Champion The highest of the martial ranks in the Chapter, the Knight-Champion or just Champion is the role model and most experienced knights in the order. They set the stage for what an Aspirant looks forward to being. They also are charged with special tasked based on their individual skills. They have the option to take a Squire but more then often focus on conducting large scale training, and assisting Knights in their day to day.
Knight The Knight is the main rank of the order, the rank that a member is granted after passing their trials, pilgrimage, and classes. A Knight is the first rank that you are permitted to take a squire and train them through the trials. They will form a relationship with their Knight, one of student and teacher and once deemed worthy, the Knight may request that the Squire be raised to Elect. They are the Chivalric symbol of the entire order and are required to keep to the tenants at all times.
Knight-Elect The Knight-Elect, or Elect is a squire that has passed all of the required classes and who have completed their trials. They however await the officiating ceremony that will actually have them Knighted as a member of the Silver Hand.
Squire The Squire is the rank Aspirants are given when they have completed their required classes and have been chosen by a Knight to be trained. The Squire will then train under the Knight in question until they pass all of their trials. They will form a relationship with their Knight, one of student and teacher and once deemed worthy, the Knight may request that the Squire be raised to Elect.
Aspirant The Aspirant is a member of the Chapter who aspires to be a brother/sister, they attend regular classes and are taught the basics of both martial skills and clerical studies. Once they have proven themselves they will be eligible for a Knight to select them as a Squire.
Initiate The lowest rank of the Chapter, the Initiate has yet to start their clerical or martial classes within the order.

Seraphim of the Silver Dawn Edit


The Seraphim of the Silver Dawn is the Silver Dawn's version of the Mercy Sect of the Highguard, mixing the art of healing with a clerical study, this division lead by Karsie Dawnborne.

From Priests to Battle Clerics all are welcomed into the Seraphim of the Silver Dawn, organized similarly to their predecessors, the Seraphim are experts in wielding the light. They strive to assist others on and off the field of battle, healing wounds, assisting refugees, and keeping the men and women of the Silver Dawn in tip-top shape. Lead by the Cleric-General, those who are Seraphim dedicate their lives to the restoration of others. 

Ranks: Description:
Cleric-General The Division Leader, the Cleric-General oversees the Seraphim movements both within the Church and battlefield.

This rank also fits into the traditional role of the main leader.

High Inquisitor Second-in-Command, the High Inquisitor is the enforcer of the Cleric-General. S/he has proven themselves in combat as well mastered the arts of their choosing. The Inquisitor is also given allowance to enforce the Order’s rules within reason. Upon request from the Cleric-General or the Highlord, the Inquisitor may also be used in the art of gathering information from another.

This rank also fits into the traditional role of an Officer.

High Priest/Mender The High Priest/Menders are responsible for the spiritual leaders of the Seraphim. While combat ready, these brothers/sisters have taken the path of teaching and tending to the spiritual needs of the Order.  Duties include training of acolytes, priest, and menders as well as leading services for the Order.
Battle Priest/Mender Battle Priest/Mender are the Order’s combat medics. Be it Divine grace or the use of more traditional means. These brothers/sisters are trained alongside the Order’s Silver Hand division. Ensuring that the Battle Priest/Mender’s are well versed in the art of combat.
Priest/Mender Priest are the Seraphim’s brothers/sisters who have taken the mentle of Light/Divine healing. During this time, Priest will be mentored under the guidance of a High Priest or Battle Priest. Once their training as been completed they will choose their path to take within the Seraphim.

Menders are the Seraphim’s brothers/sisters who are trained in unorthodox ways. During this time, Menders will be mentored under the guidance of a High Priest or Battle Mender. Once their training as been completed they will choose their path to take within the Seraphim.

Acolyte The Acolyte is a member of the Seraphim. S/He is to attend regular classes and are taught both traditional means of healing as well receive training in Light based mending. Once they have completed their training s/he will then choice to follow the path of traditional medicine or priesthood.  
Initiate The lowest rank of the Seraphim, the Initiate has yet to start their own journey within the Seraphim but has expressed interesting in joining the Order.

Legion of the Silver Dawn Edit

The Legion as it is aptly named is the militaristic backbone of the Silver Dawn, consisting of those who would rather not pursue knighthood, or Clerical duty, but instead take up arms and strike at the enemy with good old fashioned skill. Structured in an informal ranking system, members of the Legion are held to a high standard to stand toe to toe with the other two main divisions. Excelling in everything from scouting to modernizing equipment the legion truly shows that we are all in this together, and we are stronger united.

The Legion works as a group of smaller divisions. Each group is lead by an officer of the legion, but is responsible for their own group, all answering to the Director of the Legion itself. The current groups or sub-divisions of the legion consist of Shades, Rangers, Legionnaires, and Auxiliary. With each group being tailored towards a specific purpose, yet all working together for a single goal.

Ranks: Description:
Director (Division Leader) Leader of the Legion, the Director is in-charge of all the troops below him/her. Fulfilling the roll as a classic overseer, the Director is an expert on tactics and warfare. Able to take the smallest detail about the enemy and turn it into their largest weakness the leader of the Legion is ruthless in their tenacity, but just with their actions. Cool headed and a veteran war, but also a skilled and talented individual in the administrative position.
Ranger Commander (Sub-Officer) The Ranger Commander, is in-charge of the Rangers of the Legion, and is responsible for the training, and leading of them in combat. Skilled in hunting, bows, guns and all other manners of scouting and attacking from a distance, the Ranger Commander is able to recognize enemy movements and act accordingly.

Ranger Commander is the first of the Legion's Sub-Officer ranks that all share the same level of authority.

Centurion (Sub-Officer) The Centurion is personally in charge of the warriors that are known as Legionnaires, a skilled trainer of hand to hand, and conventional weapon combat, the Centurion is the man/woman in front, the leader of the vanguard of the legion. As such the Centurion's bravery is matched only by a drive for victory.

The Centurion is the second of the Legion's Sub-Officer ranks that all share the same level of authority.

Broker (Sub-Officer) The Broker is given the task of organizing the skills and unique gifts of those who would rather not fight on the front lines, as such the Broker must be tenacious, but understanding. Dealing with civilians and non-combatants on a daily basis and helping them best contribute to the order based on their skills.

The Broker is the third of the Legion's Sub-Officer ranks that all share the same level of authority.

Senior-Agent Trusted members of the legion, the Senior-Agents make up the professional soldier, weather it be with dagger, sword, bow, or spear or with their own unique skill. These men and woman are veterans in their own right, often trusted to lead small scouting missions or left to take charge at camp, these loyal men and woman serve an important role that can't be replaced.

This is a senior enlisted rank that can be held by any member of any sub-division, and is not congruent on what sub-division you are apart of.

Legionnaire The Legionnaire is the classic soldier, trained with martial weapons and who act as a vanguard force against foes of the order itself. Often working hand in hand with the Knight's of the Silver Hand, these warriors are hard pressed to be the best fighting men and woman in the Legion. Blood and armor is their birth-write as they cut down any enemy who stands in their way.

This rank is one of the Sub-Division ranks and as such is equal in authority to the others.

Auxiliary The Auxiliary is a rather special group, consisting of citizens and non-combatants. Instead of combat these men and women do everything from planning and running events, building the weapons and armor that protect the others, creating new technology, exploring new lands for artifacts once long lost, and throwing parties, to even just helping in the day to day grind. The Legion and by extension the Silver Dawn itself, is built around these individuals, and could not function without them.

This rank is one of the Sub-Division ranks and as such is equal in authority to the others.

Ranger The Ranger is a classic staple of an advanced combat unit, trained to see and not be heard, these hunters are masters of the forest, and in-turn masters of ranged combat. Irreplaceable on the field of battle these experts act as the eyes of the legion as well as it's premier shock troops, able to get in quickly and without advanced notice.

This rank is one of the Sub-Division ranks and as such is equal in authority to the others.

Initiate The lowest rank of the Legion, the Initate has expressed interest in joining but has yet to go through the proper steps.

Sub-divisions Edit

Subdivisions are smaller outlets within the order that anyone is allowed to participate in provided they have proven themselves loyal to the order and its cause. They are created through the will of those with similar callings, ambitions and skills to come together and find ways to better utilize themselves. They are currently facilitated by the Director and fall in line under the Legion Division.

Currently Edit

The Silver Dawn consolidates it's resources and convening with it's allies in the Light's Accord, about the growing Horde threat related to Azurite in Kalimdor.


Highlord Lysander Reinhart takes the first steps inside Tyr's Hand.

As the first few days of the order's creation ends, those loyal to the Silver Dawn march north from the Quel'Danil Lodge to their new home, Tyr's Hand. Welcomed by their allies, they quickly make the small secluded city their home. Giving them perfect access to work with the Diocese of Quel'Thalas and Lordaeron. Aswell as trade access from the sea. With constant trade from Lysander's personal business and the material trade from the Alliance, the order quickly establishes itself in its new northern home.

The Champions of the Silver Dawn make their way into the abandoned Keep.

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