Any and all Organizations in World of Warcraft's lore and player fan-fiction can be found here. Organizations and factions will be categorized as outlined below. If you wish to have a faction or organization category added to the organizations page, send a message to Maxen!


AdventurerOrg AlchemicalOrgs ArchaeologyOrgs BlacksmithingOrgs BrewingOrgs BusinessOrgs CookingOrgs CriminalOrg CultistOrg DestroyedOrgs EducationOrgs EngineeringOrgs EntertainmentOrgs EspionageOrgs LegalOrgs MagicalOrgs MedicalOrgs MilitaryOrgs PoliticalOrgs ReligiousOrgs


GrandAlliance StormwindIcon LordaeronIcon Dalaran StromgardeIcon GilneasIcon KulTiras AlteracIcon IronforgeIcon AeriePeak ThaurissanIcon GnomereganIcon DarnassusIcon Exodar SilverCovenant TushuiIcon


NewHorde Durotar Garadar Mulgore EchoIsles Revantusk StonemaulHold BilgewaterCartel ForsakenIcon Silvermoon Huojin


Ahn'Qiraj ArgentCrusade Azjol'Nerub BurningLegion CenarionCircle CultoftheDamned EarthenRing EbonBlade ElementalPlane HolyChurch IronHorde Loa Mantid Pantheon Ramkahen ScarletCrusade ShadoPan ShattrathCity SteamwheedleCartel TwilightsHammer UndeadScourge WastewanderTribes WyrmrestAccord Zul'Aman Zul'Drak Zul'Farrak Zul'Gurub

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