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The Gates of Orgrimmar in the Reckoning cinematic.


Capital City


New Horde Icon.png New Horde


Horde 15.pngHorde Council


Tribal Council


IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif Orcs
IconSmall Troll Male.gifIconSmall Troll Female.gif Trolls
IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif Tauren
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Forsaken
IconSmall Blood Elf Male.gifIconSmall Blood Elf Female.gif Blood Elves
IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif Goblins
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gifIconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Pandaren
IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifIconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Nightborne
IconSmall Highmountain Male.gifIconSmall Highmountain Female.gif Highmountain Tauren
IconSmall Mag'har Male.gifIconSmall Mag'har Female.gif Mag'har Orcs
IconSmall Zandalari Male.gifIconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Zandalari Trolls
IconSmall Vulpera Male.gifIconSmall Vulpera Female.gif Vulpera
IconSmall Ethereal.gif Ethereals


Northern Durotar


Orcish, Zandali, Gutterspeak, Taur-ahe, Thalassian, Goblin, Pandaren, Shalassian, Vulpera, Common


Shamanism, Loa, Druidism, Earth Mother, Holy Light, Forgotten Shadows


Orgrimmar Emblem.jpg Nation of Durotar
Darkspear Emblem.jpg Darkspear Tribe
Silvermoon City Emblem.jpg Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
Forsakeniconnew.png The Forsaken
ThunderBluffIcon.png Tauren Tribes
Bilgewater Banner.png Bilgewater Cartel
Houjin Icon.png Huojin Pandaren
Nightborne achievement icon.png Kingdom of Suramar
Highmountain tauren achievement icon.png Highmountain Tribe
Maghar icon.png Mag'har Clans
Zandalari troll achievement icon.png Zandalari Empire
Vulpera achievement icon.png Voldunai



When I reached adulthood, I became Orgrim's friend, as had my father before; and it is I who have fulfilled the prophecy of the Doomhammer. In their honor, this land is named Durotar, its greatest city, Orgrimmar.


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Orgrimmar is the capital city of the orcs, and the New Horde as a whole. Found in the northern edge of Durotar, it used to be the home of Warchiefs, but now it serves as the seat of power of the new Horde Council and all its representatives. It is considered to be the largest orcish settlement in Azeroth.


The city is divided into natural valleys and shaped around the curving terrain of northern Durotar. The central valley is usually considered the economic heart of the region. This area is teeming with all sorts of activity, due to the proximity of both the auction house, bank, city inn and flight master.


Valley of Strength

The Valley of Strength is the main valley of Orgrimmar. The area is a bustling hive of activity for most of the day and night, with all manner of adventurers frequenting its shops and facilities. It is also the first area encountered after passing through the main gate.

The Drag

The Drag is an alley lined with shops, which links the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar. The Valley of Honor and the Cleft of Shadow can be accessed from the Drag. The shaded street is known far and wide for its myriad of vendors and profession trainers. Nearly every profession trainer can be found within the Drag, except for the First Aid, which is found at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

Valley of Honor

The Valley of Honor is the location for all things having to do with warfare in Orgrimmar. The valley is home to both warriors and hunters, various arms and armor vendors, and the Horde battlemasters. The Ring of Valor arena is located here. The Hall of the Brave houses the warrior guild, as well as all the city's battlemasters. Blacksmiths, miners, and fishermen and vendors are found in the valley.

During the second Scourge Invasion, the valley was invaded by the Scourge. It was defended by Horde champions and leaders.

The Cataclysm has caused the land to shift in the valley. This shifting has destroyed the once secluded pool of water and form a larger lake that flows throughout the valley. The orcs have blown through the northern section of the valley to create an entrance to Azshara.

The valley has subsequently become home to several of the Horde's newer member races: Ji Firepaw and the Huojin Pandaren set up camp in the middle of the valley, Overlord Geya'rah and the Mag'har Clans later claimed the Hall of the Brave as their own, and finally, the vulpera set up camp near the southwestern wall dividing the valley from the Drag.

Cleft of Shadow

The Cleft of Shadow (or the Cleft of Shadows) is home to Orgrimmar's rogues, mages, and warlocks. It is also the location of the entrance to the Ragefire Chasm and is home to the Underhold.

Garrosh Hellscream, having an extreme hatred of warlocks, put them under guard by the Kor'kron and shadowmages. Many of the warlocks were later executed, and after the Siege of Orgrimmar an engraved stone plaque was put at the entrance of the area in memory of all who died during the battle.

During Saurfang's rebellion, the entrances to the Cleft of Shadow were barred.

Valley of Wisdom

The Valley of Wisdom was once the location of Grommash Hold, where Warchief Thrall once resided in Orgrimmar. When the Cataclysm stuck much of the area changed as the land sunk in some places creating spots for pools to form.

A few remains of Grommash Hold can still be seen where the Tauren were allowed to set up huts and take this valley for their own use. The armor of pit lord Mannoroth, which once rested on a tree here is now gone and the tree was destroyed.

The valley connects to the Drag in the east, the Valley of Spirits to the west and the Cleft of Shadow and Valley of Strength to the south. Like most of the districts of Orgrimmar, it contains access to an inn, banker, and auction house.

A towering waterfall casts a cool mist over the valley, making the tauren structures shine.

Valley of Spirits

The Valley of Spirits is a long narrow valley that leads from the Valley of Strength to the Talon Gate in Orgrimmar. It is the long-standing seat of the Darkspear Tribe trolls.

Orgrimmar Embassy

The Orgrimmar Embassy is a district in Orgrimmar that serves as a meeting point for the leadership of the Horde and as headquarters for many of its allied races. It was established after the fall of the Burning Legion in the Argus Campaign, and can be found west of the Valley of Strength, where the goblin slums were located, replacing the goblins' oil drilling operations.

Much of the Horde's efforts in the lead up to the Fourth War, notably involving the recruitment of new allied races, is based from this location. The door to the embassy is located at coordinates. This is to the left and up the hill from the main gate. A small engineering shop and engineers can also be found next to the embassy.

During Varok Saurfang's rebellion, Jastor Gallywix came to the goblin camp near the building and ordered overworked underlings to burn piles of misfiled paperwork and stacks of totally legal paperwork.

Points of Interest

Pathfinder's Den

Pathfinder's Den is a central room found within the Gates of Orgrimmar. From here, the mages of Orgrimmar and their allies, maintain portals to a number of different areas on Azeroth, and Outland.

The Underhold

The Underhold is a massive underground compound deep below Orgrimmar and is accessed through an elevator within the Ragefire Chasm.

Notable Characters


People and Culture



Constructed soon after the events of the Third War under the direction of Warchief Thrall, Orgrimmar faced severe hardships during its rise as a city-state - not only from the wild beasts and denizens of the land, but from external sources of aggression. Daelin Proudmoore, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, launched several successive attacks upon Orgrimmar in the name of the Grand Alliance. Only with the aid of Rexxar, goblin warships and the intervention of Lady Jaina Proudmoore was Daelin defeated.

After Daelin's defeat, Orgrimmar rose to power as it continued its trade with the Goblin Cartels and the Kingdom of Theramore. Thrall maintained a tenuous peace between the New Horde and the Grand Alliance, though divisions of the factions remained in open conflict throughout his efforts.

In 27 L.C., the Undead Scourge launched an attack on Orgrimmar, severely damaging it with Frost Wyrms and abominations from the sea. Outraged, Thrall ordered for the city to focus its production on armaments to combat the Scourge during the War against the Lich King.

Cataclysm-Logo-Small.pngThe Cataclysm

At the onset of the Elemental Invasions throughout Azeroth, Thrall resigned from his post as Warchief and appointed Garrosh Hellscream in his stead. The Cataclysm that followed shook Orgrimmar to its foundations, crippling the city and damaging most of its districts. Garrosh poured the Horde's resources into fortifying the city against future attacks. Orgrimmar was soon converted into a war machine that fueled the New Horde's march in the Alliance-Horde War.



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