The gates of Orgrimmar

Orgrimmar is the capital city of Durotar and the New Horde in Kalimdor. It is considered to be the largest orcish settlement in Azeroth.


Constructed soon after the events of the Third War under the direction of Warchief Thrall, Orgrimmar faced severe hardships during its rise as a city-state - not only from the wild beasts and denizens of the land, but from external sources of aggression. Daelin Proudmoore, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, launched several successive attacks upon Orgrimmar in the name of the Grand Alliance. Only with the aid of Rexxar, goblin warships and the intervention of Lady Jaina Proudmoore was Daelin defeated.

After Daelin's defeat, Orgrimmar rose to power as it continued its trade with the Goblin Cartels and the Kingdom of Theramore. Thrall maintained a tenuous peace between the New Horde and the Grand Alliance, though divisions of the factions remained in open conflict throughout his efforts.

In 27 L.C., the Undead Scourge launched an attack on Orgrimmar, severely damaging it with Frost Wyrms and abominations from the sea. Outraged, Thrall ordered for the city to focus its production on armaments to combat the Scourge during the War against the Lich King.

At the onset of the Elemental Invasions throughout Azeroth, Thrall resigned from his post as Warchief and appointed Garrosh Hellscream in his stead. The Cataclysm that followed shook Orgrimmar to its foundations, crippling the city and damaging most of its districts. Garrosh poured the Horde's resources into fortifying the city against future attacks. Orgrimmar was soon converted into a war machine that fueled the New Horde's march in the Alliance-Horde War.

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