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The Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart was an event that took place during the Imperial Diet session on July 28, 625 K.C. The dethronement of the former Emperor was not decided upon, rather announced due to the nature of the agreement. During his coronation, the Emperor had agreed to accept the removal of his throne should he ever act in a manner unsuitable for a person in such a position. Lawspeaker Toderick Stoneward declared the dethronement shortly before the beginning of the Imperial Diet, which the Emperor was not present for at the moment. The first order of business for the Imperial Diet was the proposal to cease to recognize the House of Wolfheart as the royal line of Alterac as the Diet had agreed the heir to the throne was unsuitable for reign and generally tired of having a king. However, the Imperial Diet decided that Kormed Wolfheart would still maintain a seat on the Diet as a Duke. Due to the new lacking of a king, the Imperial Diet voted in favor of naming Alterac a republic and to rename the Diet the Assembly of Alterac. This was all accomplished until Kormed Wolfheart arrived late for the session. He was immediately reformed and a debate occurred. However in the end the argument that he had brought this upon himself, the argument of the law and that the Imperial Diet was capable of passing such proposals as a constitutional monarchy came out victorious resulting in the immediate departure of Duke Kormed Wolfheart.
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