The Pantheon of Titans was a group of Titans who traveled throughout the Great Dark many thousands of years ago. They moved from planet to planet within the ever expansive universe, searching for more Titans who had yet to awaken from their nascent states. On each planet they arrived on, regardless of whether there was a World Soul present or not, the Pantheon would quell any chaotic unrest on the planet before creating order and civilization in its place.

After the desertion of their champion Sargeras, they discovered one of the most powerful world souls within the Great Dark, known as Azeroth. They pledged themselves to protect the planet from all threats, and to do so created large armies of Titan-Forged constructs, including powerful beings who held the position of Keepers to combat the malevolent Old Gods who had already embedded themselves into the planet, along with their elemental slaves. During the battles that were waged on the planets surface, it was the leader of the Pantheon, Aman'Thul, who created what would become the Well of Eternity when he tore one of the Old Gods directly from the planets surface.

After Azeroth had been 'saved' from the Old Gods, the Pantheon left Azeroth to be defended by the Keepers and their forces, eager to find and revive more of their kind. Unfortunately, during a violent exchange over the planet Nihilam against their former champion Sargeras, the bodies of the Titans who made up the Pantheon were obliterated. Attempts were made to preserve the souls of the titans by Norgannon, but the attempts ultimately failed with all but one of the Titan souls being extinguished as they attempted to join with the Keepers they had blessed to carry out their important work on Azeroth. Only the soul of Aman'Thul survived the ordeal. Secured by one of the Keepers known as Ra, it was placed in a secure location underneath the Vale of Eternal Blossoms within what is now known as Pandaria.

Prior to its destruction the Pantheon consisted of the following Titans:

  • Aman'Thul, the Highfather of the Pantheon
  • Eonar, Matron of All Life
  • Norgannon, Lorekeeper and Master-Magician
  • Golganneth, the Thunderer
  • Khaz'Goroth, Shaper and Forger of the World
  • Aggramar, the Avenger

The Pantheon formerly included Sargeras, however, he abandoned his position before he created the Burning Legion. His position in the Pantheon was taken by his protege, Aggramar.

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