Any and all Places in World of Warcraft's lore and player fan-fiction can be found here. Locations will be categorized as outlined below. If you wish to have a regional category added to the places page, send a message to Maxen!


AlteracMountains ArathiHighlands Badlands BaradinSea BlastedLands BurningSteppes DeadwindPass DunMorogh DuskwoodPlace EasternPlaguelands ElwynnForest EversongWoods Ghostlands GilneasPlace HillsbradFoothills Hinterlands LochModan Northeron QuelDanas RedridgeMountains SearingGorge SilverpineForest StranglethornVale SwampOfSorrows TirisfalGlades TolBarad WesternPlaguelands WestfallPlace WetlandsPlace Zul'Aman Zul'Gurub


Ahn'Qiraj Ashenvale AzsharaPlace AzuremystIsle BarrensPlace BloodmystIsle Darkshore Desolace DurotarPlace DustwallowMarsh EchoIslesPlace Felwood Feralas Moonglade MountHyjal MulgorePlace Silithus StonetalonMountains Tanaris Teldrassil ThousandNeedles Uldum Un'goroCrater Winterspring Zul'Farrak


Azjol'Nerub BoreanTundra CrystalsongForest Dragonblight GrizzlyHills HowlingFjord Icecrown ScholazarBasin StormPeaks Wintergrasp Zul'Drak2


DreadWastes IsleofThunder JadeForest KrasarangWilds KunLaiSummit TimelessIsle TownlongSteppes ValeofEternalBlossoms ValleyoftheFourWinds VeiledStair


BladesEdgeMountains HellfirePeninsula Nagrand Netherstorm ShadowmoonValley TerrokarForest Zangarmarsh

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