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Plaguewood is a large area directly south of Stratholme and stretching all the way to Terrordale within the Eastern Plaguelands. It is heavily occupied by the Undead Scourge and contains large amounts of infrastructure, including ziggurats and slaughterhouses.

Before the coming of the Plague, the region looked very similar to Elwynn Forest. However the area has been drastically altered by the Plague of Undeath.The area is presumably named Plaguewood because of the drastic effect that Blight has had on the landscape. The soil itself resembles a sponge in appearance, and the ecology of the area has been dramatically altered since the days of the plague. Fungus grows to amazing proportions, predominantly in the form of large mushrooms or toadstools, dwarfing nearby trees. It often belches out dark brown gas, looking in appearance similar to the gas that spews from Plague Cauldrons; whether or not these fungi are a tool used by the Scourge to spread clouds of noxious plague gas is not clear.


Plaguewood was the home to an imposing structure that opened a portal to Naxxramas, the enormous necropolis of Kel'thuzad that floated above the Plaguewood. Access to this portal was controlled by the Argent Dawn. The Argent Dawn ensured access to the Necropolis was heavily controlled, fighting hard to keep the portal under their control. In recent times, Naxxramas has left the plaguelands after being called to Dragonblight. The teleport device to Naxxramas was converted by forces of the Scourge into a ziggurat, following the withdrawl of Argent Dawn forces.

Presently forces of the Argent Crusade fight a heavy battle from the Plaguewood Tower to reclaim the village of Terrordale and eventually the rest of the Plaguewood. It is rumored that the land is so heavily blighted, once it is captured it'll need to be burned to the ground to allow new forest to start growing.