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Imperator of the Gorian Empire


Gorian Empire



The Predecessor of Imperator Mar'gok was an Imperator of the Gorian Empire in the last years of its existence.


The Imperator in question came to power at roughly the same time as the fall of the Bladespire Clan, leaving Highmaul uncontested as the only great ogre power left. Following decades of aggressive raids by the Warsong Clan into ogre territory under the leadership of Grom Hellscream, the ogres retaliated by nearly destroying the Warsong clan and fatally injuring Grom's mate, Golka.

After leaving his mate for dead, Grom called upon his forces to hunt down the ogres, but his fellow riders were all slain and Grom himself was captured. This finally turned the tide against the Warsong's aggression as without their chieftain, the Warsong found themselves paralyzed by indecision. Most of the Warsong's territory would be seized in the following weeks as the ogre warlord attempted to break his prisoner's spirit by tying him to a tree in a desert and taunting him over several days, but despite this, Grom's spirit was never broken, and the Imperator finally met his end when he came too close to Grom, allowing the orc to split his throat with his jaws.


The Imperator's legacy has largely been left overshadowed by his successor, Mar'gok. During the Imperator's reign, the Highmaul Clan of ogres nearly pushed the Warsong Clan out of Nagrand, marking the first time the Gorian Empire was increasing in territory for many years. The Imperator was not remembered fondly by his successor, Mar'gok, who believed him to be a fool for not killing Grom when he had the chance. His head would later be hung from Hellscream's throne.

Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Preceded by
Imperator Kelgrok
(Earliest known Claimant)
Predecessor of Imperator Mar'gok Succeeded by
Imperator Mar'gok