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Dame Prima Victoria


HalfElfRace1.png Half-Elf
Lordaeron Icon.png Lordaeron


Prima Aelrise Victoria
24 June, 13 L.C. (28)
Eastweald, Lordaeron






Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


Silver Hand Icon.png Order of the Silver Hand


Aaron Victoria (Father)
Bellonis Victoria (Mother)


Lawful Good



Dame Prima Victoria (Born Prima Aelrise Victoria, June 24th, 13 L.C.) is a Half-Elf Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand. Following her resurrection after an unexpected death in battle, Prima has been driven by a vision from the Holy Light to seek out the wicked to help them atone and find a path to redemption.


Prima was conceived through a union between Aaron Victoria, a Paladin of Lordaeron, and Bellonis Vanras, an elven priestess who survived the Battle of Eversong. Though the circumstances were dire, the Second War brought the two together in what cultivated into a romantic relationship, which led to marriage, and ultimately Prima's birth. The half-elf child was raised close to the border between Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, where she was able to receive exposure to both cultures that she could call her own.

She grew to adopt her father's faith in the Holy Light and followed his footsteps in many aspects, including a desire to one day become a Knight and Paladin herself. Following the scourging of Lordaeron, Prima was taken to Quel'thalas to live among the elves. Though they struggled as well, to live among what remained of the elven population was safer than attempting to resume life in the hellscape of the Plaguelands. It was not until Prima had grown older that she finally sought her independence and journeyed south to continue her service to the Light, and become the Paladin she sought to be.

Prima succeeded, and carried the same quest all Paladins did. Yet with this came a deeply ingrained pride, a sense of greatness above others that she was, like her comrades, an embodiment of the Light's will. She did not judge others as lesser, but she did judge in the name of the Light she served. Sometimes, when faced with true, irredeemable evil, Prima was even furious and keen to exact wrath upon it. What was heralded as a true devotion to her virtues was secretly a sin that proved costly when she was mortally wounded in battle, and succumbed to her injuries.

When Prima died, her soul was spirited away, but not to the Light's warm embrace as she had expected. Instead, her soul was delivered to the dark realm of Revendreth, placed into the custody of the Venthyr. Her soul experienced great distress and confusion as she was shackled and accused, her very sinstone written. Unable to understand what had earned her a place in such a hell, she pleaded to the Light to save her soul, and free her from whatever darkness had taken her.

Unbeknownst to her, her fellow priests and paladins were already hard at work to mend her wounds before she was too far gone. She had not even begun her atonement before finally, the Light reached the Paladin's soul to withdraw her from the Venthyr's judgment, and restored her to life. Prima awoke, but with no coherent memory of the afterlife or what she had seen, only vague glimpses of souls atoning for sins, condemned to darkness for their wickedness, before the Light saw her restored.

Prima rationalized this as not her sentence for her sins, but instead as a vision from the Light itself of a task she was meant to accomplish, one that necessitated her continued survival. Her task from the Light would be to save as many sinful souls as she could from the hell shown to her. Even if they were evil and committed cruel acts, should they be willing, Prima would help them to atone and find redemption.


Prima is a youthful woman, younger even than her age would normally appear, courtesy of her elven heritage. Her curly brown hair is also cropped short, though the curls still find a way to express themselves in outlandish directions all the same. Because of her short hair, Prima's distinct half-elven ears are almost always visible, small yet pointed, rather than the typical round ears of humans. A final symptom of her elven heritage is in her eyes; where most paladins retain their normal eye color, Prima's elven sensitivity to magic has resulted in her irises taking on a golden shine to reflect her immersion in the Light.

Around Prima's neck at all times is a silver chain, and upon that chain hangs the sigil of Faol, a symbol of the Church of the Holy Light. Most often she is found in her paladin's armor, clad in plate of silver with golden trim. Her presence is often quickly announced by the sound of plated footfalls, heavy armor against chainmail, and her libram bouncing against her hip. She is not a subtle one, nor does she wish to be - she carries herself with certainty and pride, and makes no effort to hide or diminish herself.

A customary weapon among paladins is often kept in her grip, a hammer with runes of Light emblazoned upon the head. On some occasions, she may pair this hammer with a shield, which depicts a radiating circle akin to the sun upon its face. Chained to her belt at all times is her libram, a compilation of holy texts, rites, prayers, and incantations she may frequently consult during rites of atonement, or more involved incantations.


A paladin devoted to the worship of the Light, Prima is a woman who strives to incorporate the Three Virtues into her life in all aspects, especially compassion. She is a kind woman who strives to help any she encounters in need of help, including the sinful and wrongdoers who, in her eyes, are most in need of help. In battle, Prima faces down any sentient foe with respect and honor. In the event of her victory, Prima offers to any foe - should she find them sinful - a chance to atone through her ability, or be condemned.

By all accounts, Prima is a Paladin who takes her station seriously. However, beneath the luminous compassion and honor is a persistent pride in her Light-given right as a paladin to judge. She does not see others as beneath her, but rather sees herself as above others for her faith and her role in what she perceives as a Light-blessed mission. Unbeknownst to her, this resulted in a sentence to Revendreth following her first death, to atone for her sins of pride. She has no memory of this, only glimpses of the afterlife of atonement that awaited her and countless other souls, which she believed to be a vision from the Light of her task to help others avoid perdition.


Prima channeling the Light with her libram.

As a paladin, Prima is a capable warrior who will often enter the forefront of the battle with her hammer, and sometimes a shield. She couples this with a great command of the Light, channeling it to heal and bless herself and her allies, and sometimes turn it against her foes.

The crux of her ability both on and off the battlefield, however, is the skill of Repentance. In order to ensure her subject atones, she must first draw out a confession of wrongdoing, and she does this through using the Light to forcibly dredge up guilty and shameful memories of sin. The experience can be painful, emotionally and sometimes even physically, and is often used in combat to incapacitate her enemies.