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The Purifiers
A group of Purifiers.


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The Purifiers are a division of the Hand of the Unblinded made up of its most brutal rogues and torturers, the group operating from the depths of Memorandum Keep's crypts. They often operated under the veiling of disguises, blending into society so they may carry out their brutal work by cover of night or shadow.

In recent years, it was the first of the Unblinded's divisions to be absorbed into the ranks of the Army of the Truthful.


Holcomb's Inquisition

Originally clerical enforcers in nature, the wily and cunning men and women that would eventually become known as the Purifiers were not always such a deranged regime. At least, not upon the surface. An arm of the inquisition under Inquisitor Ithel, these leather-clad faithful were often sent on missions to act as the muscle in the operations of Lordaeron's priesthood, those who served under Inquisitor Laurena Holcomb in particular. They were characterised by their unique garb, a mixture of black and sharp gold, with undertones of brown and white amongst their accoutrements. A Sigil of Faol beamed proudly against the chest of each one, declaring their allegiance to the Light quite clearly. Throughout their years of service they attained a reputation for brutal-- but arguably necessary enaction of the church's will, subterfuge, interrogation and murder their primary purpose.

Hand of the Unblinded

Satisfying an urgent need for regulation and discipline in the early days of the Crusade, the Purifiers quickly became a source of fear amongst those who may slight or oppose the Crusade's advance throughout Lordaeron. The generally sadistic nature of some agents at the time slowly began to evolve into a culture unanimous for all Purifiers; physical and psychological cruelty running rampant through everything that their damning presence graced.

It was a common occurrence for someone to be 'Sent to the Purifiers' by members of the hierarchy, typically for torture or even coveted executions. The combat application of the Purifiers was often to use their stealth and speed to eliminate high value targets or commanders in midst of a battle to leave their enemies leaderless and disorderly.


With the death of their leader Laurena Holcomb, a large majority of the living Purifiers are lead by the cunning and macabre Nemond Eastmirror after the Shattering. During the Truthful Insurgency in the Westweald, Ithel himself had grown far more aggressive, often subjugating towns in an aggressive campaign of conversion, promulgating his account of Holcomb's demise as a means to twist the narrative of the Argent Dawn's infiltration of the Scarlet Bastion, believing the dreadlord plot was entirely fabricated by the rival faction.