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Quel'Aurore Wings of Devotion
The Wings of Devotion medal.

Awarded by:

Quel'Aurore Army


Military Personnel

Awarded for:

Going above and beyond the call of duty in the face of overwhelming opposition.


Currently awarded


The precious An'elore jewel embedded in an Elven bulwark, embraced by heavenly wings



Order of Wear

Next (higher):

Quel'Aurore Glory of Quel'Thalas

Next (lower):

Quel'Aurore Laurel of Honor

The Quel'Aurore Wings of Devotion is a Quel'Aurore Army decoration awarded to soldiers whom have shown exceptional devotion to their duty as a leader in the face of tremendous adversity.

The medal itself is made of silver and steel, with an An'elore jewel embedded in the body, or the bulwark. The wings are made from (harmlessly) harvested Quel'Aurore owl feathers, entwined with brilliant gold and silver filigree.

All recipients of this honor retain the post-nominal initials of AWD, and although it has only been awarded to Quel'dorei personnel thus far, it is in no way exclusive to the High Elven race.