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31st Recon Unit
"Quel'Thalas' Wayward Children"


A mischievous smiling skull, with an arrow piercing the left side of the skull and exiting through the right cheekbone. The number "31st" is emblazoned upon the skull's forehead.


"We'll Get It Done."


High Elf.jpg Quel'dorei


Chaotic Good


Silver Covenant Icon.png The Silver Covenant
Kirin Tor.jpg The Magocracy of Dalaran

Former Affiliations:

Icon of Blood.png Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Farstriders.jpg Farstriders

The 31st Recon Unit, colloquially known as "Quel'thalas' Wayward Children" or simply "The Wayward Children", was originally a unit within the Farstriders founded sometime after the foundation of Quel'thalas. Created to house some of the more eccentric and unorthodox members of the Farstriders, this ragtag group of elite rangers was often sent on dangerous and suicidal missions deemed too outside the norm for the regular members of the Farstrider order. Originally intended for the misfits of the order, this unit would eventually grow to have it's own traditions and sense of pride and become one of the esteemed companies of the Farstriders.

At some time after the Third War and the rebuilding of Quel'thalas, the Wayward Children would grow disgruntled by the direction the new Blood Elf Empire was taking. Unhappy with the police state and silencing of political dissidents by the powers that be, the majority of their more conservative members would break away from the Sin'dorei Dominion and go off on their own, becoming a mercenary company of former High Elven Farstriders. The Wayward Children would continue on this path for several years and conflicts as an Alliance affiliated company before being forced to be absorbed by the Silver Covenant during the conflict in Pandaria.

From here, the Wayward Children would readopt it's moniker "31st Recon Unit" under the Silver Covenant. Here the company would flourish, gaining new weapons, armor, recruits and funding. The 31st would continue to serve under the Silver Covenant in the same capacity as the past and is currently in service today.

Notable Members

  • Aythe Silentarrow
  • Gath'nel Tenathor
  • Mellectria Dawnstrider - "Kaina Duskstrider" AU
  • Lor'tham Sunarrow
  • Nay'tha Loa'mell


As Farstriders

As Mercenaries

As Silver Covenant